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My overall experience with Barton Community College has been great. They have so many kind people working for them and everyone is always there to help when they are needed.
I took all of my classes online and had a great experience. All of my professors have been amazing and extremely helpful. I do recommend attending Barton Community College to everyone!
No classes online/ the professors have been very helpful and in most cases so have the entire staff at BCCC.
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The diversity at this college is an exceptional experience for students. Students from all over the world comer here to learn.
The challenge of getting your college id is too complicated of a process.
If you're looking into this college then you probably know how prestigious their athletics are in all aspects. I am a current Sprinter on the Track & Field team and I have been nothing but impressed. I get the opportunity to compete at the biggest name colleges with some of the fastest youth athletes in the world by my side! I have heard this is a similar trend among all the sports here at Barton hence the America record holder in the 100m dash went to this college back in 2002. The school was super affordable even without scholarships and the dorms are very comfy as well. The layout of campus being so close together makes it super easy to get around and nearly impossible to be late for class or become lost. I highly recommend this college to anyone who has any interest in the school and interest in perusing a dream of becoming an elite athlete at the next level. I wanted to be part of something great, so I chose Barton!
I did not take any online courses but my in person experience was spot on!! I can imagine it couldn't have been much different besides the fact that it was through ZOOM and not a classroom setting.
Barton is a great place to learn business management they engage with their students to make sure one is really understanding the subject.
Online learning experience with Barton is actually just as easy as face to face. For example, checking in with students making sure they understand just as if one was in the classroom. Not only that but the teachers make sure to go the right speed for all the students.
Being a local student in the Barton County area, I wanted to come to Barton because I was not ready to be out on my own yet. The past two years have shaped me a lot through my academics, clubs, and performance groups. I would recommend Barton to any student whether they were wanting to stay close to home, or were just wanting to get their General Education studies knocked out, Barton would be my first choice. There are so many chances to meet students of different cultures and getting to know them and work with them. Barton has so many wonderful things going for them and are adding new and exciting things each year. #rollcougs
Being a Theatre Major, and most of my courses being performance based whether it is acting, choir, or dance, being online and learning in a environment where it was just me was a little challenging. All of my professors were very understanding due to the circumstances that we were all having a hard time. They all did the their best to treat everyday as a normal class session even though we could not meet in person.
Online courses were convenient and affordable, the weekly blocks allowed me to have a very flexible schedule which is important to me, the various sessions allow me to complete my program at an accelerated pace, I've had a good experience here.
I like attending Barton Online because it's affordable and convenient, a great place to get your gen eds and go, I only wish they had more fully online programs
Barton County Community College is extremely affordable with scholarships easily available to most students. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Barton. Most of my instructors have been great, and for those who were not so great I don't blame the school. Athletics, extracurricular activities, facilities, and more, are all what help to make this college a great quality school for such an affordable price.
For as small as the college is they offer a lot of new opportunities and really focus on their students as an individual. They are a diverse community which makes it easy to make new friends. The teachers are always willing to meet with students and help them. The campus is small, but very easy to understand and everything is within a short walk, which is very convenient.
Friendly and safe environment. Knowledgeable professors and a clean campus. Employees of Barton County Community College really care about their students. The library is really nice and comfortable and has all the resources a student could need. The advisers really make sure that you are taking courses that will transfer if you are going on to a four year college. The food is excellent and offers many diverse selections and varieties. They do all that they can to improve campus life like movies nights for example. Always plenty to do and enjoy.
I Just enrolled in Online courses but already I have had a great experiences with advisers, they have helped me enroll, find classes and made this new adventure an easy start.
I have really enjoyed most aspects of Barton! All of my teachers have been very enthusiastic and helpful in class and outside of class. Barton also has a lot of really cool activities going on all the time.
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I liked that it was reasonably priced and offered me room to pick what I wanted to major in. My professors were kind and helpful. If I ever had any questions they were there to help me right away. I enjoyed the smaller class rooms, the personal feel, and the relationships I formed. Something that was tough for me though was sometimes it did feel kinda lonley becaue of how small my classes were. I did although learn to enjoy that though because it forced me to really focus on my school and lectures during class.
Barton is a really strong athletic community college, the ratio in class is good and most of the professors try their best to be helpful and available for student success.
The faculty and advisory staff really wants to help students succeed. I've learned so much from their classes!
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