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After a visit to the campus, we were very impressed with the staff in the admissions, financial aid and advisors area. The campus is beautiful, small classes and easy to find your way around.
Lots of 1 on 1 with instructors, very helpful with moving onto whatever step your choose next for your life.
I absolutely loved Barton, especially because of the small campus. The staff was always helpful and kind to the students. Going to ask for help was no problem and everyone was welcoming. I found it easy to make friends because of the small classroom sizes. I loved the small classroom sizes because it allowed the students to have a closer connection with their teachers and easier to ask questions.
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Well I just want the chance to earn this scholarship so can attend this college. Why does it have to be 100 characters idk, but I had a very nice tour of the college and I hope you will enjoy becoming a Barton cougar someday. It is very nice and small community college, I choose it for it allows me to receive an associates degree in dance. Why am I not a 100 characters yet I should be.
Campus security does not care at all about stolen objects. The food and teachers are great and class sizes are relatively small. Overall it is honestly a good school for people with social anxiety.
Online which makes life easier for those who don't have time to make it to an actual campus. Their course are also very affordable at $150/semester hour. However some of their lab kits can be a bit pricey.
MLT program online is great, but some of the classes do not cover everything done in a real lab. Instructors are not great to work with on any kind of flexibility, which has been an issue. With the kind of program this is, flexibility is something we, as returning and working students, need to be successful. That is the only change I would make.
The academic advisors and front desk have always been very helpful. Ms. Chambers has always been a big help to me and if it wasn't for her, I would have been lost and confused on how to get my online schooling set up.
Barton County Community College has been an excellent place to get my associates degree. It is a smaller school so you are able to get more one on one time with your teachers. This makes it much easier to learn a subject you are having trouble with. I would not change anything about this school. They offer a large amount of classes and will help with anything they can. The students at this school are also very helpful and polite. If you have a question about anything you can ask one of the students and they will gladly try and help you.
Decent. Better if you live on campus but it is in the out skirts of town. Small town and not much to do there. Admissions was terrible. The professors is a give and take some are fantastic! Some not as much.
Barton has been extremely helpful in the pursuit for higher education in my career field. While being an active duty soldier they have been extremely flexible with my chaotic schedule
I did classes online when i was in high school and i don't know if it was the teachers or the classes that made me get low grades because at my other community college I did great.
Barton is a great school to attend. The classes are very knowledgeable and the staff is supportive. I really enjoyed the hybrid classes more than the online classes. I feel like the online classes lack the development of information. They are more basic and not in depth. Overall Barton is a great school with budget friendly pricing !
This school is small enough that you will be comfortable coming out of high school but large enough to help you grow in to the student you were born to be.
I rate this college a 3 out of 5. Barton Community college is a decent college, when it comes to academics, diversity.
This college is amazing. The courses are 8 weeks long which is perfect with my work schedule. I love that they allow you to take classes online because working full time I am unable to go to a classroom
What I liked about Barton County Community College is that you can get one on one help from the instructor and get advise from the advisor that you are assigned to. I would like to see how sports change each year because everyone seems like they get hurt frequently while participating in the sport.
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Overall I enjoyed attending Barton Community College. It's a quiet and peaceful campus. I didn't stay in the dorms so I don't have much to say about it but I went there a couple times and it looks neat.
The only thing that I really didn't like about Barton is that the international students office is not helpful at all and it seems like they don't even really know how things work for international students. For example, I wanted to take an OPT but they didn't help me at all on that process.
Love my college so far, not a whole lot to do as far as the town goes, but still a good time. Barton should be less strict on visitor rules.
So far Barton has been a good experience for me all the staff is very nice and welcoming. When first arriving at Barton people and teachers helped me find my classes and other places I might need to go. The only complaint I have was in my college algebra it was way harder than it should have been, I spent up to 6 hours studying for this class everyday and only maintained at low D until the final. Over all the college is a good place to learn and take care of business.
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