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Not that great, not having a good time. For 42,000$ this place sucks. I have to type 100 characters about how I feel but its honestly not worth it.
Don't send your soon to be college student to Barton!!! Here's the many reasons why. Not worth the value. Overpriced below par education. Not a safe or clean enviroment, that includes the surrounding area. Your student will be hungry because the food sucks. Meal plan is $2900 a semester. If you what your son to learn how to be a womanizer, this is the place for you. Great place to leave as an alcoholic or drug addict. Your daughter will be used, abused and broken mentally by the self entitled, disrespectful, no boundaries males at this so called college. Barton needs to take Christian out of their label of what kind of college it is. It's more like Barton-Camp Crystal Lake without Jason Voorhees!! This place isn't a safe environment for females or anyone. Please don't send your daughter or son to Barton. It's all about covering up what really goes on there, so they can get their donations and fool parents to pay for the lie.
Barton College is a safe place to live. It is a wonderful place to make friends and learn and study.
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I just started my Freshman year in August 2019. So far, I've really enjoyed it although, some of the teachers aren't that cooperative when you really need it. The campus is great - it's small, but not too small, and very visually pleasing. The location also isn't too far from Raleigh or Greenville, as it's right in the middle almost so you can go to the cities on the weekends!
Probably what I experienced at Barton is that as a student you are not just a number. Since its smaller there are people who recognize you and want to see you succeed. Your a member of the university rather the just some one handing them a check.
My experince at Barton has been one like no other. Since the day I visited Barton to, the day I accepted their offer to attend the school. Barton is one of the view smaller colleges that I looked into. Barton makes sure all of their student are taken care of the best of their abilities, no matter how small or how big the issue may be. One of the things I love about baton is their classroom sizes. This gives student a perfect time to have a good relationship with your professors , rather than just being another name and face. Another thing I love about the campus is how small it is. Everything is spaced out just enough to still being able to interact with the everyone attending. Barton is my mom away from, and I wouldn't want to trade this school for anything else. I hope I can raise enough money to continue my education here .
I will be an incoming freshman this fall at Barton College and based off of the few couple visits I've had, I am loving it already. The campus is very well taken care of and the thing that caught my eye the most was the overall attitude of the employees and administrators on campus. They were willing to help me as soon as I stepped on campus and being that this is a smaller private college, that is something I intended to happen.
It’s okay but the there is really not much a diversity of food in the cafe. Also, if you play a sport if you don’t know anybody do not come here to play only because it’s a waste of you’re potential & coaches do not see hardwork only favorites
My experience thus far has been very enjoyable. I'm a transfer student and the faculty and students have made feel very comfortable in my choice to transfer to Barton College. The professors are very helpful and they want to help me in succeeding and earning my degree. I'm too far away from home. My family and friends will be able to come and see my participate on the sports team that I play on so that's going to be exciting.
Like the greek life scene. Food is okay, residence halls are subpar especially for the price compared to state schools or similarly priced private schools in the are (Elon, HPU). Student life is very active despite the small campus, and the surrounding areas of wilson, nc are completely boring.
Barton is a nice homey campus and the people here are fun to be around. The professors are understanding and tend to accompany most of your needs.
Barton College has provided me with many ample opportunities to not only express myself through academics but also leadership and even Greek Life. Through academics it has provided a challenging, rewarding experience that truly prepares you for career path that you wish to take. Through my Presidential Leadership Fellows Program it has given me the leadership skills to know that I not only have a place on campus but also a voice in my community. Greek Life has also given me another avenue of expression of myself on campus only adding to the delightful place that I call my second home.
What is your overall opinion of this school?
It is a great campus and the faculty is amazing and very friendly. The people on campus, staff and peers, are always there to help and want to be there. Learning is a priority and the sports program is amazing. They make sure that you will get along with your roommate and that you get into one of the dorms that you wanted to be in.
When i went to Barton College, I was on a visit for incoming freshman. I loved every bit of the tour, the guides answered all of the questions I had before touring, not making me part my lips once. It was very informative. The campus is small, but it doesn't feel small because all of the students know each other and the professors seem to care.
Barton has a close community of faculty and students that makes the environment a great one. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy attending Barton.
Community aspect was amazing. Everyone is involved in everything campus wide. Very very friendly also felt like home
They really care about the students. The professors go above and beyond to ensure the students understand what we are learning. The school has many resources to help with the students that live on campus and those that live off campus.
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Barton is a small college, and it makes a world of difference. I came from a small town school where all my teachers knew my name, so I wanted that in higher education as well. I didn't want to be just another number, name, or face in a crowd. Here at Barton, I am a person. Our former Dean of Students knew every single student by name, and he made each of us feel like we were his family. Something we say at Barton is " You always have a place at our table." This reigns true because the Barton Community really is a family. All of my professors make it a point to know my name. They care if I miss class, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help me succeed in life. The student resources are also incredible. From peer tutors to career services, our office of Student Success is one of the best!
I come from out of state, at Barton they really make it feel like home here. It's amazing! Everyone here is so sweet and welcoming. The professors do actually want to help you. 10/10 recommend.
The Barton Community can be summed up into one word, family. The professors and the staff are the most caring and genuine people I have ever met. They helped me adapt to the North Carolina way of life after transferring from my prior university in West Virginia. The campus is very diverse having students come from Canada, Spain, Serbia, and even Australia. All the diversity found on campus makes learning in the classroom a one of a kind experience. The education I am receiving at Barton has really put me in a great spot to succeed. I have learned communication and people skills I couldn't have found any where else but Barton College. Barton will forever have a lasting impact on my life and I cannot wait to see what's in store for me these next few years.
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