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Barton College was a very little and quiet college just how I wanted a college to be. Majority of the people at Barton were very friendly and seemed like very people to hang around. Academic wise I liked how the class would be very small so you can have a one on one experience with your teacher. For that was a plus because I need that one on one with my teacher and or professor to achieve my goal to get my degree. The campus is very diverse in my opinion which was weird since it wasn a private college. But I mainly went to visit Barton for a track and field visit. During that visit I felt like Barton would be the place for me in the future and the people around me would also help me achieve my goals in life. Also I wouldn't have as much free time to play around or not get work done because I would either be at practice, studying, or in class.
Still a sophomore at the school. It's a small school, but the amount of 1 on 1 attention you receive from your professors makes it worth while. There is always something to do, you just have to be creative sometimes.
Has good programs and campus. The buildings and dorms are a little old but everything works perfectly. Campus recently got upgraded electronic locks, and class rooms are equipped adequate technology. Parking is always easy to find, along with being free. Surrounding community has great restaurants and shops.
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This college has a wonderful program for adults who are looking to go back to school. It has night, weekend, and online classes that are eight weeks long that fits perfectly into a working adults schedule.
Terrible looking school. They get paid so much and the school still looks run down. They do not use their money wisely. Highly dissatisfied. Even the nursing program is ran poorly.
The campus is beautiful, academics as long as you care are good. Professors will care if you show interest and respect, and will be more than happy to help you if you have any problem. Regarding athletics, basketball and volleyball are the only good teams. Maybe Tennis, but it depends. ECS and Hackney are nice dorms. The campus is safe.

Stay away from the business office, financial aid. They will only help you when you arrive, and they literally won't care and try to cause you problems. The food is disgusting and unhealthy, so stay away from it.
Barton College is a small community in which you get to know many people from all around the world. It Is an exceptional school with many amazing faculty and students.
The school is great. The teachers are understanding and easy to work with. Administrative offices are very unproffesional when it comes to helping students with information.
good atmosphere and very good style of easy living. Life in baritones very slow but at the same time barton allows you to succeed to the best of your ability and also teaches you hot to start your life in the right path.
Barton College is a place where you feel at home. The people are always excited to help you in any way you need. The students on campus help each other out and never let one another fail. Its not overwhelming and scary.
Barton College is a great school to attend if you are looking for a 13th grade that will result in good grades and a degree. Unfortunately, Barton does not compare to schools such as NC State or Wake Forest. The teachers try their best, but the curriculum is very far behind in the presently faced paced and technologically advanced work force. You will have extremely easy teachers, some who struggle to teach you much of anything, and others who do just fine. If you live in Wilson and are looking to work for BB&T or Firestone, then this is the place to be. You will not find any connections to Barton College outside of Wilson, NC. The staff is friendly and they try their best, but if you are looking to go to school and put yourself into thousands of dollars into debt, reach higher and attend a place then will challenge you everyday and force you to learn.
Barton college is OK for the most part. The campus is wide open!!! There's no sense of security. When I was there a girl got attacked by the library. Nothing happened to her but still.... The firm's are old. I lived in the all girl firm and it was decent. The girls pretty much stayed to themselves. If you're African American, there are no AA sororities or fraternities.... That I know of.
The cafe is decent. The only sport they really have is basketball. The gym... Was old when I went. Idk. The whole campus could use a face lift.
I love the staff and the campus. My instructors always lend a helping hand when possible. I love that Barton College has an open door policy. My peers are wonderful as well. Any question I cannot get to an instructor or administration right away, most of my upper-classed peers help me out. The home feeling I get while staying on campus is phenomenal and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Thank you Barton College!
We are on an Army instillation. I'm safe.
Flexible and productive classes. Advisors need more training. They don't seem to care when they make mistakes.
I'm unfamiliar with Greek life here.
I don't even think we have teams...
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I enjoy that many students are adult students focused on continuing education and the professors understand that. It's different to go to college while working, raising a family, and having adult responsibilities.
Don't go here if you like to be surrounded by people who care. Students don't care about anything but the next Alpha party and who will buy them alcohol.
they say to do things but nothing is actually enforced
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