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Very remote area. Good teachers, plus small classes! Really good for attention needing students. They have a campus on the military base, and also online classes! They also give free AA to military spouses and dependents!
Barstow Community College has been a life changer for me. The counselors are always readily available to speak to you. The professors and counselors actively help the students succeed. It's really easy to get classes, I haven't had one situation when I could not get into a class I needed. However, student activities and club events are scarce and if they do occur do not take place at a practical time for many students to attend.
Barstow College was an awesome college to attend and get me on the track I needed to be. Once I enrolled in this college I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA for over 80% of my time there.
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I like how eager the staff are to help you. Also all the accommodations that the Access /EOPS Office give to individuals with disabilities. Student services is a tremendously great help at tutorial and using there computers is easy and accessible.
I liked how staff and educators were very helpful in helping me get my AA degree. I was going through a hard time with cancer surgery and treatments and the staff never let me fall they helped me push through and I was able to receive my AA degree and with accommodations I was able to be escorted across the stage to receive my degree.
Barstow college is a big beautiful college. This is my second year attending. Everyone of my teachers have been understanding and helpful. I graduated from high school in 1989. Being 43 years old and going back to school was a scary thing to think about. Every one of the staff have been there for me. Just like most College students I have had bumps in the road. Things that happen that makes me want to give up in school. The counselors at Barstow community college listen to me and give me good advice. Barstow community college has the most beautiful roses.
The staff is amazing and they are the sweetest people ever. I am able to do things I enjoy and I learn something new everyday. Going here has helped me become myself and not to be so afraid of life.
More Students getting involved in the ASG programs to explore their talents and utilize their gifts for the community. To be more exposed to the world of business and out goings around them to get excited about the things the students are going to school for instead of just losing themselves in the everyday life.
Never really had any issues
Nothing special about our online courses
Very large selection of courses available
Very simple and easy process
The classes are very flexible, especially if you take them online.
The online courses were very easy to navigate and even had tutoring videos to help with anything. There was always peer to peer interaction every week. The workload was never not manageable. Registration and attendance was as simple as filling out a syllabus.
They have a wonderful transfer program and the counselors make sure all of your courses will be transferable.
The class sizes are never too large. Professors are very good at communicating with their students in a timely manner when it comes to answering questions through email. This school offers many interesting and helpful courses that will help me achieve my goal to transfer.
I have not been attending long enough to rate this section appropriately.
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Well I have not taken very many classes to rate this section appropriately. What I have taken so far, I must say I have learned many new things I hadn't known before.
I have had and continue to have a wonderful experience at BCC. The campus in beyond beautiful. The counselors and professors are very good at keeping up with their communication and responding in a timely manner. My questions always get answered. I have also had plenty success with their online classes. The professors always keep up with their students responses and engage thoughtfully.
I have not tried as I just started
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