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The campus I pretty nice and the staff and faculty and very kind and helpful. My first experience in campus was great I was given a tour around the entire campus, and got to learn about the clubs and programs on campus.
I just graduated high school this year and was ready to start my life and BCC gave me all the tools to take that first step. The classes online are different because I’m a hands on learner but the classmates are willing to helps and work with you.
I have been attending Barstow Community College the last year and a half and I have really enjoyed my enrollment.
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I had a good time attending Barstow Community College. I struggled through some classes, but I felt like I meshed well with my professors and made some great connections. The student government does a fine job promoting events, and there is plenty of support to get its students to move along to a 4 year of their choosing. The highs of the school are some of its professors, its theater program, and a great number of its faculty. Its lows are the employment opportunities, the number of students that are just there for a check, and a general sense of apathy among some of the students.
It's a great community college to study at and very peaceful. Iv chose to go to this community college because they offer great classes. Especially in my major which is welding. They have many classes to learn off of and earn a degree with.
I love the ease of getting into the courses I need. There is no parking to pay for. Because of the small campus size and student population, I am able to see a counselor on almost any day with or without an appointment. The faculty is very supportive and involved in campus affairs.
Barstow College is doing an excellent job of ensuring that student enrollment rises and that they graduate through the helpful resources that the college offers.
Great college with an awesome satellite campus that’s located on ft Irwin. The staff is awesome and the counselors go the extra mile to help the students out.
Ive only taken online course here. They are very easy to get into. No waiting list. Most instructors are clear about the rule brick and what is required in order to pass the class. I would highly recommend this college for those seeking a higher education. Those who have children and aren't able to leave the house for class. Only required to attend the school once for your final. Unless you can find a college nearby that will sign the proctor form.
My experience with Barstow Community College was good. The professor are always open to help you during office hours. I spent most of my time in the tutoring services and the transfer center. Everyone is very friendly and you will definitely succeed in everything you do.
i love the scenery. beautiful mountain views. and you cant beat the sunset and sunrises. love the greenery and the landscaping.
I originally was Chicago, Illinois and I transitioned to this 2 year community College. It was a total environmental change for me. I was used to being amongst a group of people. Barstow Community college is a very quiet campus. There is a seldom amount of people that attend but everyone their is really nice and willing to help students succeed in whatever endeavors they choose. I'm giving this five stars only because of encountering on of the best counselors there Mrs. Rodriguez.
I love the location of the school and that the campus is well-kept. The professors are nice for the most part and the campus is not too full. It's a really comfortable school to attend to reach your academic goals.
The student services were excellent. The staff is very accommodating and helpful to their students, and the location on campus for all these services are a one-stop experience, which is very convenient when you aren't familiar with the campus. I would have liked being able to face time my class in discussions and for mid-term and final testing, instead of driving 100 miles to take these necessary tests.
Barstow community college was the beat choice I could make. I hace been getting help with classes, getting school supplies, doing workshops that help me with my experiences, and the teacher and staff are very respectful, helpful, and are an amazing role model.
My experience at this college has many ups and few downs. Good faculty in the main office and teachers in the rooms are well taught in their subjects they teach. One thing I do have to say is some of their teachers do not know what it is like to deal with ADD/ADHD/Any other mental issue a student could have. For instance I have ADHD and my teacher for becoming a matter student told me that my ADHD is just an excuse. Sadly enough ADHD is the difference between learning what needs to be learned versus looking dead at the teacher, not hear a word said and thinking about everything under the sun except what's being taught
Actually have the classes that are part of a certification program or required classes for the major be available to attend.
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It is a very small community but the teachers are very nice and motivating. I actually took summer classes and they were good reasonable homework. I later moved on to fall then spring. I have joined their theater clubs and honor society and it is a bit hard to get students motivated and join clubs but that is what makes the clubs even more reason to have them. It is to recruit others and get them involved in school. They have great teachers and several programs that help students with books and meal cards. Like EOPS, Calworks, CARE, and the YESS program, they also have a program for incoming high school students named Barstow promise. Promising kids their first year is free. They have something called a food pantry where students can come in and fill up a bag of food like rice cereal peanut butter.
My experience at Barstow Community College has been amazing so far. The teachers and staff really do care about their students and care for their well-being. Most of the classes are very small and very personable so it is easy to make friends and to get to know your professor. In fact, pretty much all of my professors took time to learn everyones name and get to know their story. One thing that I wish would change is that sometimes I wish there was a bit more security on campus but other than that this is a good college.
Very remote area. Good teachers, plus small classes! Really good for attention needing students. They have a campus on the military base, and also online classes! They also give free AA to military spouses and dependents!
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