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My experience at Barry University is great so far! There is no other school that I rather go to but Barry. There are so many opportunities that any student in any major are able to achieve after graduating.
I'm grateful I did not have to spend more than 8 months at this school for Social Work. The professors are wonderful and they will challenge you to be the best. However, the program is highly unorganized. Numerous of people started intern extremely late and they were expected to get the same amount of hours as the required even though them being behind was no fault of the individual person's. For the advanced standing I would recommend them.
Barry University is a low budget private university. The dorms aren't that pretty, the campus is pretty, but the attitude of some staff members is ridiculous. They argue with students, and are money hungry. But I did enjoy some of my experiences. All in all, only go to Barry for law or medical; or else your money will be taken and wasted.
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When it comes to academics Barry is very focused with a good professor/student ratio. However, school spirit is insanely lacking and parties are practically nonexistent.
I received my Doctorate of Nursing Practice! Worked full time and it was definitely do-able! I advise all CRNAs with Masters Degrees to get their doctorate! It is going to be mandatory for the next generation so might as well get it before they start arriving!
Barry University is a great school, small classes, one on one with professors and it is in a quite area and everyone is friendly. I am an international student and being at Barry University is a dream come true, one of the best schools in the United States.
Barry University is a wonderful university to attend. The atmosphere is wonderful. The student to teacher ratio is amazing. All your teacher s know your name. There is numerous places to eat on and around campus. We are conveniently located 20 minutes from south beach. The overall experience is magnificent. Barry has various majors and minors to offer anyone who decides to come. Whether you are staying on campus or off you would have a wonderful experience.
What I like about Barry University, is that they are very hands on with us and the major that we choose. They let us get the feel of what we are getting ourselves into when we graduate. They prepare you mentally and physically. My major is athletic training, and we have to participate in games and also spend time in the training room. Some times this can be all day and night but I enjoy it. If there was something I had to change about my Barry, I will keep it the same but change myself more to make Barry even more better! Barry is all about the students and that's what stands it out from other universities.
The academics at this school are stellar along with the location. You also have the opportunity to get jobs that the university helps you with. Everything else such as student life, food, and financial aid are terrible. This university is good at lying to students to get them to commit to the school and then make it extra hard for students to transfer after one semester.
Barry is the best experience I have had since going to a University. The professors and all the staff care about the education as well as the well-being of their students.
No way to get my book homework already given so stressed
Sounds good but have not used it yet
Its like an old motel
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
They lied about money and books stress is high
its a bit small but if you have good roommates is a great experience
athletics is a big part of the school but a lot of people sometimes don't go out to support certain teams
The experience of a small campus and student ratio is great when it comes to learning and meeting new people.
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The professor are always there when I need them. They always take there time to teach the students the lesson!
They are very helpful when it come to helping with a job within your career or if it's not. They help you with everything you need no problem..
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
It's the best! They allow the students to feel safe. The student are able to communicate with anyone at anytime when they do not feel safe
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