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I love the location of Barry University. The science program is amazing and I hope I am lucky enough to continue my studies there.
The school is nice but wayyy to expensive for students. Financial aid department needs to improve there's no help when looking for scholarships.
I haven’t visited yet but that’s where I’m planing on going to because I believe that it’s a wonderful school and you get a chance to stay on campus
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I love being at Barry. Everyone around me is there to get a great education and my professors are great. They truly about their students succeeding. I am very happy at Barry and i am glad that i transferred. I could not be happier being a Buccaneer.
Barry University is much smaller than many universities due to it being a private school. With this being said, you are given the opportunity to grow very close bonds with those around you. This includes professors, staff, and classmates. The student is always in the best interest of the school. The only con to attending Barry University may be if you are a person that is, perhaps, more introverted. Building connections with others at Barry University is inevitable.
My experience with Barry University has been an interesting one. For starters, the school is very diverse and makes you feel right at home. From the friendly faculty and staff to the workers in the coffee shop. The classroom sizes are quite small, similar to a classroom size you would see in high school. I personally think this allows a better connection with your professors and other students within the class. It is a Catholic school, meaning there may be certain religious classes such as theology that is required for everyone to take even though it has absolutely nothing to do with your major. The university is quite okay.
So far my experience is great at Barry University. I love the Faculty and staff they awesome. So far everything is fine.
This school is PERFECT for someone interested in the nursing program. this school ranks 19th worldwide in nursing. The teachers are experienced professionals who all have Phd's. The class material is explained very thoroughly and clear and you will have a good experience at this school.
I am currently at Barry Law School. While it is expensive, I love it! I have made excellent friends thus far and met some wonderful professors.
I will officially be student as of August 27th. Therefore I have no review on the school for my personal opinion. However, other students who’s currently students, have attested Barry is a great school to seek highe education.
As a freshman, I experienced a great first year at Barry. All of my professors were committed to helping me understand the class material and seeing me improve in their classes. The overall environment is fun and energetic. The campus is very open and beautiful.
Barry University is a very diverse place, filled with people from all over the world. At the same time, it has comfortable and small classrooms, providing an opportunity for better learning. The teachers truly care and want to see the students succeed, therefore they give of their time and dedication to teach and help them understand the material. If I could change something it would be a greater variety of food and an expansion of more campus space.
It's my first year at Barry University and my ide experience in the University has been a satisfying one. The faculty is one that can be easily reached and available when needed. The campus is easy to get around and you can experience different cultures on campus. I have found usefull resourses on campus which facilitate learning in the major I selected.
school very small classes professors willing to help and accomondating, the library is an excellent resource,,students willing to share and help each other,
schoollis the model of diversity
More affordable housing options

More student events for those living on campus

Better Greek Life

More course offerings online
I loved the small school environment with small class sizes. The strong Catholic based environment and family oriented community.
Barry University is great for students with various majors. They really get into detail with your career choices, singling out your best qualities, the classes are small and are ideal for better learning along with the diversity present at the school; it is nice how quiet and peaceful the atmosphere is.
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I'm a sophomore at Barry University and so far my experience has been alright. On the acedemic side of Barry it is very good. Plenty of help from professors and staff. The only negative thing about Barry is probably the food and housing. The food is average for how much you pay and it's mostly always the same thing. Housing is decent, just either always very cold or hot and musty. We can't control the temperature. Hope this helps with your college search!
The faculty is very nice, the school of social work offers students cookies, tea, and coffee every day!
The small classroom sizes are ideal for better learning along with the diversity present at the school.
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