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It has been a wonderful experience from the day we received the letter that i was accepted to Barry. Once i walked on campus i knew i was in thr right place.
Barry have been very resourceful to me, had provide opportunities for my major in social work. I am the historian of SSWA. I love how they pull you out of your comfort zone
Barry University is very welcoming! the school provides a lot of scholarships to income student. The environment looks very safe. They work with their students very well. class sizes are very small.
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I love Barry University. I think that the Academics exceed my expectations, the demographics are outstandingly diverse, and the security really ensures the safety of the students. Some weaknesses that the school does present, however, is the lack of athletic teams they offer, the average student life, and the surrounding area is a bit unsafe.
As A freshman at Barry University I can honestly say it is diverse and give a lot of scholarship but tuition is high since it is a private school. First year I would recommend not staying on campus because you should honestly safe money but its a safe and friendly environment.
I really liked the Diverse Community that was within the school i really enjoyed the location and the amenities that the campus had to offer. however i would like to see more sports and more clubs added.
Excellent school of higher learning. Professors are helpful an I love it!! My advisor is also very helpful and kept me motivated to continue onwards to pursue my Masters Degree. Had alot of challenges but they were very helpful and I graduated this past June with my Bachelor Degree.
I love how Barry University has such a beautiful and inclusive environment. There’s people from everywhere internationally and you get to learn so many different cultures by meeting new people. I also love how Barry University has such a good class size and I feel I can learn better with the small of amount of people since the professors can be more personal with the students.
This institution is great and the small class sizes really help with maintaining a great learning experience. The campus is also full of plenty of modern renovation that keep it easy for just about anyone to get around.
Barry university is a great school. The professors are amazing and actually help you. They are easy to access and make themselves available to the students. The classes are not filled with a bunch of people its very similar to high school. Barry is very diverse and you'll meet people from everywhere there. The campus is nice they keep it clean. The area is actually nice to and its really safe they have security everywhere and at all the gate entrances day and night. The party life on campus is pretty dead but they school is in Miami so everyone basically does their partying off campus. The student life is good everyone very friendly and cool and there is much to do or get involved in on campus. The dorms aren't bad but they aren't the best.. they're kinda old and needs some work done. The food on campus isn't bad either. Bucky's cove actually has really good food my faves are the wings and the burgers.
Barry sets you up for success. They know many students are both that and working parents! i would recommend this university to many!
I like the small class sizes at the university, you really get a chance to know your professors and get individual help. However, there isn't much campus activities so it can get pretty boring.
I am a incoming freshman, therefore I have not had an actual living experience at Barry University. I did find it to be very personal and inviting which I why I choose the school. Not to mention they did give me an academic scholarship money which really helps. I am applying for other fund to cover the balance which the scholarship does not. The Enroll Department has been very helpful and attentive in any of our questions and concerns. We have been to visit twice, which has given me some insight into the resources surrounding the school and Miami area.
I love the small campus and the diversity within the university. I work at the campus ministry office for work-study and most of the staff I’ve met are delightful. I don’t like the meal plan is mandatory and one semester I was forced to still pay for it when I didn’t enter the dining hall even once.
I believe that Barry University is a perfect fit for myself. It's close to home and I have never had an alarmingly negative experience at the university. Though the classes are great and most teachers know what they're talking about, there are a few small annoyances. There is not much college life on campus and safety has been an issue as well. However, my greatest annoyance is the parking situation, there is no parking and punishment for trying to get to your class.
I loved the campus life and location.The pool was great and the student life isn't as bad as I thought it would be
Studying at Barry has been an extraordinary experience. The class sizes are small, the teachers are active in their professions, and the University is committed to teaching best practices in every discipline. I love it that the campus culture is inclusive and active. It is respectful of all religions even though it is a Catholic university.
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A very decent school. The class size are fairly small, makes it easy to meet with professors. The school also has a wide variety of programs available.
They have a hard time communicating exactly what is going on around campus. Some of the events can be a bit boring and at these events they sometimes treat us like we are not adults.
Barry is a fairly small university that provides one-on-one attention with professors and faculty, and guarantees a close-knit relationship with the alumni. The campus itself is beautiful; there is life everywhere and relaxation spots scattered across campus. Merit scholarships are easy to come by, so financial help should not be an issue.
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