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Transferring to a new university in a new state was absolutely scary for. I was worried I wouldn't make friends or branch out of my comfort zone. Being at Barry however made all my doubts diminish as I so greatly love it here. The teachers are approachable, the classes are interesting (I took a comic book- I mean how exciting is that), and it's so rich in diversity as you meet people from various cultures. I love my time here at Barry and am so glad I made the decision to attend.
Small campus and class sizes makes learning much easier but campus life could be better considering the costs of attendance.
My experience at Barry University gave me the opportunity to expand my source of education. My professors are great and they work with you whenever you have a problem. The environment allowed me to be comfortable because it's so diverse.
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Love the way it directs you to your major and is with you every step of the way to completing your dream.
Barry University is a school with a lot of opportunities. This University is great for students with various majors. They really get into detail with your career choices, singling out your best qualities.
Barry Univeristy is very expensive, but the classes are small which is good because you can get that one on one with your professor if you need it and the school is diverse. The Finacial aid office is a mess and they tend to mess up award letter which can really be bad for the student especially when they have already started the semester.
I had a Great experience I enjoyed my tour and thought the campus was very clean and easy to get around. The cafeteria was great full of wonderful choice of great food.
Most of the professors are great in the social work department. The school leads you on with incorrect information when applying to the school. Administration is very disorganized.
I love Barry University! The campus is beautiful and has vast amounts of diverse students. The campus is also small enough to get to class on time and still large enough to provide all the necessary credits I need. The staff, professors, and my peers are especially friendly, nice, and helpful. Go Bucs!
Barry University is very welcoming and has a great professor to student relationship when it comes to teaching but I would like to see more campus life things go on here.
Barry University has many great faculty and staff members that are easy to engage and interact with. This is furthered extend to the teacher that are approachable and knowledgeable about the subject being taught. Beyond the personnel, school spirit is barely visible to the students.
I love the small classrooms and the professors are so knowledgeable, experienced, competent, patient, hard working, and understanding. They provide office hours and excellent real world experiences from their cast experiences. What a great way to broaden your networking and diverse culture with sound Christisn values is priceless!
My favorite thing about Barry University is the class size. Teachers get to focus on every child. You are not a number
The class size are ideal for people that like small settings. The campus is very small . The professors are overall decent and willing to help.
Everyone is very helpful and only wants the best for you. Barry U thinks about their students and always strides to provide the best environment they can. There is always something going on around campus so there is always chances to get involved and show your pride.
its a good school overall good campus, diversity is very high and the professors try their best to help you throughout the courses
Amazing opportunities in tutoring and teacher help. They make sure that their students are well taken care off so that they have the help they need to move forward and excel in their studies.
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I enjoy the small community and diversity. It isn't a party college but they do very well in preparing for the future.
I just started attending Barry University and so far it's been a great experience. My guidance counselor was very helpful, the student affairs office helped me with all my questions and my professors are very knowledgeable. The athletics department, specifically the baseball team is top notch. Student life and activities are good, and the campus food is excellent.
When it comes to their academics, Barry can provide a friendly teacher to professor atmosphere. But besides that you'll often times encounter students who do not like Barry and continuously exert negative feelings towards the school.
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