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Barnes-Jewish College - Goldfarb School of Nursing Reviews

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This school has the best teachers and stimulation labs. The teachers are very dedicated to help you pass and the school is challenging but is not impossible. They make you think and use what you have learned to your full ability and it is a totally worthwhile program.
I started in the spring of 2017 as a junior, I transferred in from St Charles Community College. The school is a great school. The classes are small and you have great learning resources.
There are so many possibilities with attending this school on what career path I want to take. I wouldn't choose any other school to go to. It is the best out there for the career I want
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I would choose it again because it offers everything I need to reach my goal.
I don't know anything about this topic
It is too soon to comment on experience.
Since I am attending the accelerated program at Goldfarb it is very intense as far as the workload goes. However, it needs to be because I am trying to learn everything about nursing in one year. The curriculum is shaped so that I can learn everything I need to before moving on to the next thing. But everything I learned in the previous classes will be carried on to the new classes that I will take. So everything is needed to be learned and retained for the next courses to be taken. Barnes Goldfarb program offers many helpful study options and tutoring options if needed as well. It allows me to reach out and get the help if I need it in certain classes. Overall, this school provides me with the necessities I need in becoming a great nurse.
The variety of the courses varies from term to term. I am only in term one which is set for me once I start. However, the classes and simulation lab are state of the art. They cannot get any better. It allows us students to get hands on experiencing practicing in a lab setting to prepare us for working with real patients. The professors do their best to offer their knowledge to the students and push them to their greatest potential. There are different dynamics with each professor, but I like it because not one is the same. So you are getting a different experience and you learn something new with each class that is taken. It is nice to be in the classes with the same students because they do essentially become your family. I have a family that I will graduate with and journey with through nursing school. It is a great feeling to have so many people by your side and to help you with anything you need. This school is personally offering me a great experience and I am so glad that I chose to attend here.
The best part about this school is that it is connected to Barnes Jewish Hospital which is the biggest hospital in St. Louis. It provides us students with a pletheora of areas and jobs to try out. Also, the school provides us with mock interviews with people from hospitals and it allows us to get our foot in the door. Even more so there are shadowing opportunities as well as just getting to know people doing clinical. It is great to have that hospital as a resource for us.
The security is great. They say in the beginning of starting school to put their number in your phone so that you have it in case of an emergency. They will escort you anywhere especially to the parking garage across the street if you need it.
It is a great fit for me. The classes allow me to bring out my inner self and show my skills. The teachers use different techniques to prepare us for clinical and how we should interact as a nurse. The school offers a lot of opportunities to get involved and care about the school. Like I said earlier it is strictly academic and can be quite challenging at times. I am in the accelerated program meaning one year of nursing which is tough to complete in one year. However, the school is great in offering resources to help students out and show them they can still have fun while having their heads deep in a book/class all day. This school strives to make students the best nurses with having great instructors and access to Barnes Jewish Hospital that is in the heart of St. Louis. This school provides students with the hands on experience that is challenging, but will push students to be the best they can be. I know that I am happy with my decision in attending this school. I have pushed myself to many limits I never thought possible, but since starting this program I shoot for the stars and never aim lower. I will continue to pursue my passion in helping people and making a difference in lives. I love studying to be a nurse!
This school is wonderful for an excelerated nursing program. Its fast pace enough to keep ypu busy, but not so fast that you feel completely overwhelmed.
It is a good school for being so close to home. It's affordable as well.
it is located in a great part of town, lots of malls near by and different things to do
just your typical fast food joints and of course the hospital cafeteria which offers a discount
It is unique because it is on a hospital campus and is only for nursing students

They have the highest pass rate in the state for nursing boards
Very smooth process! Staff is dedicated and very helpful
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Very safe and secure. It is in a hospital
I think this school is state of the art for nursing, new computers and simulation labs! Very convenient as everything is in one building on the same floor. great pass rates for boards
St.Louis is a unpredictable state; one day you have sunshine and the next day is snowing. Summer can be brutal, but parking garage is close to the school which helps.
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