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The academics are great; financial aid and cost was and is terrible. There is a lack of communication between departments that greatly disadvantages the students.
Professors adapted really well to the online courses in the short amount of time they had. However, online classes will never replace being in person.
I am an incoming freshman and have therefore not taken any online classes through Barnard College of Columbia Univeristy.
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I have enjoyed every part of getting to know my college, Barnard College. It is welcoming and inviting.
Barnard is an amazing community. I have taken a sample class online and the faculties already feel like feel like a family. Very considered and understanding.
Barnard is a great place for your voice to be heard. The people are supportive, the environment is cozy, the school is right next to Columbia uni and students have access to every resources there. It is a jackpot really. You get the small liberal arts college with a big institution there to support you as well.
Professors have done a great job at adjusting to online learning and it doesn’t feel that different from the real thing. The university’s decision to make pass/fail mandatory for everyone was very kind and helpful.
I genuinely can’t think of a better combination for a school. The small liberal arts college community with the benefits of the large research university of Columbia is incredible.
I've had a lot of exposure to wonderful faculty and students across the greater Columbia University, and thoroughly enjoyed my classes and extracurriculars. There is a very empowering atmosphere and people want each other to succeed. However, Barnard does not have a huge endowment, so financial aid isn't as freely given and generous as I'd have wished.
I've had extremely supportive and understanding professors ever since we moved to online learning. Even though I'm in a very different time zone, my professors were all very accommodating and gave me all the support I needed.
Barnard and Columbia are terrible in dealing with anything related to student mental health. There is a 'stress culture' on both campuses that is very dangerous. During my freshman year at Barnard/Columbia there were multiple suicides and the administration do very little to support students. I also never felt the inspiring, positive energy on campus that all those pamphlets and videos talk so much about. I had one professor who mocked the way I spoke in my seminar class every single week. The financial aid department threatened to take away my financial aid as I never had a Social Security No (I'm an international student who did not require one). The Financial Aid office also denied my access to the Bare Essentials Fund, something offered to me in my financial aid award as they changed their mind and decided I "was not poor enough" even as a FGLI student. Academically, Barnard is a good institution but I URGE you to consider other options before deciding on this poorly run school.
I have really enjoyed my time at Barnard College so far. The community at Barnard is very unique, and it truly feels like people care about each other here. Barnard students take pride in their community and connection with their peers and this creates a very supportive environment, even when the larger Columbia/ New York City community can be more competitive and overwhelming
It is an academic rigorous School. But the transition from high-school to college went well.There are a lot of programs to keep students busy and productive. In addition the dorming systems are highly secured and the cafeteria food is not bad. The campus is very beautiful and many of our classes are inside of Columbia University since we are their sister School. If you want to study psychology this would be the place because their Humanities programs are very strong. If you want to study music they also have an exchange program with Juilliard. We also have a Columbia dorming Exchange program as well.
Barnard College is an incredible school that builds strong women. The professors have a clear dedication to their students and form close relationships with them. I wish Barnard had had more of a community feel within NYC.
The teachers are supportive and there are tons of resources to take advantage of. You can take classes at Columbia and you can also eat at Columbia's dining halls, which is fun! But I prefer Barnard's food, there's also tons of good restaurants around Barnard and Columbia. The academics are definitely challenging.
Amazing empowering environment. Definitely more diversity than I expected, which is a good thing. The Foundations Curriculum definitely gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the classes you want to take, so you have plenty of time to explore.
I visited Barnard College about 2 years ago with my high school on a college tour. I was immediately impressed with the campus and its location, as well as with the leadership and kindness of the staff in the admissions center. As we were led around campus by a Barnard student, we were able to observe an active campus and witness the excitement of experiencing such an excellent liberal arts education combined with living in the vibrant City of New York. New York City's resources make going to school and living in the city more convenient than ever. I especially like the city's options for commuting to and from school/work. I had never experienced an all-female environment, therefore making me unsure if Barnard would be the right fit for me. But, as the curriculum and atmosphere were more thoroughly explained, the idea of being surrounded by and learning from such influential and independent women captivated me more and more.
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i just finished my first year at barnard college, and it was a really great experience! going to school in new york city is truly a unique experience, and i'm so glad i chose barnard. the professors and students at barnard are all great - seriously, the people are some of the most ambitious, passionate, motivated, intelligent, and creative people i've ever met. there's never a dull moment at barnard!
As an incoming student with a disability I wish ODS was more flexible with its requirements. Other than that all good.
Barnard is a great community for learning about yourself and your interests. The students are incredible people, and many of the professors are experts in their subjects.
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