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Amazing empowering environment. Definitely more diversity than I expected, which is a good thing. The Foundations Curriculum definitely gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the classes you want to take, so you have plenty of time to explore.
I visited Barnard College about 2 years ago with my high school on a college tour. I was immediately impressed with the campus and its location, as well as with the leadership and kindness of the staff in the admissions center. As we were led around campus by a Barnard student, we were able to observe an active campus and witness the excitement of experiencing such an excellent liberal arts education combined with living in the vibrant City of New York. New York City's resources make going to school and living in the city more convenient than ever. I especially like the city's options for commuting to and from school/work. I had never experienced an all-female environment, therefore making me unsure if Barnard would be the right fit for me. But, as the curriculum and atmosphere were more thoroughly explained, the idea of being surrounded by and learning from such influential and independent women captivated me more and more.
i just finished my first year at barnard college, and it was a really great experience! going to school in new york city is truly a unique experience, and i'm so glad i chose barnard. the professors and students at barnard are all great - seriously, the people are some of the most ambitious, passionate, motivated, intelligent, and creative people i've ever met. there's never a dull moment at barnard!
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As an incoming student with a disability I wish ODS was more flexible with its requirements. Other than that all good.
Barnard is a great community for learning about yourself and your interests. The students are incredible people, and many of the professors are experts in their subjects.
I've always wanted to go to a school with an empowering community and I found exactly that. I didn't think it was a possibility for me to find a close-knit school that was also academically challenging, but I found the perfect match for me.
I have really enjoyed my academic experience at Barnard and felt that I've learned a great deal. The professors are engaging and care a deal about their students and clearly put significant effort into teaching. The facilities on campus are of great quality as well, particularly the new library. The student body at Barnard is diverse and incredibly well-qualified for the institution. I have met fascinating, kind, fun people from all over the United States and the world and have formed friendships that I believe will last for life.
When I visited Barnard I saw a diverse group of students in classroom who actively participated and engaged in the materials that were being taught.
I am generally pleased with the organization and structure of the school, although some things definitely took getting used to.
I liked the diversity of the classroom and how small teacher to student ratio was. I felt comfortable in speaking my mind as a woman of color.
great school academically, filled with great people. community sense is strong and everyone is very welcoming. living in New York city is an incredible experience. campus is realIy cozy and beautiful, the place feels like home.
Barnard is such an incredible school--as soon as I stepped onto the campus, I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be. The fact that I will graduate with a diploma from an Ivy League is a bonus, but I chose Barnard because it is Barnard, not because it is Columbia. The women I’ve met here are absolutely incredible: their passion, independence, and intellect are inspiring.
Barnard is NOT the backdoor into the Ivy league. Barnard students choose Barnard because it can offer us things we value that Columbia College cannot. Barnard is not a second choice, it is a first choice in and of itself. Of course, having Columbia resources is a plus, and Barnard benefits greatly from them, but Barnard's merit comes from its unique mission to further women's education. I find myself spending most of my time at Barnard (not only because the new library is literally heaven) but because the smaller scale, friendly employees, and cozy feel keep me here.
It's an amazing school academically but the stress culture gave me the first panic attack of my life within literally three weeks of classes.
I wish there was better food. The party scene is okay and you have to be connected. The professors are pretty good although they could be better. The food around the area is good especially Sweetgreen and shake shack.
The freshman year dorms are mostly terrible, many students had heat stroke last week and needed to be hospitalized because Barnard doesn't provide AC to 75% of students. The food is alright, but you have access to Columbia dining halls which are MUCH better. The thing that makes Barnard great, and why I am still here is because of the opportunities it has allowed me. Being in NYC and getting a world class education with tons of resources cannot be found anywhere else.
I love that we are in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, offering endless opportunities that are hard to find in other schools. I think going to school at Barnard positions you very uniquely as you are forced to grow up quickly because you are already living on your own in NYC, yet you are still able to learn and take your time becoming an adult and experiencing college.
Barnard is a very supportive community that uplifts and challenges you academically. In addition, you gain skills that allow you to navigate life and Barnard pushes you to feel uncomfortable which overall transforms you. Something that would be improved at Barnard is the diversity while it has gotten better majority of the population is upper class and white. Barnard could add more dorms to avoid crowded and cramped rooms.
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Barnard is iconic. You get every opportunity afforded to you by Columbia across the street, as well as the experience of a close-knit community of like-minded Barnard students. The city is an amazing place to learn and grow both as a student and a young-adult on the cusp of entering the real world. I'm so sad my time at Barnard is coming to a close, but it has truly prepared me for life beyond college.
Absolutely an amazing place. Small liberal arts college with supportive, outstanding community of women within a large Ivy League University, in the greatest city in the world. Didn't intend/expect to go here (i applied last minute on the application due date as a "why not" sort of application after being told to apply by my high school teacher) and I can't imagine myself anywhere else. Incredibly faculty, student body, and endless amount of resources.
Barnard College is an amazing institution. If you want to live in New York City but still have a campus, this is the place for you. I love being able to walk a few blocks away from school and feel like I'm immersed in the bustle of NYC - while still having a quiet, beautiful campus to escape to.
The English department has incredibly intelligent, dedicated professors.
However - this is not the easiest school if, like me, you have a difficult time obtaining financial aid. Juggling classes, multiple jobs, and multiple extracurriculars can be difficult - but this is a high intensity school in a high intensity city.
I love women's college though! I've learned so much from the incredible women I go to school with.
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