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So far, I am enjoying my experience at Barnard. At times it can feel lonely, but when I look around and see the bold, brilliant, Barnard women around me.. I feel inspired. The financial diversity is rather low however the access to Columbia's Libraries, Athletics, and Campus is unbeatable. It is the best of both worlds. A small liberal arts college connected to a large research University. The Barnard professors are hands-on and very accessible. I admire the small classroom sizes and the focus on seminars. The campus is beautiful, however there is major construction at the moment. The areas that could be improved are the dorms and the safety of women on campus.
I'm a transfer, and after a year at a school I despised, Barnard saved me. The people here are so kind and giving but also incredibly diverse, intelligent, and overall delightful. I could not ask for more out of my college experience (except maybe easier classes!).
Barnard is a small, liberal arts, all female college, located in New York City as part of the larger network of Columbia University. As such, students receive access to the services of a larger University while still getting the more personal attention that can make a difference in a student's education.
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AMAZING school! You get best of both worlds: small, women's liberal arts college with all the resources and facilities of a large, co-ed, Ivy-League university. Plus, you get to live in NYC. You get a campus feel since it is on the Upper West Side ( residential area).

Barnard women get degrees from Columbia University, graduate at Columbia University graduation, take classes at CU and join CU clubs/sororities/sports/ societies. Barnard women can also eat at Columbia dining halls, study in all 22 CU libraries, and use the same academic buildings. Columbia students take classes at Barnard and use Barnard libraries/cafeterias/buildings. It's a great campus environment.

BTW, acceptance rate is 14.8% now (on Niche it still has a very old acceptance rate). Gets more competitive with each year as more people learn about it.
I like the genuine, motivated, supportive atmosphere at Barnard. The students here are very likely to become successful in life because their professors are of the best quality. The amount of opportunities, especially being in Manhattan, are enormous. Overall, high quality education. One of a kind.
There is a great environment at Barnard! The community is so supportive and they really stand up for what they believe in. The students and staff are some of the kindest people I have ever met. It's a great place to go to school.
Barnard is an amazing place for young women to learn and grow within a diverse and empowered community of other women. The resources available are endless since Barnard is a part of Columbia University--a huge research university.
I feel strongly about Barnard. It is a wonderful place to be. I love my classmates and professors. My experiences with the administration have been generally poor. My time here has been rewarding, surprising, and engaging.
Barnard has been incredible. It is hard core. The students are ambitious and extremely intelligent, but competitiveness is not a problem. It can get very stressful, as many of our classes are considered much harder than those at columbia, but the support system within the school, and the community really do help. Everyone has got each other's back. It's a small campus, but having all of Columbia and NYC is so worth it.
Great school with good class options. Lucky to have a relationship with Columbia University across the street and learning opportunities available throughout New York City. Administration could be more receptive to students. Peers are intelligent and passionate. Great learning environment.
Nothing to do if you don't want to go to bars.
It's any Ivy. People care about academics.
Most drug/alcohol use is off campus. Everyone has a fake ID.
This school is very pretentious and competitive. It is an Ivy League. People are insecure and try very hard to seem smart. It is a very isolating situation.
Lots of pride in school.
Lots of security around at all times.
The old dorms are very dirty and there is no AC which is rough for the first month.
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The student body is strangely competitive and obsessed with the idea of the "Ivy League." There is also a weird dynamic between Barnard and Columbia. People are very aware of their own intelligence and like to show it off. The facilities are in bad shape. Save your money, it will go a lot further elsewhere.
I've had some professors I didn't like, but for the most part my academic experience at Barnard has been incredible and rewarding. I tend to like my Barnard professors more than my Columbia ones, usually because class sizes tend to be smaller and more student focused a Barnard. I've had great experiences on both sides of the street though!
Networking at Barnard/Columbia is never ending. Plus, being in New York, students have access to so many opportunities that others do not. Barnard is well known by many Manhattan institutions, especially banks and investment firms like Goldman Sachs and HSBC and publications like the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen Magazine. Barnard has a very tight alumni network and alums are constantly supporting younger women.
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