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Bard is one of the most rigorous and life-changing schools in the country. Going to Bard gave me a phenomenal education and connections that landed me a high profile social activism job after graduation. Going here was like a dream–natural splendor, beautiful ancient buildings, stacks of books, the sunset over the Hudson every night. I feel immeasurably lucky to have been gifted with my experiences, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I went to college to learn, to better myself, to grow and to find ways of changing the world. And I did. It's the perfect school for interdisciplinary thinkers who are willing to find their own path and expect their education to change them. Expect to work, not only for yourself but for others, and to design your education to work for you. And if you're here now, enjoy it. Look at the sunset from Blithewood, go exploring in the woods. Live out the strange, beautiful dream that is Bard College.
I did not attend while the college was remote, but from professors and students I have heard that the college continues to be an excellent and inspiring place
I only had one online class, because I was a senior finishing my last semester. I guess I should've had 2, but one was taught by a post-doc at Rockefeller University (usually a very fruitful partnership between Rockefeller and Bard), and I think he was overwhelmed so he just let us do our own thing during covid so long as we handed in our final project. The other class I finished online was my human rights history class. I think the professor did a great job in terms of setting a compassionate grading policy. We were able to grade ourselves, as long as we submitted an explanation as to why. He lowered the requirements for the class as well. The zoom classes were still very interesting and enriching, and definitely worth my time to log on and focus/take notes. Shout out Greg Moynahan! Finishing my senior project online was tough, but at least my project was entirely computer-based.
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Bard is an absolutely incredible place. I write this review very honestly, as someone who did not want to come here initially but chose it for financial reasons. If you're looking for a big party school, this is not the place for you. But Bard has so, so much to offer. The professors are absolutely incredible & the access that you have to them is unparalleled. I referred to most by their first name. Bard's liberal arts approach is single-handedly responsible for saving me from pursuing a career path that would've made me miserable, because it allowed me to explore a wide variety of fields in in-depth ways. There are all kinds of students at Bard, & you will definitely find your people, even if the overall stereotype of the school doesn't fit you to a tee. People have a deep respect for each other's passions and scholarship. I also am very proud to be an alum of a school that is so civically engaged, and a school with such a wide network & variety of campuses (google the Bard network!)
Only part of the semester was online. When classes switched to online in March, the transition went smoothly. Professors truly care. In person is always better, but Bard made the best of the situation.
Excellent education. If you want to learn to think, this is the place. You can meet a lot of wonderful people here, both students and professors. No one that I have met on campus takes themselves too seriously. There are genuinely smart and creative and caring people here. Lifelong connections made here.
No online courses for me. I am unsure if online classes are offered at Bard, although I understand that this might be different during the pandemic.
Bard College was truly a wild and wonderful experience. I spent all four years there, except for a study abroad experience in South Africa, first semester my Junior year. The academics are very strong and you have to work very hard there. Doing a senior project (thesis) my senior year was amazing and led to my selected career path in suicide prevention/mental health.
Bard is a beautiful campus, on the Hudson River, in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Great location and the local area has a robust cultural scene, including many historic sites to visit. Small local towns like Hudson, Kingston and Rhinebeck have lots to offer when you choose to venture off campus. There is always lots to do on campus too.

The liberal arts traditions at Bard allow for well rounded and diverse academic experiences. The structure of the academics promotes regular interaction between students and professors, building important and valuable relationships that last beyond your years at Bard. Advising is a key component of the Bard education and helps ensure student engagement and success.
Because of Bard's extensive network there are chances to share the classroom virtually with students from West Point, Al Quds University and other places in the network or who share partnerships with Bard. I haven't had these classes but others I know have and say they are a wonderful experience.
I’ve worked for Bard for several years now, and one thing I can say with certainty is that it’s the most student-centered and student-driven institution I’ve ever worked for in my 14 years of working in higher education. We may not be perfect, but we’re incredibly special and our students drive change like no other.
I don’t take any online classes (traditionally they are not offered, with the exception of learning in this pandemic). There doesn’t seem to be an option to opt out of this question and zero stars would not be accurate.
We have a blended learning semester, with some classes online and some offline. Students who can safely come to campus are allowed to do so at this time.
Idealistic place that puts its money where its values are, does not just pay lip service. Huge local and global impact, from its prison program to international campuses in Germany, Russia, Palestine, Austria and Kyrgyzstan. Would definitely make the same choice second time around.
Online learning was definitely a struggle amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but professors were very understanding as to the abnormal circumstances, and were very flexible with deadlines, etc. The online curriculum was both rigorous and enjoyable, as it is in person.
I am a current student at Bard studying American Studies & French. The campus is gorgeous, the faculty are eminent scholars in their areas, and the student body is a diverse and wonderful mix of students from all areas of the globe.
I did not do a class online at Bard College as I graduated in 2016, but I would assume the small class sizes make the transition to online easier.
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Bard's academics are unmatched. The small class sizes, enthusastic professors and engaged students make the learning environemtn optimal. Personally, I wish the athletics department was given more attention and I would have loved to have had the pre-law track during my time there.
The students are really amazing. They are attracted to Bard because they, like Bard, are civically engaged and daring. They also love learning. What they learn, they live, and it becomes useful in a job and for life. Bard faculty are engaged with students also in real ways. As their professors are excited about what they teach, their students become more and more curious. The campus is beautiful and inspiring. Campus life is full of things to do and an opportunity for students to express themselves artistically and intellectually.
I know what has gone into online learning at Bard. (Although their classes are so far in person, they have also developed hybrid classes.) I also know that Bard is experienced at remote teaching, because they have conducted joint, remote classes with the colleges in their network for years, from East Jerusalem to Berlin.
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