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Bard is a small liberal arts school in Annandale on Hudson. The campus is on the Hudson river, and is surrounded by woods. In the spring, it is a beautiful area, but can be freezing and ugly in the winter. It can be very isolating because there are no towns within walking distance. A shuttle runs between the two nearby towns, Red Hook and Tivoli. The latter has one small store, a bar, and a few restaurants. Classes are usually small, from 25 students down to as little as 3 or 4 as they get more specific. Some professors are great, passionate about teaching, and knowledgeable, and some are lazy and barely teach, requiring students to do presentations for half of the class time.
I loved Bard! In fact, I ended up marrying another Bard grad and most of my best friends are the ones with whom I bonded at the very start of my freshman year. I'm also very involved in alumni events because I miss the school so much. It really is a wonderful college with incredible professors, a beautiful campus (and surrounding area), and a brilliant, creative and unique student body. My sister now goes to Bard and loves it too.
Bard is the ultimate safety school, as most everyone how applies gets in. Once here, you listen to the bottom 1/2 of your class, the ones with money, try to sound intelligent. The dorms are one step above homeless shelters, the food is disgusting, and 90% of the kids are high on drugs 24/7. The school's attitude: the more drugs the better. Some of the teachers are good. Most aren't. I transferred out to one of the little three. Much better.
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Bard is an incredible academic institution. Both professors and students alike are brilliant, curious, and creative, and classes are intellectually stimulating.
Small and great college. Elite in its own right and attracts intellectual and artistic types. Benefits from and contributes to New York City culture in art, literature, social science. Bard Fiction Prize annually awards $30,000 and semester-long residence to acclaimed, up-and-coming young novelists. Large, beautiful campus. Eclectic architecture. It's also a college in the service of humanity, as it has satellite programs all over the world, like the Bard Prison Initiative, Bard Early Colleges, and college programs in underserved regions in the world.
Constant schedule of excellent events and speakers. Bard College is a magnet, host, and producer of major forces in art, literature, and music, with strong faculty in every discipline.
My Daughter is a thriving Sophamore at Bard.My daughters classes and professors have been amazing! The Campus and surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous.She has made a lot of wonderful friends, great place to visit too!
Most of the negative reviews on here are from athletes or people who are unsatisfied with the living arrangments. I hated the dorm I was placed in freshman year, and I was a member of the cross country team, but I still made plenty of friends/pleasant memories. It's ridiculous to rate an entire institution badly for one aspect. I've learned and grown so much at Bard. I often feel connected to my professors (who are usually extremely accomplished/connected/intelligent). Bard offers AMAZING abroad opportunities. I've lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua through abroad programs and clubs through Bard. You'll academically work hard here, but it's absolutely worth it. Bard is also very generous with financial aid. The people here can be fascinating if you're willing to engage with them. As with anything else in life, the experience is what you make of it. I'm extremely grateful that I was able to go here.
Full of angsty teenage liberal snowflakes who can’t get over the fact that the world is full of diversity and not a bubble of single-sided thought.
Bard is a great place academically, but besides that there isn’t much else going for it. The dorms are in a state of disarray as my ceiling leaks and have had several incidents with rodents. Social life is practically nonexistent. As an athlete, there are occasional events, but always off campus. Everyone here is unable to get over their self-depreciated selves. One word to describe the student body would be eccentric. If you’re into alt-left liberal views, inhaling hazes of cigarette smoke 24/7 and homeless looking hipsters then this is the place to be. But if you’re any bit remotely mainstream or part of a varsity sport you’re looked down upon and judged. Looking back I would’ve done a complete 360 degree turn around and have re-evaluated my options before attending this institution.
The education at this institution is amazing, it really pushes students to think for themselves and introduces them to texts that they otherwise may have never been introduced to.
Bard is a great school with fantastic faculty, beautiful campus, proximity to NYC, lots of special academic, cultural, civic and artistic programs, and is an institution that does much in the service of the underserved all across the nation and the world.
Bard College is a weird place; this will never change nor should it. 95% of the students are outsiders in some capacity, whether they were outsiders in High School or totally in society. This is what makes Bard weird and wonderful, but it is the also what makes Bard terrible because most students cannot accept this about themselves. A large amount will recreate how they were treated in high school: they will create cliques and shun people not in their clique. They will be attentive on a social hierarchy and make fun of everyone outside it. The absolute worst worst thing about Bard is- because these students are outsiders and used to the world being cold to them- will be aggressively cold to everyone else. Try walking through campus and making eye contact/smiling with everyone you see. One in 50 will smile back. They can't let go of the coldness the world has given them. Some do, and you will find these to be the most mature students on campus.
Academically challenging and amazing. Professors know exactly what they are talking about and lead class in socratic seminar style, no lecturing at you.
Bard is a unique place to learn. It taught me not only facts, but how to think and obtain knowledge. With the diverse range of clubs and activities, I never felt bored.
Bard has a very politically active community, which helps everyone in educating what is right. It is also a very supporting community for PoC.
Excellent environment if you don't mind being in the middle of the woods. People are very typical rich-hipster stereotype. The food is terrible and the dorms haven't been renovated in years. The academics and the abroad programs are what make Bard worth going.
A great liberal arts college.

Great programs in every department.
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While I don't think Bard is a bad school, it's definitely one that will not be a good fit for everyone. All the professors I had were amazing for the most part and were always willing to meet with students, sometimes even on their own time. That being said, a lot of programs suffer simply because there are not enough students, and depending on your major you can literally run out of advanced classes to take.There is little transportation and very few places to go if you don't own a car, and the isolation gets to a lot of people fast. Facilities range from fine to abysmal, some dorms literally have rotting ceilings and rodent infestations. There is barely anything to do on campus and truthfully, a lot of students are extremely clique-y. There is a lot of drug use on campus (probably because there is nothing to do) and it plays a big part in the social scenes.

I don't regret going to Bard, but considering the price I was paying for what I got, I was definitely not impressed.
Bard College is a beautiful, quirky liberal arts school. It emphasizes uniqueness in person and once you get used to the vibe it's a wonderful place to study and grow as a person. You easily feel comfortable with yourself here, and people appreciate that. The academics are wonderful, often approaching subjects in ways that help you think about them differently. There's an emphasis on keeping class sizes small because Bard really emphasizes discussion based learning. Not only will you learn to articulate your thoughts clearly, you'll also learn how to write them. The professors are friendly and easy to talk to. The social scene is different, for sure, but if you get used to it it can be really incredible. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else for my undergraduate studies.
Bard is a very unique place and it opens your eyes to so many interesting and awesome people. Glad that I gave Bard a chance. I made awesome friends and received a great education.
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