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Bard College at Simon's Rock Reviews

305 reviews
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The academic experience is challenging in general, and serves well the purpose of helping younger students get used to college. There is a warm and socially engaging LGBTQ+ community on campus, as well as strong and outspoken groups of liberals that center around feminism and communism. What really impressed me is the closeness between the professors and the students. With a 1:6 faculty-student ratio, students would be able to develop a closer connection and more personal relationships with staff members. I personally had an amazing working experience with my advisor.
I went to SRC for 2 years before transferring out. I loved it there, but I knew transferring was the right decision because SRC did not have my major.
Because Simon's Rock is such a small, unique and tight knit school, the alumni tend to be willing to help current students with internships or job opportunities once they leave "The Rock"
  • College Junior
  • 6 months ago
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All professors are the tops of their fields, fantastic
There are nurses and counselors on duty 24/7 and security is always available by phone or email and do hourly rounds of the campus
The freshman dorms are decent, but the rest are pretty great
It's a mostly academic school, but the three sports that we do have (soccer, basketball and swimming) are fun to participate in or watch, although they certainly aren't the main focus of the campus or anything like that.
Although it's extremely small and in the middle of nowhere and needs to work on diversity, it's a great place to be. The campus strives to encourage inclusion and creating safe spaces for all students and the professors are absolutely amazing
I'm mainly here for academics and plan on transferring after 2 years, or pursuing the 3-2 engineering program with Columbia University. The coursework here is very intense and the professors really do care. However, I am looking to transfer to a larger school with a little more excitement and funding for more opportunities.
Most students are here as a transition to move on to bigger things. I think the majority of students are either transferring, or moving on to get more advanced degrees after their BA
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
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The health services department is decent, but there is virtually nothing you can do on weekends to have any needs addressed. Otherwise they are very accommodating.
Freshmen dorms are horrible, but if you get a balcony room in dolliver (like I did) or a single, it's not as bad. The upper class-men housing was better until the Bard Academy students took over half of the "nice" dorms. This housing situation is still playing out, but I'll probably transfer before it effects me anyways.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing

Sports here are awful. Small pool of potential athletes, and everyone is more intellectual than sporty anyways.
It's only missing one "dot" because to do well here, you need to apply yourself and get in with the right crowd, not the druggies / ones that are falling behind. The courses can be very challenging and you have to be committed to doing well.
We actually have a really strong academic program. The teachers take us seriously, we can craft our studies, our classes are discussion based, we read and write a ton... it's pretty great. Students often come to Simon's Rock for the academic program, which is more rigorous than several of the programs offered at top tier college, but also provides a lot more support without a culture of inter-student competitiveness.
The school is 33% students of color (which isn't radical or anything, but is nice), 20% international students, at least 50% queer students... etc. The school is full of people from several backgrounds, and also full of people who are talking about identity politics, society, culture, and politics in really important and positive ways. This is a great place to learn about yourself and others.
There is definitely a presence, but honestly where is there not? Students can get their hands on drugs, but the community is pretty non-peer pressure oriented. There are also lots of workshops and conversation on understanding alcohol and drug use. Most of the responses to use are also education based more than they are punitive. The school actually has a program, call for help, where you can tell security that someone is in a dire situation and they'll respond without any punitive action for the use.
78% of Simon's Rock students eventually go to graduate school, and and we are #13 for schools that send students off to get PhDs. The academic program at Simon's Rock is strong and I've seen several classes of students leave very prepared for both their graduate studies and work opportunities. I don't think this happens inherently on the part of the school. You need to be motivated and willing to pull together your own experiences in order to take full advantage of Simon's Rock. I don't think any school can create a stellar graduate without serious contributions from the student. Make the most of your time here. This school has so much to offer.
  • College Senior
  • 7 months ago
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I love the classes I've taken here. I'm a huge fan of just about every professor I've had, and the courses have been thoughtful, discussion based classes where I've gotten to learn so much from the professor and other students as well. We don't have huge regular offerings in each discipline, but you can design your own classes, study away, take classes at Bard main campus, straight up ask professors to offer certain classes, do independent projects, and design your own concentration.
I honestly believe this is an incredibly safe campus. Occasionally, something might be stolen but for the most part it isn't a significant issue (especially since the campus is so small and you'll probably see them). Additionally, you can tell who people are in the dark pretty easily and walking around at night isn't that freaky. The security team is also very personable, and there is a team of people on call every night. There will be a couple security guards available, as well as the pair of residence directors on duty, the RDs in the vicinity, and the PAs (residence assistants) in the vicinity. I think that people here are very serious about and very supportive towards survivors of sexual assault. I wouldn't say that it happens on this campus more than any other, but in such a small place it may feel like a saturated occurrence. I think we are fortunate to have a community with regular and structured conversations about the matter, training with new and current students, support systems, people that genuinely care, and a year-round culture of understanding consent.
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