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I can say that for myself, as for many of my peers, Simon's Rock college has granted us with a myriad of reasons to be thankful for its place in our lives. Most of the students are extremely autonomous and strong willed, with a lot of passion. Undoubtedly "different". And plenty of the professors seem to find this energy invigorating-- often times going out of their way because they want to help you execute a goal and they think you have good ideas. The administration not so much, though I think that is to be said about most schools. The quality of academics ranges, but if you choose the right professors you can get a lot out of your classes, as some of our professors are truly very knowledgeable and good at their job. Overall SR is worth the ride, especially for a high school dropout. I have met the most amazing people. You learn a lot in not only academics, but life as well.
SR is mostly in-person with very strict covid guidelines, but the online instruction that is going on has been solid in my opinion. The professors are communicative and understanding with remote learning.
The first bit there is an adjustment period, it may be rocky, but eventually your work pays off. Simon's Rock is the perfect place for those looking for a quirky learning community, with some flaws and oddities.
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The professors were, as a whole, excellent. The facilities were also great. Administration, however, left a lot to be desired. Accessibility was lacking, and while administration did a lot of talk about diversity, ultimately many students of color found the college lacking in that department. It could have been a lot worse, but it could have been a lot better, too.
Overall, I really love attending Simon’s Rock! All the professors I have met so far are very nice and willing to help. The school also does a fantastic job on inclusivity. Simon’s Rock has several support groups for minority students, including groups for LGBTQ+ students, students of racial minorities, and students on the Autism spectrum. As a student diagnosed with Asperger’s, the school’s performance on inclusivity has made me feel more welcome around my fellow peers and improved my social skills around other students. However, I give Simon’s Rock a 4-star rating because I have some concerns regarding safety. There are no security cameras located outside campus buildings, making it harder to catch students breaking college rules. I’ve definitely seen Simon’s Rock make some safety improvements recently, but I honestly think that this college needs to do a better job in keeping students safe, especially in the event of someone trying to attack students and faculty.
The Simon's Rock experience is most definitely unique. Yes, we are a small liberal arts college that houses high-school-age students and throws them into the middle of nowhere with little to no access to the outside world past apart from 2-9 every day besides Sunday (where no shuttle besides those used for religious services are offered). Yes, we have a range of professors from Jessica Robbins, Anne O' Dwyer and of course, our lord and savior, Amanda Landi to Marina Barsky, David Meyers, and John (Tai) Young-Taft. BTW the range goes from godly to god-awful if you could not tell. The academics are challenging almost always for most (you will find yourself knowing more about certain topics than your Ivy-Educated peers) and you can find a clique to stick with but the entire school is your crowd and community, which is both amazing and yet limiting.
VERY liberal school. Most kids come here to get out of high school. The food at Chartwell's is really bad. Crosby is the only habitable first-year dorm. Its so expensive but the arts programs are really good. I've meet some great people here, for the most part they're all down to earth. Quite a few international students, although they kind of flock together and don't really talk to any of the other students. I plan to transfer as soon as I get my AA sophomore year, chiefly because I can't afford to stay here for 4 years.
Too expensive for the poor quality of dormitory housing, food options, and peer equity and inclusion. For a 99.99% “liberal” student population, everyone was very accepting of people who were just like them and not any different. I don’t regret getting my Associates degree and transferring out, but I hope all the incoming freshmen know what they’re getting themselves into when choosing to go to Simon’s Rock.
I attended Simon's Rock from 2015-19 and studied pre-med and studio arts (drawing & painting). I don't regret my decision coming to Simon's Rock because the community is truly one-of-a-kind in its openness, progressiveness, and overall concern for students. Everyone, including faculty and staff, is on a first-name basis, and I know of many professors who check in with students during each class and adjust the syllabus or deadlines to accommodate for students needs.
As for academics, the types of assignments, the workload, and class structure will vary depending on the subject. Students have a lot of choice in their courses and because the concentrations tend to only involve 25-30 credits (unless you're pre-med or pre-engineering where its 50+), people often double-concentrate or even triple-concentrate because the space in their schedules allow for it. Overall, if you put the effort in, Simon's Rock provides the resources to facilitate your vision and help you grow intellectually.
Bard College at Simon's Rock is a very unique place. Everyone on campus is open minded about each person as an individual and their identities. Although our school lacks in athletics in the competitive department, there are still competitive sports. Being that it is such a small campus the entire student body know each other to some extent. All the professors here on campus are willing to see you succeed. If you are having trouble the professors will sacrifice time out of their office hours in order to help you. The student life at Simon's Rock is also very unique. You will always find people who are doing something late at night or doing some goofy things during the day. The academics at Simon's Rock is challenging and most students here are motivated academically. You will probably find yourself getting and giving help from your peers.
Overall, was good, would not choose again. Cost was prohibitive, upwards of 60k per year. Atmosphere was liberal and leftist, and it was not a welcoming culture to those with differing viewpoints. The quality of education and air could easily be obtained at a rigorous rural school.
I like Simon's Rock for what I did and who I met, not the school itself. This school is what you make of it and I made it good by surrounding myself with talented people and good work. It is a big commitment, especially at 16 and you should take a long time to consider why you want to go, not just why you want to leave high school.
In retrospect, if I were given the choice to go to Simon's Rock or not knowing what I knew after attending for a year, I'd choose to go again. Simon's Rock serves the students who need it, upper-level classes are interesting and everyone can find at least a few professors they really connect with and admire, and leaving is as easy as filling out a transfer application somewhere else. But the administration is poorly run, housing is overfilled, the food is terrible, and the campus feels cramped and claustrophobic, especially considering how hard it is to travel the area without a car. It's hard to rate Simon's Rock, because rather than being "average", it has aspects that are excellent and aspects that are horrible. But it's survivable. And if you can afford it and if you need to leave high school, I'd say it's worth it.
Bard College at Simon's rock gave someone who is nobody like me a chance to show the world what I have to offer.
Though the workload is intense, you definitely learn the material. It is expensive, and some of the dorms aren't as nice as they could be. There are definitely a lot of issues at the school, but if you can handle the work it can be a memorable experience.
Simon's Rock is not only absolutely unique in its early college format, but it offers a completely unique student body and set of academic experiences. It takes a certain type of student to do well here, but having seen a lot of different academic institutions in my years after graduating, nowhere is as honestly invested in its students and its mission as the Rock. I had an incredible time here, formed incredible relationships, and have had an incredible academic and professional career in my years since graduating.
If you really want a place where you can learn and delve deep into your interests than Simon's Rock is a place for you. The academic experience and individualization here is great. As a student who struggles with learning I have found the professors here are very kind and caring and will help you to succeed. I'm not very involved in student activities and events, typically just keep to myself, but there are always events taking place here.
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It has been an amazing experience. I have made many friends with very similar interests, and have tried many new things. The teachers are engaging and very interesting, while also being knowledgeable in their fields. This has been the best decision of my life.
There is a lot of debate on whether or not early college is really helpful. While a lot more research is still required for this relatively new concept, I can say from experience that some handle it well while others do not. The college itself has very good professors, and the workload is often described as "rigorous." The student population has increased dramatically in size, making some classes difficult to get in to. The food is mediocre in taste and quality, but they do make significant efforts to accommodate dietary restrictions.
I enjoy the academics and extracurriculars. The sports are small and less competitive, but I enjoyed the fact that they were oriented around team experience as well as winning. I wish there were more classes offered, but it is a small school. The counseling ad health services could be improved, as could the meal plan. Both are good in theory, but fall short when met with over four hundred students.
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