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Food is extremely terrible except Mexican day (decent), nothing in town, school gives you 7 hours a week max for work so the most you can make is 200 a month, you have to leave campus for fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas so if you don't live close you'll have to fly or drive home every time or stay with a teacher. They force you to go to chapel twice a week. No food around town at all and this school is a QUAKER/FRIENDS school so if you're looking for a true biblical school this is not the place. They have forced school activities that you must attend or you will be fined money, There are some nice teachers, but a lot of the staff have terrible people skills. Ran out of characters, but could say more.
Faculty that look out for themselves and the image of the college before they look out for the majority of their students. Horrible cafeteria food. School is full of small town "who's in and who's out" drama. The expectation to be "open" with everyone about everything breeds a toxic environment. They also lie about their level of accreditation to get more people to come. Credits don't transfer well. The teachers are the only thing that is redeeming about the institution.
Staff show favoritism towards family and athletes. Academic quality is mediocre, no activities in town. Dorms are crowded and have many problems, but the administration would rather waste money than fix the problems. Internet is slow and bad quality, sometimes making it impossible to perform homework and projects. The library is ancient, sparse and outdated.
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Barclay provides a good education, and tight community . My only issue so far is social closed-mindedness, and petty drama from peers.
Barclay provides amazing intellectual courses. The teaching is very personal and you get plenty of help with anything you need. I would suggest this college to anyone who wants a great education and it's tuition free.
Staff and Faculty actually know you personally and care for you. Classes may be difficult, but professors are willing to help you and want to see you succeed.
The most I would love to see change, conversation between the students and the staff/faculty. The students only know what they want us to know with changes within the college. Example, how do we know that Barclay is struggling with finances or anything, if not told? How can the Students be praying for the college, if we don't have any information on what is going on behind the scenes.
Barclay is a great college to get you ready to become a missionary. Barclay shows you how to grow closer to God. It has amazing friendships between professors and students. The professors care a lot about the students.
Great experience! The professors really want you to succeed and make learning intriguing and not monotony. Surrounded by many like minded people and out is easy to fit in and make friends. Chapels are great and encourage spiritual formation. (Becoming more like Christ for the sake of others.) Very good school, 100% recommend!
We need more experts in their field.
We arent very diverse but we are accepting.
I feel safe nearly 100% of the time on campus. Colds and flu spread quickly because of our general close proximity but other than that I think we stay relatively healthy and safe.
Most graduates that I know from here have not had too much trouble getting a job in ministry.
There have been good times and there have been hard times. The professors do care about you but sometimes there is way too much drama on campus.
They do a great job of accommodating the needs of the students.
I honestly do not know that much about the athletic department. I have however, heard the athletes here talk about how we need some better facilities. I also wish that coaches would recruit for an athlete's character as well as their talent. Not solely for talent.
I like the school as a whole, the main downside for me is the amount of drama that comes with going to such a small school.
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The food isn't good, the classes, professors, and administration are disorganized and have no idea what they are doing. The faculty fail to address any problems that are raised, money is spent on nonsense while issues that need fixing are blatantly ignored.
We have one restaurant within a 15 mile radius.
No drugs or alcohol at all. No matter the age. You are capable to be kicked out if you so much as do either.
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