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Very amazing university! The Professors and staff are there for the student and will help them will all things not just their education. Classes are small and there is more one on one with the student and professors, which make the education you get a better quality. The education is very affordable and you are getting a very great quality education as well.
Love the people and the school. Housing rules seem to be unbalanced in priorities. Professors are very nice and personable. Class sizes are great. Such a great community to be in.
Great environment! Everyone cares about what you are doing and there is lots of support not only for what youare studying but for what you are planning to do in your life after your studies.
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Security guards roam around campus and at the dorms all the time.
The professors love their job! They actually are apsis are about what they are teaching and the small classes make it easier to interact with one another.
Student services does an amazing job traveling to schools for the purpose of describing BUA and recruiting new students.
The dorms contain restrooms, kitchen, living room, and 4 big bedrooms. The area patrolled by security during the night and day. The area is private so it is gated. It is approximately 1 mile away form the university so it makes it easy to save gas and just walk to school.
We currently do not have a Greek life.
We don't have that many sport but the one that we do have are amazing. The soccer team never lost one single game this season. They won state.
Baptist University of the Americas is greatly filled with life changing experiences. We gather twice a week at Chapel for the propose of worship. We are strong in our faith and believe in only one God. BUA's objective is to gather and transform students into great courageous leaders that work for Christ.
What you learn in BUA, you will not learn it anywhere else.
Professors are great as we'll s the quality of the classes. If you are a Chistian, remember that If God brings you to BUA, he will help you with the money and your responsibility is to study hard. if you are a good student, teachers till notice you and recommend you to different opportunities. Focus is essential here.
Great transitional experience and adaptation.
Sports are not a big part if BUA. There are soccer and basketball games, but since the school is small and not a lot of steep dents play sports, it is hard to form a team for each. If the school finds out that there are enough students attending the sport practices, they decide to sign up to a league and compete, otherwise it is just for fun.
Here are some apartment complexes around BUA, but for a single student that would not be an affordable option. Living in campus is the best options unless the students are from San Antonio.
Around BUA a student can find restaurants like Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Mama Margie's, many others and the HEB to buy food and groceries. The students can walk, but it would be a but far. Usually students give each other rides to the Market or a restaurant. Downtown is about 10 to15 minutes away, but the dinning options are definitely much higher.
BUA has a great and organized administration. You know who to go to for a specific need or suggestion. Because the school is small, we know which authority is in charge of a certain position. BUA has soriritual end emotional counselors within the staff members that can be approached by students in times of stress or trouble. All the processes are easy and guided correcky by the administration. If someone is not doing the job right, the students may speak up to complain or suggest new ideas.
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BUA offers many scholarship applications and financial aid office gives a great service to the students, sending them emails about available scholarships and job opportunities.
BUA has a cafeteria where the students can get free lunch from 7-9 AM and for lunch they can get sandwiches, salads, snacks, sweet tea, sodas and water. It is not a huge cafeteria, but it is adequate for the school size. The food is good, but after a while students get tired of the same stuff. The best thing to do to enjoy the meal plan is to cook at home! And eat in the cafeteria only in certain and urgent occasions.
BUA housing is comfortable. The process to live in the apartments is not complicated at all for single students. In the campus, there is not much entertainment, but the school is close to streets that have much to offer. The dorms are not the best quality anymore because of all the students that have lived there, but they are still in good condition.
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