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Baptist Health System School of Health Professions Reviews

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Baptist Health System School of Health Professions is truly an amazing school. All of the faculty and staff are so helpful; from applying to the school, the financial aid process, and the instruction from the teachers. They all really care about helping the students succeed!
The online class experience at this school is excellent. Very well put together and organized. All the teachers are well equipped to teach classes online via zoom as well.
The school itself could be great if it were not for the terrible professors in the Radiology department. They will harass, belittle, gossip, and even threaten you if you dare try to report them for the way they treat their students. There is absolutely no one to go to for assistance or counseling since they are all united in the unprofessional mistreatment of students. I would like for someone to read this and immediately investigate for the sake of past and present students in that department. It is like a prison and the wardens are M.M and the counselor S.W.
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Slow in communicating. Students are practically on their own. Lack of proper instruction. They will fail you for any tiny mistake even if you are 5 minutes late to class.
The work is rigorous, but they will adequately prepare you to take the NCLEX! The instructors are very caring, and my classmates have been amazing. I would highly recommend this school.
The online experience has been great. I have taken several classes online before, but I feel the online classes here have been far superior. I might add that we all knew each other before we were forced to do some of our classes online due to COVID. The instructors adapted well, and our experience remained relevant.
I have never been a big fan of online classes, but I'm a mom, wife, and I work as an LVN. So i needed something online to continue my education. So far it's been really great. I really like my instructors. They are easily accessible. Our lectures are uploaded promptly.
I am currently enrolled doing the LVN-RN program online. We do clinical here locally. The program is out of San Antonio, Texas. But our clinical instructors come down to the RGV. So far its been a great program. It's not easy, but definitely manageable. The faculty is great about explaining their expectations and easy to understand.
It was difficult at first to make the transition from face-to-face learning to all on-line learning dur to the global pandemic. After a while, though, I feel like everyone, including staff, got the hang of it.
I like the smaller classes, and the way the teachers are available to the students. I also like that the school is affiliated with the local hospital system.
Small class size but expensive. Clinical sites restrict you to only one patient so while the nurse you’re assigned to is caring for others, you’re stuck standing around. Clinical rotations are once weekly so wasting time only hurts the students.

For the didactic portions, it’s clear which instructors know the material but most just read from the slides. They often aren’t able to elaborate on the material and it seems it may be the first time they’ve seen it.

Some instructors chance the tests just prior to test day without any type of oversight to ensure it’s properly written and vetted.

Finally, some of the classes are online but they don’t tell you that when applying. For evening folks, pharmacology is 100% online and the instructors force you to watch recordings of them teaching and refuse to provide any course material.
So far so good. I've only been to student orientation but the administrators are amazing. Very supportive and excited to welcome us on the new journey we will begin. They're also very positive!
I am an RN student at baptist the professors are amazing and everything is taught based upon patient centered care the NCLEX board exam. Our most recent graduating class had a 96% pass rate. Definitely one of the most successful nursing programs !
I have really enjoyed this school and the instructors. I had started the nursing program during the second semester. Everyone in the faculty and administration has made my transition into nursing school an easy one. I don't ever have a question that goes unanswered. I can easily talk to my instructors when life throws me a curveball and they do what they can to help. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this school and my program.
I am currently an RN student here and I love the professors. They will do their best making sure you achieve what you aspire. The people at the student services are also very helpful, just ask what you need and they are willing to assist. It is a great environment in general, you will feel like the money well spent on this school. I could not ask for more. By the way, all the hard work that both teachers and yourself putting in will eventually pay off one day! Don't give up!
My experience at BSHP has been great. I really love the small class size. The instructor are always available and provide whatever resources are needed to better understand the material.
I am currently enrolled for my first year at bshp, I am in love with this school already. They really do focus on their students and make it easy for us to contact them for any help. Their NCLEX pass rate is high and they do much for their students.
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Day and night classes are available. The program is intense and demanding (as it should be, its NURSING!)
From the application process to readmission after dropping a class, the staff was extremely helpful, informative, and available.
A job in the affiliated hospitals is almost guaranteed!
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