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I am currently enrolled for my first year at bshp, I am in love with this school already. They really do focus on their students and make it easy for us to contact them for any help. Their NCLEX pass rate is high and they do much for their students.
Day and night classes are available. The program is intense and demanding (as it should be, its NURSING!)
From the application process to readmission after dropping a class, the staff was extremely helpful, informative, and available.
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A job in the affiliated hospitals is almost guaranteed!
They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, always willing to help, and make themselves very accessible outside of class.
The school is part of the largest healthcare system in San Antonio and allows you to rotate between all 7 facilities throughout the program. You are also a more sought after graduate because you have more clocked clinical hours in a hospital setting than most after graduating.
All instructors hold a Master's Degree or higher and have 15 or more years of nursing experience in the hospital setting so you are guaranteed the best education in the nursing field.
BSHP allows you to begin giving patient care early on in the program and get comfortable in the hospital setting and the small classes allow for personal attention in areas of struggle.
One unique aspect about the Surgical Technology at Baptist is the classes are not very big so the professors get more time to help us understand a little better. I would compare the workload to that of nursing school, there are many new terms, procedures, instruments, medications. The school has its own O.R. Lab which is great when it the time comes for us to practice. So far my experience at Baptists has been great.
I have only been in school for a month, but you can tell that everyone in the building is looking to do great things. There is a certain energy when I walk around the halls that is refreshing.
The flexibility of class times and schedules are very manageable.
Being that the school is part of a huge hospital system the opportunities for career advancement are greater.
Career prospects are great due to the school being affiliated with the hospital system.
The school as a whole is dedicated to your success. Clinicals are at the system hospitals so, educators know the environment.
The teachers are dedicated to the success of the students.
The teachers are dedicated to the success of their students.
Other than the school being very expensive, its honestly a great school for those planning to go into any health program.
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I love my school and the people there
The library is the best place to study. It's very quite.
In the LVN program at bshp, it's hard but manageable if you read read read! The teachers are friendly and class sizes are small.
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