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Started in the Fall of 2017 as a freshman, first thing that happened we did not have a dosage teacher but it had to be done her way or the highway. Taught myself - this took me three tries. Passed to Sophomore I for the Spring 2018. The dosage test, I passed the first time but I taught myself with no help from the school. We have teachers that lecture on one thing but test on something totally different. 3/4 of the Sophomore I class will be repeats because we have teachers that do not how to teach. Teach me and tell me the reason for something not just be read the powerpoint. I can read the powerpoint myself. This school needs to get their act together because they are going to cause me and a lot of others their scholarships. It has been one struggle after another. You can't go the faculty about anything because they feel that you are attacking them so you get your hands slapped instead of listening to the problem and there is a BIG PROBLEM.
The instructors are all very helpful. Great class atmosphere. Fast paced but well planned out. All material is readily available.
They reall care about you on a one on one basis. Teachers are very dependable. They help you in any way possible. The financial aid depertment does everything they can to get all the help and aid you need to be able to attend school.
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Great school. Financial aid and business offices can be confusing so pay attention to what all needs to be turned in and keep records of it.
Lack of organization, ridiculous attendance rules and long long lectures. If I'm paying to be attending somewhere and my grades are good it should be up to me to keep up with my attendance. Lectures are sometimes 3 hours long with a few 10 minute breaks but still way too long.
There is no flexibility at Baptist which is what's lacking.
I enjoyed the online classes because I had to reteach myself anyway. I did glean from the classroom but I realized I had to read for myself to understand the material. The online registration was simple enough and our online post instructions was good.
As discussed prior, I think they need to revisit the course load. However, it is a pretty good college for students coming directly out of high school. It pretty difficult for a student who need to work to support themselves. The topics were what I needed to learn for a nursing career. However, not every instructor was able to articulate the subject a way to keep the class attention. The class was not overly huge. However, some instructors voice does not project to everything is understood.
The college had several employers come out to provide job opportunities. The salaries was not that great but it is a job. Internship is not something that was offered which I think is should be. There is no a career center service on campus that I am aware of. The person over the nursing program does provide job openings which are posted on our information board.
Some of the teachers really care and want you to do well. It is a good program for students coming straight from high school with little responsibilities. The college is fast pace with quite a bit of workload. I think the curriculum need a little tweaking. The pharmacology could be worked in together with med surg. Pharmacology is not required at UALR nursing is a elective if you wish to take it. You will have math problems included in every test and course. However, pharmacology is offered online at Baptist but it is a separate course never the less. The facilities needs improving. There is no library on campus and the cafeteria quality of food is poor. To be a health facility, there is too much prepackage sodium packed foods offered plus stress equals health problems. At the end of your program, they do provide many job opportunities which is great.
It is really not the fact that I would not choose this school again. Baptist is now a college who is still doing things in a school way. The program I was in does not require you to be at school all day at other colleges/Universities. It is not a college that cater to all types of people. Most adult have to work to support themselves. This college need a more diverse program to fit the needs of the people. example shorter in class ....majority of colleges only require no more than 2-5hrs 2 days a week. Try offering 12 hr clinicals instead of 6hr twice a week, or offer every other weekend clinicals which is comparable to other colleges. I would consider the college again depending on my job.
Being able to major in my future career is amazing I can't wait to get started
I don't hold a job while attending school. So far as transferring credits, I was allowed to take a pre-requisite course during the semester trough another school.
Baptist Health works great with its students! They want to help their student succeed!
There are no post-grad services at my school; however, the teachers are very helpful in advising students on the best way to obtain a higher degree.
By attending clinical sessions at the hospital, the nurses that you work with can help you in finding a job after graduating.
There are different teachers for certain lectures. My class size started off 130+.
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There is a lot of material that is taught during the course. However, everything builds on the previous things you have learned. Not only are you learning during lecture but being able to apply your knowledge during clinicals helps a lot when taking exams.
The teachers really care about the concerns of their students. They are always available and don't mind students texting their personal cellular phones.
credits don't transfer so I have to comlete at this school makes it an easier choice to stick with it and not quit
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