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The pandemic has made school harder. We learn from home. The teachers make videos. The students are over working. Tests are every week. There is not enough time in person skills lab to feel comfortable doing the drills. A lot of the lectures are recorded. I am sure it is not a bad school I just haven't had the in class experience because of corona.
I like the online experience because I get to stay home and take classes. I do not like how a lot of the lectures are recordings because then you have to go out of your way to ask questions. It is a little confusing trying to figure out how to pass the exams when we don't know how the teacher thinks because everything was moved online and the answers are select all that apply and select the best answer.
I love this school with all of my heart! Every faculty member does everything to help you succeed. Everyone at this school WANTS you to pass and to be great in life!
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I would say overall the school is average. The good thing about it, it allows you to get close to your teachers. There is always an opportunity for questions and to get more help. They really are here to make sure that you succeed for sure.
I have really enjoyed my time at Baptist Health College. The faculty is really nice and helpful with anything you will need. The classes are great and the amenities of the school are great. The only thing I wish they had is a bigger place to study and a better cafeteria. However, I do really love the workers in the cafeteria. When they serve pizza, they will give away the boxes at the end of the day, with pizza in there, to whoever is there still.
Great school with awesome teachers that want to see you succeed! Going for the LPN program starting in January and I’m and do very excited to embark on the journey!
I love the teachers we have here. They are very great, always willing to help out when needed. The staff member are all so nice.
Baptist Health College is an amazing school if you want to not only find a position in the medical field, but if you also want to find a family. My classmates and instructors have become a big part of my life. They have also helped me grow spiritually.
The 3rd and final semester, the school only cares about their NCLEX pass %. I have legitimate proof of a few that misinformed, misguided, belittled and harassed myself and others. Their mentality- they choose who should/should not become RN's. The finals and makeup exams are non-reviewable, so if they do or don't like you this is where they can and do manipulate individual exam questions and alter grades. Hesi exit=950, yet I only passed 4/15 exams.
I liked it here, teachers were very helpful and understanding and wanted me to suceed. It is hard, but worth it! Offices are really helpful, there was some confusion with my fafsa when they switched to a different system, which made my disbursement take longer. The computers sometimes cant login or have weird upside down monitors, but printing is free. Lots of job opportunities and many friends I know got jobs before graduation. They make it easy to enter the workplace. I think its average rating because the building doesn't have enough study spaces, The printers are always being used, and the cafeteria is more like a snack bar.
Freshman semester is like a gentle river stream and sophomore semester your thrown into razor sharp white river rapids. There is little cohesion between semesters, or between staff. Teachers are good but just read you their powerpoint lecture or outline without really teaching you to do well on their exams. The 2-3 times they will give you practice questions in lecture they are so simple it doesn't even touch some of the upper level NCLEX/HESI style questions they will give you on their test. If they really wanted students to pass NCLEX and HESI so bad, why are they not teaching in a way that will prepare students for those? Then we would do well on their exams too. The program is good and you will learn a lot, but be prepared to spend a lot of time studying, doing assignments and clinical work that wont help your grade, and failing a test or two because your teacher literally misled all of your study efforts.
From the get go you are ready to work hard and gain all the knowledge and material you can and pass with flying colors. You will be met with confusion, disorganization, and an outdated curriculum if you are used to a four-year college. This college takes in as many students as they can then loads their schedule with time wasting assignments and 3-6 hour lectures that could be done in half the time if they could teach through material and not get off topic. Half of all your time will be spend doing things that will take away from actual learning and NCLEX preparation. For all the time you are in lecture make sure you take good notes, because a few questions will actually come from their slides and what they said in class.
Facility is overcrowded, teaching staff is terrible, tons of clinical hours dedicated to filling out pointless paperwork and getting yelled at for looking up the information on the patients chart. The same stuff is utilized on computers with the click of a button and takes seconds when you are an RN. The classes are difficult not because the material is difficult, but because they do not seem to teach from their lectures or the required books. I don't get a college that requires material that they don't use themselves. Whole lectures are sometimes from a word document made by a previous student that graduated, others are derived from pictures on pinterest, and some are from some other source not included on the syllabus. When I went to UCA for my bachelors, all the faculty seemed to understand that you need to have your powerpoint come from the book that students are told to read. Baptist teaching staff seems to be very confused about this concept. Serious changes needed.
The biggest problem BHCLR is facing is their teaching staff. For every 1 good teacher you will have 2 that do not help. If they do they will have an attitude or simply insult your intelligence. For those that do well it does not reflect competency with respect to their NCLEX pass rates, and that is the only standard by which to measure a nursing school. Clinical paperwork is a joke and does not help student learning, wastes many hours, and doesn’t help for tests. They will tell you what to study and what to know and more than half of the test will not reflect what they put on a study guide, PowerPoint, or case study. You will waste hundreds of hours studying material they told you to know and you won’t see a single question about it, ever. They pull questions from hundreds of outside resources; modify the answers and not the question, and then have their made up rational for the answer. That is why they can’t point to the book to explain questions, they didn’t use it.
Simply the worst nursing school you could ever think of going to. Teachers suck and fail whole classes at times. Teachers will talk about you and joke to other staff behind your back as if it was on the unit at baptist and you were the dumb patient they were taking care of that day. Seriously, they are not professional at all. Campus sucks, who designs a building with no windows anywhere. Really, this school is for a person who wants to get an RN and gtfo. You will put up with more BS than you have ever done in your education career that I can promise you. On top of all that the numbers dont lie, 68% NCLEX pass rate ever since they started their "NEW" program in 2017. Lucky for them nobody can see their old scores or cares enough to look because its such a crappy job market in the state of Arkansas. Just be ready to fight for your RN when you go here, and its not a simple matter of being a good student and dedicating your life to studying either.
Baptist Health College is an outstanding college. Everyone is very friendly and understanding. At Baptist they will help you succeed.
Started in the Fall of 2017 as a freshman, first thing that happened we did not have a dosage teacher but it had to be done her way or the highway. Taught myself - this took me three tries. Passed to Sophomore I for the Spring 2018. The dosage test, I passed the first time but I taught myself with no help from the school. We have teachers that lecture on one thing but test on something totally different. 3/4 of the Sophomore I class will be repeats because we have teachers that do not how to teach. Teach me and tell me the reason for something not just be read the powerpoint. I can read the powerpoint myself. This school needs to get their act together because they are going to cause me and a lot of others their scholarships. It has been one struggle after another. You can't go the faculty about anything because they feel that you are attacking them so you get your hands slapped instead of listening to the problem and there is a BIG PROBLEM.
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The instructors are all very helpful. Great class atmosphere. Fast paced but well planned out. All material is readily available.
They reall care about you on a one on one basis. Teachers are very dependable. They help you in any way possible. The financial aid depertment does everything they can to get all the help and aid you need to be able to attend school.
Great school. Financial aid and business offices can be confusing so pay attention to what all needs to be turned in and keep records of it.
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