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Baptist College of Health Sciences Reviews

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Baptist College of Health Sciences is a very good school. This school will definitely challenge you to be the best that you can be. Baptist is far different from some of the other schools in Memphis because of the relationships the professors and staff establish with the students. The professors and staff definitely offer resources and go out of their way to ensure that you succeed.
I love this college, it is a four year private christian college. The school only focuses on students that are majoring in any type of health sciences field, such as doctors, nurses, health administration etc. You receive that hands on experience that I feel every student will want to have. The college and classrooms are smaller, and finding classes and buildings on campus is extremely easy! I definitely recommend this college for any student that is looking for a new home. As a student in the health studies field it is hard to find a suitable job after you graduate, but Baptist will already have opportunities lined up for you even before you cross that stage!
I love everything about baptist. The teachers and staffs are always there if you need help with anything.
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I think baptist college is a great chance for a student to further themselves within the health care field. I recommend for any student wanting a degree in health care.
I like that the professors are always willing to help the students achieve their goals. I like that most of the professors break down the subjects to an understanding for the students.
Baptist College of Health Sciences is very great. They make sure you know everything you need to know about their school through email and mail.
I like Baptist College of Health Science because they have many different fields to choose. They also have excellent professors and staffs.
I loved my time at Baptist! It truly prepared me for the journey ahead and I can't wait to let them see the influence they have had on me.
Baptist College of Health Sciences has been one of the best schools I have attended. The staff and other students are very welcoming and helpful.
I love going to Baptist everyone is so nice and friendly. This is my second semester here. I moved to Tennessee from Illinois to study Radiation Therapy. My professors and advisor are always there for me when I need help with something, they told me to come to them whenever I need anything or just to talk.
Baptist is a great school! I feel safe 100% of the time while I’m there, and the education is magnificent! All instructors are loving and caring towards the students & their futures!
BCHS is a very positive and faith-based environment. In most of my classes, our professors pray before we take exams. It’s one of the little things I love about Baptist College. I think it is an amazing college to attend.
I love it here! Class are small so there is more one on one time with the teachers. Cafe food is doable. Teachers are great for the most part. It is a little on the costy side but it is so worth it.
So far in my experience with Baptist and its faculty , i have seen great dedication to helping me achieve my diploma and to fully understand the content that we are learning.
Perfect school, parking can be bad sometimes. I love all the professors and small classrooms. Easy to stay focused
Very well organized. Small classes, so there is more one on one education. The professors are very professional and helpful.
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A lot of people are conservative
There is no tolerance for drugs or alcohol and dorms are closely monitored
Campus security at Baptist is the best in Memphis.
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