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I love it here! Class are small so there is more one on one time with the teachers. Cafe food is doable. Teachers are great for the most part. It is a little on the costy side but it is so worth it.
So far in my experience with Baptist and its faculty , i have seen great dedication to helping me achieve my diploma and to fully understand the content that we are learning.
Perfect school, parking can be bad sometimes. I love all the professors and small classrooms. Easy to stay focused
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Very well organized. Small classes, so there is more one on one education. The professors are very professional and helpful.
A lot of people are conservative
There is no tolerance for drugs or alcohol and dorms are closely monitored
Campus security at Baptist is the best in Memphis.
I am majoring in diagnostic medical sonography and all of last years alumni landed jobs before they even graduated the program. Most healthcare facilities around the area are more inclined to hire students from Baptist college rather than students from other colleges.
This is by far the best school that I have attended. Most of the professors are very caring and compassionate and go above and beyond to help their students with any issues that arise. This college is dedicated to the education of it's students and holds high standards for each student who attends. Baptist is a smaller college which means that students and faculty become almost like family. It is also a Christian college and this is a major plus for me. If I could choose again I would definitely choose Baptist College.
There are no drug issues on campus, making campus feel safe
the security is very good especially since school is not in a good part of town. Security is the best of any school I've been to.
The courses are really only things you need and no other variety of fun courses.The teachers are great and are interested in more than just your academic career and want to know you personally to help you succeed.
Really makes you feel like you are a part of a bigger family, and that they are there for you in all sort of ways.
Baptist's academic programs are excellent! The teachers are great at what they do and are willing to help with any problems we might have. They definitely play a significant role in our success at Baptist!
The security at Baptist is top notch. There is security available 24/7, and they are very serious about their job. They are very kind too and will even walk you out to your car!
Overall, Baptist is a wonderful school and definitely prepares you for the future. Initiative is a MUST at this school.
Though I have not had experience with this topic yet, I am sure the clinicals/internship experience is excllent. I have heard that they do work long, hard hours, but like all things at Baptist they are there to do nothing other than prepare us for our futures in the healthcare field.
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Though it is hard to say dormitories are excellent because most are relitively small, Baptist is no acception. The dorms are quite small, but they are what you make them to be. I, being the OCD person I am, have had limited issues with the dorms. Though my toilet has been broken once, the maintance people toom care of it right away. The only complaint I have is that we cannot use toasters...
I love Baptist College because of the oneness that is felt amongst the students and facualty! The advantages of going to a small, private college are great if you are a person like me who tends to ask questions, engage in class with the instuctor and classmates, and emails their instructor often. Though the classes are much more challenging than I visioned, they are definitely worth the challenge because I am most assured that they will prepare me for my future responsibilities in the healthcare field. One aspect of the school I have noticed is that you do not have to worry about anyone stealing your things if you set them down! Overall, great school, and great students and facualty!
I love school and the school I have chose to earn a degree. I would choose my school again because the professors are very helpful and encouraging.
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