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This past semester was my first semester at baptist and I loved it ! My professors and advisers were extremely helpful during this period of time with all classes being online. Having all online courses isn't the best or easiest thing in the world, but at baptist the faculty all work together to make you feel comfortable.
I rate my experience at baptist to be excellent so far. Everyone is so nice and helpful here and I love it.
As the pandemic, took a toll in my junior year our teachers were able to offer online learning. They took the equipment home so that we could still get a visual of ventilator equipment.
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I am currently a senior at Baptist College of Health Sciences. I am in the Respiratory Care program and I have enjoyed myself. I chose this profession based on personal experience. I gave birth to a child at 24weeks and 4 days. My daughter was placed on ventilators, used cpap, and even came home on oxygen. With my background in respiratory care, I somewhat felt like I was prepared for my situation. It has helped me recall information taught in pervious classes and i am able to apply it to life situation.
My experience at Baptist has been very eye opening. Baptist has taught me how to study more effectively and practice more time management for my classes. Before I came to Baptist my habits of studying was very poor and did not know how to proper rly manage my time. Once I enrolled I had teachers who helped me turned my weakness into strengths
The professors online are really trying! They make sure the students are able to comprehend when it comes to online coursework and activities. Most professors implement activities when it comes to online work to get students more comfortable with their online courses
I love that Baptist College employees and instructors are so helpful and encouraging. They want everyone student to be successful.
I have taken a few online classes. Even though they are online the instructors are very helpful as if you were in a classroom setting.
My overall experience at Baptist has been a great. Very low-key school, not much happening but student's serious about studying
The online experience doable. The instructors make sure that everything is covered in your syllabus and we have weekly web classes so that your instructor and classmates can see and interact with you.
The staff is extremely helpful. They help you as much as they can and follow up with you by phone frequently. The campus is beautiful with lots of amenities
I love this school. The professors are very caring and concerned about your future. Everyone is so friendly. The school is very challenging but they prepare you for your career. The school also cares about your safety. The coat is very reasonable for it being a private college.
Baptist College of Health Sciences allowed me to obtain my RN-BSN completely online. The coursework was both challenging and doable. Highly recommend! This program took into account that most students were working either full or part time.
I am currently enrolled at Baptist as a junior from Northwest MS community college. I like how open their campus is and how many options they have. One thing I think that needs improvement is how orientation works. I went into orientation over the summer and waited for hours to be called back to enroll in classes and ended up being the very last person called back to be helped. I think as a new student transferring to a school they should take a little more initiative to help make the process a little smoother.
I love going to this college! It's as if it is a tight knit community. The classes are small, so whoever goes here never feels like just a number in the classroom. The college is linked to the Baptist Hospital, so students have opportunities to find jobs or take tours at one of the Baptist hospitals. The teaching methods are effective and hands on, so you can understand how what you learn ties in with your profession. Also, the administration is kind and try to help their students to the best of their abilities. If I could change anything, it would be class availability. Some classes are not available for students when they need it, so it can be problem for some students. It might even push them back. So, it is best ask about when classes are generally given throughout the school year verses what the generic one says (because it can be misleading).
Baptist College of Health Sciences is a very good school. This school will definitely challenge you to be the best that you can be. Baptist is far different from some of the other schools in Memphis because of the relationships the professors and staff establish with the students. The professors and staff definitely offer resources and go out of their way to ensure that you succeed.
I love this college, it is a four year private christian college. The school only focuses on students that are majoring in any type of health sciences field, such as doctors, nurses, health administration etc. You receive that hands on experience that I feel every student will want to have. The college and classrooms are smaller, and finding classes and buildings on campus is extremely easy! I definitely recommend this college for any student that is looking for a new home. As a student in the health studies field it is hard to find a suitable job after you graduate, but Baptist will already have opportunities lined up for you even before you cross that stage!
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I love everything about baptist. The teachers and staffs are always there if you need help with anything.
I think baptist college is a great chance for a student to further themselves within the health care field. I recommend for any student wanting a degree in health care.
I like that the professors are always willing to help the students achieve their goals. I like that most of the professors break down the subjects to an understanding for the students.
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