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I have been here for one semester now and I have enjoyed every bit of it! The professors try to work with you to help get your grade up!
I love the professors and how they get to know you and care for you on a more personal level. The student body is small so everyone has their cliques which can result in it being hard to make new friends.
I like how small the campus is. The teachers actually care about me and my grades. They are available anytime through email, and even come in on their days off for additional help. Every teacher is knowledgeable and can relate their skills practically.
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Baptist Bible College is a tight-knit community with incredible professors and staff. It’s a warm, family environment where there is a desire and drive to see students succeed and reach their goals.
Baptist Bible College allowed me to further my learning experience. That is only the half of it the staff and fellow peers allowed me to become a better human.
BBC has changed my life! I now have a growing and burning passion for Christ and His call in my life. I look forward to working in full time ministry !
Baptist Bible College, like any institution, has various strengths and weaknesses. One of its foremost strengths is the atmosphere of mutual encouragement and friendliness. The campus is small and very familial. The school's emphasis on brotherly love and the "one-anothering" commands of the Bible create an excellent learning and growing environment. I've made lifelong friends here who want me to serve God and love people better everyday.
The main downfall to the school is its lack of funding, which results in the invitation of speakers who do not adhere to the same hermeneutical principles being diligently taught. While the speakers' donations are helpful, the double-standard presented by administration decreases the school's integrity. It is quite a shame, because most professors here are of superlative quality and character and do well to teach good handling of Scripture.
I would especially recommend the Biblical Counseling degree to anyone.
No complaints about our housing. It's roomy, communal bathrooms but they are cleaned daily and well maintained.
As a player on the varsity volleyball team I am a little biased to say our team is good at what we do! There are only 4 varsity sports offered at the school (volleyball, soccer, men's and women's basketball). It is fun to be a part of, and except for women's basketball our teams can compete competitively however our school understands that sports are not everything- just a God-given privilege. So it's not a priority and the coaches share that view
Baptist Bible College is absolutely excellent for ministry preparation and does good at giving the students opportunities for hands on serving. With that said, the campus is not impressive, it's a small student body, and the campus life isn't always the most exciting. Thankfully, the tuition is affordable which makes it practical for people going into ministry, but I don't think I'd be here if I was going into professional studies.
I love the atmosphere this school gives off. Everyone makes you feel like you belong.
On-campus housing is reasonably priced for a suburban campus. However, the social atmosphere is toxic. Gossip, cattiness, self-righteousness, judgment, pride, etc. You've got it all, and it is all largely ignored by leaders. Moreover, the administration makes it nearly impossible to live off campus; they REALLY want you to have the "full experience."
Being at a Christian college, there are very strict rules. I love the fact that there are rules and regulations that every student is expected to follow. They have a no tolerance rule on drugs, sex, and alcohol. Having strict rules and having high expectations for the students provides an environment that I love being in.
I grew up in the town that my school is located in. I love the town and the people here, but there is not much to do in Springfield, Missouri. We are a pretty big city, but we only have movie theaters and a mall.
There is 24/7 security that is provided on the campus. There are cameras located all around the campus and someone is watching the cameras at all times. There is someone that watches the parking lot and another person that walks around campus. We have a security phone number that we can call at anytime. I feel extremely safe when I am at my school.
Living on campus is the best. The family like relationship you make with the girls in your dorm are friends that you will have for a life time. There is a unity and a place where you feel safe.
I love my program. I think it is one of the best. I am using my 5 years of schooling smart. I think that they work well with you at this school and show you how your classes are going to be laid out for you over the next semesters.
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There is every place to eat you could imagine. A mall, a movie theater, everything right in the town over.
Honestly, our school has very high religious standards that are not all accepting to all religions.
Our school is very strict and has a very big handbook. We have curfew dress code, limited skips to classes, and in dorm rules such as what music, movies, etc we entertain in.
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