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Baltimore City Community college, is an easy two year college, that has many majors to choose from. My overall experience has been decent so far, and I admire many of my professors. They are very helpful, and want to see their students succeed.
I’m still attending Baltimore City Community College but for the most part I would say my experience there has been okay.. I’ve experienced some good teachers and bad.. but it’s a great way to save money.
This school has been a huge help to my education and career. They have an awesome staff. There will always be someone there to help no matter the situation. I will forever love this school and so will others. I love that they welcomed with opened arms. Thank you Baltimore City Community College.
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Enrolling into BCCC was very easy. I did not have the hassle of not knowing what next steps to take or the run around in reference to making sure all balances were paid off for me to be ready to start my classes. The advisers are very helpful in picking a schedule and classes that work in your best interest. I was able to create a schedule that was fulfilling for myself with the option of taking classroom setting or online classes. Although I prefer to be in a classroom setting the online classes I took were not hard for me to ace due to the persistence of my professors. If help is needed they make sure to give you office times that they are available to meet with you.
Baltimore City Community College is a very diverse school. They create programs such as the Year-up Baltimore and Mayor Scholarships to help sponsor the less privileged students to attaining a college degree. They have a 90 percent admission rate which means there’s room for admission for almost everyone who applies regardless of their age, race, financial capabilities, and High School grades. BCCC is a place I always like to describe as the runway of an airplane for all students. This is because, it prepares students on how to get to their perfect takeoff spot to fly and achieve their academic success.
Baltimore City Community College is a nice school for someone in the Baltimore city area who wants to get a taste of what college course work is like. The teachers are nice and if you work hard and ask for help when you need it, there is always someone there who can help. The local area is not the best outside of the small school but on campus I did feel safe walking around for the time I was up there. Also tuition for an in state student isn't bad at all I am not too sure for out of state but I am pretty sure they definitely do not charge a ridiculous amount either. The food on campus is pretty average I think they could do better in that department but overall not a bad choice for a community college.
They have more programs to propel you into your career. They help you get where you want to be. they even have certification classes to help you become certified in your field of choice.
The school does not have good teachers. If you are looking for a good community college I would recommend CCBC
The financial aid office and very rude and unprofessional. Otherwise, the professors and students are very friendly and laid back.
I have been in the college for 2 years and the experience is alright at best. The teachers are knowledgeable in their subject. The students come from all corners of the world and in the city. The food is high priced, so really think of what you want. The campus is really nice and the library is as well.
BCCC is a very wonderful college with a diverse atmosphere. The professors are like friends and very supportive. The environment is also safe and friendly. The classes are easy to get and there is no hustle to manage the workload given by the professors. The location of the college is also easy to find. You get to see a lot of diversity every day and in all classes. It is kind of fascinating to know and make friends from a different culture and share experiences.
It is a very affordable option, but it can be very difficult to get in touch with any one from the school, unless you physically visit the school. They offer many online classes, which is perfect for full-time employees, like me.
I enjoyed all interactions with professors nd the assistance of the entire administration. The only thing I would like to see change is the campus food and its prices.
BCCC has a very diverse group of students. They have great tutors, I struggled a lot in my accounting classes and the tutors were always available to help me and even did group sessions sometimes. My lessons were fun and interesting, I was excited to go to class. The professors were dedicated and very interactive during class. Some even bring snacks and lunches for their students.
Baltimore City Community College is a nice school. Great professors and a good place to get your associate degree
My experience was great I completed my LPN and now I’m on my journey to further my experience all though I could go to school free somewhere else I rather stay and pay because BCCC has the better program
The above college is established to change lives and build nations. It has amiable and worthy workers whose job is to make the students succeed in their academic endeavors. Its tutorial services are second to none. The college has a large student population from every nook and cranny of the world. It's also well recognized in sporting events and activities such as: basketball and football. For instance, in 2016, the college won lots of laurels to showcase her sporting prowess. Due to her wonderful academic excellence, the Mayor of Baltimore City gave out scholarships to the 2018 graduating high school students to be enrolled in the college. As we speak now, the physical structure of the college is highly appreciated. For instance, there is a new block constructed to accommodate the teaming student population. In fact, Baltimore City Community College is living up to its motto.
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Here at Baltimore City Community College there are a lot of helpful advisors and professor's that help students whether it's getting certain information towards their makor or understanding class assignments.
My experience at Baltimore City Community College was freshly new, but it was truly amazing. The campus is spacious, the staff are kind, respectful and very consistent. My experience with the school academically was life changing. I had professor who invested their own personal time to help their students succeed. It was simply amazing.
Baltimore city community college has great professors teaching students. however, the schools equipment such as there computers are slow and can be inactive at times when trying to complete assignments.
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