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My experience thus far at BCCC has been overall FANTASTIC!! I love the staff, students teachers and the quality of the staff too. I definitely am going to spread positive word of mouth feedback to prospect students. Besides, who doesn't want to spend more money for the same great quality education? These are all the reasons why one should consider BCCC
The school advisors seem not to care about the students success, they are not involve more as I would like. My advisor been my advisor for the last two years and don’t even know my name and I see her twice a semester
As an international student, I can admit that I was received with open arms. My DSO was willing to adjust to the difference in proceedings for admission for a student from my specific country, and made the process fairly smooth. The professors are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to ensure the students' success. I would recommend BCCC to anyone looking to get quality education without draining their pockets.
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Baltimore City Community College is really a nice school I must say. I was enrolled earlier this year and I will tell they have adequate facilities and learning aids. The environment is always ensured its kept clean. With the printing facility that was introduced earlier this year, students are able to print out easily from them. The teachers are amazing, I think they were counseled to make sure they try their best in teaching and that’s what they are doing. The school’s cafeteria is nice, nice workers, and diligent too. Overall, the school is good and I will recommend everyone to it.
I love that BCCC have great professors that really care. The only thing I think should change is better communication in the financial aid department with the students.
I am currently a transfer student at Baltimore City Community College. My transfer process was simple and easy. I'm very excited about this semester to come.
very friendly and safe environment. Staff makes you feel welcome and readily available to help.Teachers are hands-on and available to offer any necessary help.
I love BCCC for their resources they have open and available for students. The professors I had were great. They really cared about the student.
The School overall has been great as far a preparation to transfer to another school far as transfer student go. They could improve their technology.
I had an okay experience at Baltimore City Community College. They offered all of the courses I needed and they even had great advanced courses. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school. The people there were friendly and ready to help when needed. What I think they can improve on is their school advisers. In my first semester I ended up in some of the wrong classes because the adviser that I had directed me in the wrong direction. Also the school could be a little more organized. Overall I finished my classes and received the credits that I needed to move on.
Baltimore city community college is a good school. Some professors are great, love to help as much as they can and love teach; however, there are some professors who just teach information out the book and give you an test without you learning anything. The staff in different areas around can be helpful as well, but some can be rude as well. The school have a limited of groups you can join, and something it feel like the people in charge of the school does not care about the students or professors. The area around the school is not bad and not that far from a mall and food places. Lastly the professors need more assist with the workload that is put the professors. Overall it is good school to graduate from and to help take off some of the financial burden when you transfer or attend a four year college, but it need some changes.
My past 3 semesters have been intriguing! I've learned so much that apply not only to my educational journey, but my everyday life as well. Online learning can be challenging, but with the right Professor and patience it can be executed!
I really like the staff. They Really care about your education and to are very helpful for anything you need.
While continuing my education at BCCC I never had problems with any of my grades. There are many resources available for a student to be successful. Next there labs on the campus that will assist the student when falling below average gradong scale. Also there is enough time giving to students to add and drop classes.
My college is a well known community college in the inner city which helps strenghtive and educate the people. Also it also a legacy my dad recieved his degree at Baltimore City Communtiy and is doing very well as a substance abuse counselor.There is many job fairs to help employ the students giving on the campus. This is a credit school so your Associate degree will be honored.
To be in the major human service at my school has its advantages. You can services the population by joining many clubs for human service on the campus. With this major the job opportunities are plenty and finding work upon graduation will not be hard. With this degree you can service the community such as being a social worker, substance abuse counselor, residential advisor, mental health counselor and more.
Attending my college I enjoy my learning experience. I very much enjoyed all my major classes which related to human services. The facility members are very supportive with the students for instance there is not a problem that cannit be fixed. Also having work study is a great idea at my school because it allows the students to earn money while farthering there education.
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They have enough classes to make it flexible and I have not yet transferred any credits.
They do offer many online courses. I do not like online classes but they are very user friendly and convienent
To my knowledge you can not further your education here
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