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There is a place for everyone at Ball State, without a doubt. Contrary to popular belief, academics are a HUGE and the professors are truly there to help you learn. There are so many networking opportunities it's amazing.
I absolutely love this college. I wish to complete my 4 year bachelor's degree with this college! Every time that I have completed a tour of this school I fall more and more in love with the school. Between the atmosphere and students to the degrees and opportunities they hold, I have my fingers crossed hoping I will be accepted to this college!
Ball State has a lot of good qualities. The dorm I have lived in for the past two years (Johnson) has been wonderful. They have gigantic showers, an exercise facility in the building, and several washing machines and dryers. they way that everything works are all around smoothe and works out really well.

although Ball State does have some not as great qualities. there really are only three places to eat on campus if you want good food, and they are out of the way of most things. everything else is just really unhealthy and not very good, a lot of the time when healthy food options are offered they sit on a shelf and stay there until someone buys it. this is the one thing I want to see changed. I dont buy many healthy things here because I don't know if they will be bad or not. I would like to be guaranteed good healthy options.
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Muncie, Indiana is the place to be! What a beautiful town and campus. BSU provides all of my academic and athletic wants and needs! The campus is well kept and conveniently located.

See you there!!!!
BSU is very accommodating to all students and feels like the college of every first generation college student’s dream. It’s the perfect size for a homey feeling that allows for easy friendships and big enough to feel like you’re really contributing to something that’s bigger than yourself.
the professors are always very helpful and are there when you need them. The campus is not a massive one but is continuing to grow thanks to the rise in applications for students wanting to attend this beautiful university.
Ball State is such a great school for someone who prefers to have the university life, but also in a much smaller setting. The university is close to home so I can see my family whenever. One thing I would change is that they really need a bike lane to avoid congestion on the walk ways with the pedestrians.
Ball state is a wonderful campus. With plenty of diversity and clubs, you meet a lot of people from various backgrounds. Having such an amazing history background, Ball State has lived up to its name.
Options regarding majors and classes is very diverse, which I like very much. However I haven’t been pleased with my advisor. I feel that my advisor hasn’t been upfront with me about important information or hasn’t had all the facts about a class or requirements.
The campus is the perfect size, there is quite a diversity on campus, the dorms are beautiful and the professors are committed.
Ball State University did not prepare me for a job in my field of study. Not only that, but much of their campus is strictly progressive.
I like how involvd all my professors have been with my success. I also like that the provide my courses online so that I can work full time while also being a grad student. In addition, it’s a huge benefit that all the courses I need to take are available and it does not seem as impacted as my previous undergrad school was, SJSU. Area’s that Ball State can improve on are administrative staff and how avaialable they are in helping you. It is usually challenging to get a call back or response when having issues with registration, loans or financial aid. Ultimately, I would recommend BSU to anyone ready to begin their college career.
This will be my first year at Ball State. Although I'm not "excited" about starting I'm not disliking it either. Most of my friends go to Ball State and they absolutely love it. For it to be one of the best schools in Indiana for what I am planning on studying I believe this will be the school for me.
Ball State is a great place to further your education. The staff is all kind and helpful and all of the professors are very qualified for their jobs. The campus is very nice and number of students in attendance is perfect at near 18k. The facilities on campus are very nice as well and the food is incredible.
Have had a great experience at Ball State the academic programs are really solid and well taught. There are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in programs and clubs which there is a huge number of. The campus is beautiful and well kept plus there are really nice dorms that range in price but most are top notch. There is a wide variety of food options for students. The athletics is also great and the atheistic facilities are clean and great quality. Love this college and the people and I would recommend it to seniors looking for a quality college.
I turned a degree in Political Science into a starting job as an FBI Payroll Clerk in Washington, DC. This led to a career in government service. Don't let anyone tell you a liberal arts degree is worthless. It's a wonderful degree that can lead to anything. I owe Ball State for providing excellent professors and a welcoming campus experience. Enjoy your time at BSU cuz it goes by fast! A degree from Ball State will change your life. It did mine! Go for it! Love your dream!
I love Ball State! There is a club for anyone and if there is not a club for what you want then it is easy to make one! There are fun things always happening on campus and there is room for so much growth! I would recommend Ball State for anyone.
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I love Ball State. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. It is the perfect size and everyone is so friendly.
Campus Is always clean and well kept, and safe considering its location is so trashy. Muncie is a terrible city to have anything in, but ball state is secluded enough that its not too bad going to class and walking around campus.
I do feel comfortable here. The food is pretty good compared to some schools considering there is a Taco Bell, Chickfila, and Starbucks on campus. The program I am in is relatively great for my major. Small enough classes but not tiny. Teacher to student connection is pretty great
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