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Ball State offers so many different things academic wise. There is never an excuse of not having a tutor or someone to go to for help. They also have so many different activities and things to do around campus.
What I love about Ball State is the diversity that you see around campus. Everybody is so friendly and it really does feel like a family here.
I absolutely love Ball State! I knew this was the school I wanted to go to as soon I stepped foot on campus for my tour. The living learning communities they have are very helpful when it comes to finding people with your major. You have so many opportunities to make friends, and they have a club for almost everything. The only things I would change about campus is the fact that you can only park on campus on the weekends (weekdays you park at the stadium), and that my residence hall (La Follette) is pretty old and doesn't have central air.
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Ball State is fun, it’s a very professional environment that has all the tools you need in order to be successful. The dorms are pretty decent and most are being remodeled. The academics are great with so many majors and minors to choose from. The professors are pretty decent, when you need help they are there to work with you and help you. Overall, Ball State is a great experience for someone that lives close to Muncie and wants to go away to school but not go too far from home.
Ball State is a good place for you if you have a car, the bus don't usually run on Sundays and you will barely get an Uber or Lyft around here. It's a pretty big school.
My experiences at Ball State have been wonderful. People, students and faculty, are all friendly. My walk to classes are not all over, but rather in a general area. Overall I am happy with my decision of attending this school.
Ball State is a great school! They have a GREAT education program, and offer a large variety of majors! However, I wish they were more compliant with transferring credits from high school, instead of making the student retake a class. I also wish the University would line it's spring break schedule up with other colleges so that the week break isn't so early.
I enjoy the campus and atmosphere of Ball State University. They have a great teaching program and the arts are also very successful.
Ball state is an amazing college. I come from a not so big high school so ball state was quite a big step. Trying to get to all of my classes on time can be a difficult thing because of how big the campus is. They have tons of different resources for you to use for “free”, even bough half of them were just added on to your bill as a fee at the beginning of the semester. But they are worth the money if you use them. The thing I don’t like about ballstate is the scheduling process. It is just too complicated for students. They do have academic advisors that you can make an appointment with, but when I went to visit mine he just gave me a template of the class times for me to fill in and a list of classes I should take for next semester. But I wouldn’t want to go to any other school.
Good size for personal attention from professors but not so small there isn't diversity. Campus is beautiful. You can tell they care a lot about upkeep and overall appearance of their buildings and outdoor spaces.
Wide variety of majors, diverse student population, reasonable cost, beautiful campus, new dorms, and it's not too small/not too big!
Ball State University is a great school with a teaching and advising faculty that is willing to work and help you as much as possible in order to help you succeed.
I really like how well the campus comes together in good and in bad times. The professors, for the most part, seem to really care about their job and the students they're teaching.
I have absolutely enjoyed my freshman year at Ball State! When I chose the school, I wasn't really sure if I would really love it, because I just chose it on a whim. It has met and exceeded every expectation I have had, and I haven't had any problems with my roomate, dorm, or dining experiences.
It was a nice facility to be at I went for a college visit for my high school class they have a great show choir I love them
I love it here at Ball State. I love all of my professors, it has great programs, and offers so much free things for students. Just in the past week we got to see a broadway tour of Kinky Boots, and get the honor of seeing Mandy Harvey (the deaf singer from AGT)
The campus is pretty. The staff was helpful and polite. On move in weekend the parking was a hassle. I like that the school has events for the student that keep them on campus.
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Starting from my visit to Ball State before starting school as a freshman it was very easy to see how sincere and nice all the faculty is, they make being on campus enjoyable. I have loved every coarse I have taken because the professors (in my opinion) make it fun to come to class and actually teach the material and not just tell it. I love the campus life, being on campus around the combination of architecture and natural beauty gives me equilibrium and a clear mind set to think and operate efficiently. I recommend Ball State to anyone.
I like Ball State University because it can be a small school or big school. It's whatever you make it to be.
It feels like I am home and it isnt too far away from where I am currently living! I hope to see my future at BSU
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