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I love the campus, but as far as my safety I am a little worried. Sometimes I personally don't feel safe with all the security threats sometimes. I feel like everything else is great food , people, staff, etc.
Ball State is a very good school. They do care about your academics. The food is pretty good here and the dorms are decent. I am a Theatre major here and Ball State's Theatre department is one of the best in the country. I also am very glad that when it snows they are very good at keeping the sidewalks and roads cleared and salted.
Going to Ball State has been an amazing experience for me. I graduated from a class of about 49 people, so you would think coming to BSU would give me culture shock, it was quite the opposite. The campus is big, but not huge. Everyone I have met has been very kind and willing to socialize. The teachers are all experienced and seem to know what they're doing. Within my one year of being here I feel like Ball state has become my home and for that reason I believe it is a great school.
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I am a junior PR major at Ball State and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of education I have received thus far. The immersive learning opirtunites equip me with the skills I need in my area of study, while the values of each and every professor give me the confidence needed to achieve my dreams. I'm so glad I chose to call this quiet little campus my home. Go cards!
I love Ball State. it is the perfect size. i see my friends and people that i know all the time, but theres not so many people that i feel overwhelmed. all of the professors are extremely nice. the food is awesome. i love my residence hall as well and it is so cool that there is food right in my "house"!
Ball State is one of the most underrated universities in the country. They have top notch programs in business, nursing, telecommunications, architecture, journalism, and education. You get out of Ball State what you put in and there is something for everyone on campus.

I was a big supporter of the athletics at Ball State and while they aren't in a major conference or have major national attention they are enjoyable D1 sports that provide quality entertainment and school pride.
I've had an overall positive experience at Ball State so far. The classes are intriguing and the professors are kind and very helpful. I also love the amount and variety of activities to do around campus on any given day. However, I think the bus system should run more consistently, quickly, and run longer, especially on weekends.
I have enjoyed living on campus for my first year. The atmosphere is nice, everyone is polite, and the campus is not too big.
Ball State is a terrific school that offers a lot of diversity and opportunity. The school truly cares about its students and allows them to be who they truly are.
I love the size of the classes. They're not too small or too big. The campus also isn't that big, it takes about 20 minutes or less to get from one end to the next. I just wish the biology classes were more interactive and taught in a different manner.
Ball State is a very diverse campus. The surrounding area can be a bit intimidating but campus is beautiful. The range of majors offered here is amazing!
I love Ball State University! I'm so glad I chose to come here! There's always things to do! The academics here are amazing and there's a great student to teacher ratio. The professors a very nice and always willing to help their students. It's super easy to meet new people! Overall Ball State is a great university!
Ball State has so much to offer its students so they never get bored. It has so many resources available and it is such a polite community. It would be nice to have better systems for lines a places like Emens Box Office for people that are buying tickets or other things but other than that I would live on campus forever if I could.
The school grounds are really nice. There are many trees and green areas. Some of the dorms are old and not great to live in, while others are very new. Use before registering for classes if you can to avoid the less than stellar professors. There are great professors at Ball State don't worry though. I am not a big partier but I know there are parties every weekend. Muncie is a really boring town though with not much to do. The university does show a free movie every Friday night though. The students are not very diverse, with there mostly being caucasian students, some African-Americans, and some Asian students. Our Football team isn't the best but it's also not the worst. Other than that I am not sure what sports Ball State is good at. There have been multiple shootings near campus this year but they usually happen at night when I'm already home. Overall, I would definitely recommend Ball State University! I really enjoy the scholl and the people here.
My experience at Ball State has been fantastic! I'm full with a since of Family being 600 miles away and that's a great feeling. I am overwhelmed with the support giving in any situation which make me and my Parents feel at ease.
I am a second semester freshman at Ball State University. I have enjoyed my time here for the most part! I was nervous to leave home at first and it was difficult for me to find the good in things for a while but now I realize that the university offers so much to their students and there is always something to do somewhere on campus!
At Ball State there is a large variety of programs and opportunities for students to engage in and grow through. It has a beautiful campus with all the amenities and comforts needed.
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I love the academics, professors, dorms, safety, campus scene, local area, campus food, and student life. I feel as though the diversity of the school could increase to create a more friendlier environment.
I absolutely love Ball State University. It is the best place I could've chosen to follow my dreams of becoming a future educator. I am a double education major here and I have not ever wanted to switch major, let alone my school. They are teaching me how to become an advocate for my students and the education field in general. I wouldn't change a thing.
Overall, Ball State has been a phenomenal choice. I was nervous moving from Chicago but I fit right in. There are so many opportunities to get out and meet new people as soon as you move in.

In terms of parties and Greek life, you will find an endless supply. There are parties every weekend and you can get into most of them. Ball State is a "dry campus" (or so they say) but students definitely get out and party.

Academically, as a Biology and Pre-med major, this school is fantastic. The science department puts a lot of emphasis on group work and participating in your learning. But the science courses are undoubtedly hard. You must put in the time to learn the material outside the classroom and come to lectures and labs prepared or you will not survive. Don't let this scare you, though. . . You will learn so much information and it is all worth it.
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