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Ball State is a great university with amazing professors who prepare you for working in the real world. I also got the feeling that the professors really truly cared about the students and raising them to be the best that they can be.
The atmosphere of the campus is strongly comforting and everyone is welcoming to those who are there. My experiences there so far have been very good!
Ball State University has many amazing academic programs including mine - social studies teaching major. There are so many opportunities to get involved as well.
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From my visits I've loved all the people and the campus. It also has a great party scene which makes it really easy to find new acquaintances. The overall layout of Muncie has a great home town feel to it.
I love the vast amount of diversity when it comes to the student body, available courses, and student-run programs and organizations.
Ball State I actually had a tour there it was wonderful and I had a blast the food, dorms, professors everything there is excellent. Ball State is still on my list of colleges that I want to go to!
I like that they have a lot of opportunities if you go out and look for them and they are a campus that is concerned with your experience and grades. I just wish I had more help with the work and more people to talk too here about college as a whole.
An amazing Architecture program. Some of the greatest learning I have done. Spent many hours on campus learning from some of the greatest minds around. Always a program to get involved in at Ball State. Lots of great friends made and future colleges.
When I was picking colleges, I'm not going to lie, Ball State was not my first choice. However, they are very accommodating with scholarships and financial aid. The teachers actually care about their students (most of the time) and so do the upper advising division. Although Ball State was not my first choice, I would not change a thing because I love it here.
Ball State has caught my attention because out of all the schools that have reached out to me, this school has been the most welcoming and appreciative. I also love how diverse the entire school is and how the school is so connected, almost like a community. I would love to go to a school where I would feel welcome to volunteer and participate in clubs and activities. I think love and friendships in school would be a key value for my college career and so that’s why I would love to go to Ball State University. I have also realized that this school provides excellent academics with an overall lower net price than other universities. This was amazingly shocking to me. This school offers the right academics for the business administration major I would like to take and it would cost me fair amount of education dollars. This school has all the right qualities and provides top quality academics as well. That is why Ball State has really stood out to me.
Great experience so far. Getting a great education, one of the best places for music education. Lots of food options, and forms are really nice. Most professors are great, but some get kind of annoying with their extreme left-wing bias. That’s one of the only downsides.
A good college for it's relatively low cost. Don't fall for premium plan 2-year housing, off campus housing is thousands of dollars cheaper so by sophomore year, you're way better off living off campus.
I have interacted with professors and other workers of Ball State University and I can not say enough great things. Even the students there are helpful and interactive.
Ball State was great academically, I felt like I had a good mix of class options and time options for my schedule. I was able to work full time while being a full time student. I at times had issues with the blackboard platform, however professors were generally helpful. I recently had a call with veterans affairs who gave very clear direction on my next steps in order to receive the correct benefits. I currently have employment in my chosen field and have elected to return for my masters.
I have really enjoyed living on campus and attending classes and learning in a safe environment. I have only really taken core classes but I still have found that all of the professors I have come in contact with to be very good teachers. The staff really seems to care about my overall well-being.
Ball State feels like being back in high school. It is a wonderful campus if you want a place that feels like home!
BSU is an accepting school with professors that are ready to help whenever necessary. It is a warm environment with many clubs or organizations that one can be apart of to improve the years spent at the university. It is easy to make friends if you are an outgoing person and it is also easy to have your own alone times and have set boundaries if needed, also. It is inclusive and if anything, extremely friendly. The only thing I do hope will be improved in the future is the food. I hope that there will be healthier options besides the salad bars and fruits that they have as much of it is more of processed food. Besides, that Ball State University is a great school with lots of places to jog around or take walks if you enjoy nature. They also have Filmworks, a museum, Late-Nite, and other fun activities that you can enjoy with a partner or just a group of friends.
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I have always loved Ball State. My parents went there, and I can't wait to start. My family as always been a Ball State family, and it has always been my number one choice. I have close family to help me out if I ever need anything.
Initially when I came to Ball State I wasn't convinced that I was going to stay. It was far away from my parents and I didn't know anyone on campus given that maybe five kids from my graduating class are enrolled here. After a semester I was still tentative about staying, but slowly started to realize that I was setting up roots here on campus. I was making friends, I was making connections with Professors in my department, and most importantly I was successful as a student. The atmosphere here allowed me to flourish as a student and to produce some pieces of work that I am quite proud of, pieces I am not convinced I would have been able to produce without the encouragement and help of the professors here on campus. I overall very much enjoy Ball State and plan on attending Graduate School here as long as they will have me.
I love BSU. The campus is the perfect size! Not too big and not too small. The faculty are all there to help you succeed and it shows. The class sizes are great and I have made lifelong friends here and have learned so much already.
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