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Ball state is very racist and shows favortism to white people. They put alot of freshman in terrible door rooms,that look like jail cell rooms.
I commute to Ball State because I have lived in Muncie my entire life. Ball State is a great small-medium college and there are always activities students can get involved in. The professors are great and the courses have a nice mixture of easy and challenging. I would recommend this college to incoming freshmen.
I love the fact that Ball State is WILLING to help students succeed and graduate on time. The advisors and professors are very easy to communicate with and most offices such as housing and financial aid respond to email THE SAME DAY. Not to mention the campus is stunning.
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I love BSU! The classes are exciting, the professors are very knowledgable and for the most part care about your education.
In my freshman year, it was hard to adjust, but as soon as you know where everything is and you make enough friends, everything else will become easier (depending on your major). The food is not very good and there are not a lot of choices (if you are trying to eat healthy). They have a very good representation of the majors they offer. The instructors are mostly experts in their fields and they will help you all the way to your desired degree.
Ball State was a great experience, just not the school for me. The classes were fun, but the preparation for quizzes/tests/assignments was next to nothing. The professors half the time were super nice and the other half not helpful. I loved the fact that there was an elementary school on campus. Ball state is a great school overall
It is a great campus, not too big but not too small. The buildings are all fairly nice. The dorms aren't bad and they are tearing down the oldest ones to make new updates ones. For the most part the teachers are good but I've had a few who were absolutely terrible but nothing could be done due to their tenure. There is always stuff to do on campus. The food is pretty good and there are a lot of varieties but it does get old after awhile.
I like the community that Ball State presents and the amount of clubs and groups that are available for people. They have a wide variety for people to experience and have created a safe place on their campus.
I like that there is a lot of options for things to do. I like how they are concerned with your obtaining a degree, by it being a party school. I like that it is big but not too big.
Ball state is a very nice campus. There are a lot of opportunities for the students at ball state and they make everyone feel involved. The food selection is good there are a lot of different options and easy access. Also the most of the housing is very nice and upgraded. There are a few that are outdated but they continue to add on and improve the campus. Fun experience outside of the classroom.
One of the main reasons I chose Ball State, and decided to rate them with 5 stars, is how they make you feel home away from home. Everyone is exceptionally nice and comforting to you, especially throughout your transition from high school to college. The campus is beautiful and large enough to keep you from feeling crammed in an area but small enough that it isnt a pain to walk form one side of campus to the other. Ball State was actually my last choice of colleges to attend until I took a college visit and ate my words. So far it has turned out to be everything I could have asked for in a college. The professors are dedicated to making sure you are "getting your moneys worth" in the education they provide you with and are happy to assist you in any way they can to make you as successful as possible in your studies.
I liked that it was a small town campus. Everything was centrally located. However I am concerned for my safety when I leave the campus area. I wish there was a more safer environment for Muncie. there is also really nothing for students to do outside of the campus
I just finished up with my two day orientation. The campus is beautiful and I'm very excited to return. The staff seems to be nice and caring when it comes to the students. The food was also great too.
Very attentive when needed. They make sure you are able to get all you questions answered. As a incoming freshman, they had the best orientation for me and my parents. They make things very understandable. My study habits are awesome because I am very comfortable on this campus.
I liked the fact that all my classes were a 10 minute walk from my dorm. Events were advertised everywhere and everyone would receive emails. The school has a great police department that keeps everyone safe. Another thing I liked about BSU is that it is decent size school but it still has the small school aspect were you have smaller classes but still get to experience a large school. What I didnt like was the town itself but other than that I loved everything about BSU.
I love it here. I was afraid to move four hours away from home and all of my friends, but it has been an amazing experience so far and I can't wait to see it to the end.
My experience so far at Ball State has been extraordinary. I currently am a Sophomore at the university. The campus itself is incredible and not too big, I found my way around within a week. I am currently majoring in Biology with a concentration of Zoology. The professors are very understanding and give the best advice they can. The campus has plenty of resources to help you with your classes to writing a paper. One thing I would like to see change is how much everything costs such as tuition and room and board to the books themselves, but that’s with every college. Overall, Ball State has been a great experience and full of memories and I cant wait to see what the future holds.
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Ball State became my home away from home. I live three hours away from Muncie, but Ball State became a second home for me. The atmosphere is accepting of any individual no matter what a person is into. There are so many ways to get involved in different clubs, whether they are major related or not. I also love that my Major Professors know my name and that they can identify me in a crowd of people. I have enjoyed meeting my best friend here and I have felt like I belong here. My degree is very important to me and I feel that Ball State does a good job at helping students reach their final destination, no matter how big or small it is.
Ball State is very beautiful small campus. The food is good, the professors are very nice and care only if you care. If you reach out they will help you. All of the staff at Ball State is very friendly as well. Ball state is a very clean campus as well. Ball state is also a safe campus the university police are friendly and do their job very well. Ball state is a great University
Ball State is a school I would recommend (and have recommended) to others. There are great opportunities for students, the faculty are great, and the food options are plentiful.
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