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I like how involvd all my professors have been with my success. I also like that the provide my courses online so that I can work full time while also being a grad student. In addition, it’s a huge benefit that all the courses I need to take are available and it does not seem as impacted as my previous undergrad school was, SJSU. Area’s that Ball State can improve on are administrative staff and how avaialable they are in helping you. It is usually challenging to get a call back or response when having issues with registration, loans or financial aid. Ultimately, I would recommend BSU to anyone ready to begin their college career.
This will be my first year at Ball State. Although I'm not "excited" about starting I'm not disliking it either. Most of my friends go to Ball State and they absolutely love it. For it to be one of the best schools in Indiana for what I am planning on studying I believe this will be the school for me.
Ball State is a great place to further your education. The staff is all kind and helpful and all of the professors are very qualified for their jobs. The campus is very nice and number of students in attendance is perfect at near 18k. The facilities on campus are very nice as well and the food is incredible.
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Have had a great experience at Ball State the academic programs are really solid and well taught. There are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in programs and clubs which there is a huge number of. The campus is beautiful and well kept plus there are really nice dorms that range in price but most are top notch. There is a wide variety of food options for students. The athletics is also great and the atheistic facilities are clean and great quality. Love this college and the people and I would recommend it to seniors looking for a quality college.
I turned a degree in Political Science into a starting job as an FBI Payroll Clerk in Washington, DC. This led to a career in government service. Don't let anyone tell you a liberal arts degree is worthless. It's a wonderful degree that can lead to anything. I owe Ball State for providing excellent professors and a welcoming campus experience. Enjoy your time at BSU cuz it goes by fast! A degree from Ball State will change your life. It did mine! Go for it! Love your dream!
I love Ball State! There is a club for anyone and if there is not a club for what you want then it is easy to make one! There are fun things always happening on campus and there is room for so much growth! I would recommend Ball State for anyone.
I love Ball State. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. It is the perfect size and everyone is so friendly.
Campus Is always clean and well kept, and safe considering its location is so trashy. Muncie is a terrible city to have anything in, but ball state is secluded enough that its not too bad going to class and walking around campus.
I do feel comfortable here. The food is pretty good compared to some schools considering there is a Taco Bell, Chickfila, and Starbucks on campus. The program I am in is relatively great for my major. Small enough classes but not tiny. Teacher to student connection is pretty great
Ball State University has something for everyone! I have met very few people who haven't enjoyed their time there, and I am excited to be returning this fall.
It is a very welcoming, diverse campus with a lot of opportunities!!! It's safe and friendly. It's my home away from home.
My experience at ball state has been wonderful. Its a small campus but it does not seem as though when you walk from one end to the other. It has what other campuses have such as buses, food, and beautiful views. I like this college because there are open areas to lay down where as other school lack of. Finally I like how my classes are layout. As a freshman, I was undecided with what path to take, but ball state has a first year program for the college of architecture where we take a year to decide as we look at what landscape architects, architects, and urban planners do. That year was amazing and we did many things. I am not going to lie, it was stressful, but after that year I had no doubt that I wanted to be a landscape architect.
Ball State is a fun and safe environment literally a smiling face and a warm hi from almost every person you walk past and professors are very helpful.
I liked the size of the campus very much. The teachers were either a hit or miss. There were good teachers and at times there were not so good teachers. I enjoyed the student life and felt like Ball State gave students many opportunities to be involved rather it was with volunteering, a random event, or even an organization. The diversity could have been better, but at a PWI you can't expect much.
Ball State is the perfect size university- not too small and not too large. Campus is pretty, and, the walks from dorms to classes is not too far. The food is good with a food court type set up.
I like the atmosphere here and I really enjoy my major. It has some issues with certain things, mostly with money.
I've loved my time at ball state! I am currently going into my sophomore year and can't wait to get back. The courses I've taken so far have been challenging enough that I feel like i'm learning, but are not so hard as to cause failure. I currently have a 3.785 GPA, and am in the honors college. I still have enough time to go to the occasional house party, and hold down a job
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Ball State is a nice school and an upgrade from my last university. I transferred to ball state to go to a bigger school with more of a networking opportunity. So hard I love ball state. My professors have been remarkable in giving me all the tools to succeed academically.
Overall it was really good. Working with the graduate program director is fantastic, she is engaged with the students. She will bend over backwards to help you understand a topic or be a listening ear if you are having a rough time. The thesis committee involvement could stand to be improved. The interim chair of the Nutrition and Health Science Department is very difficult to work with and I would avoid it at all costs.
I love the psychology and criminal justice programs that I am. The size of campus is perfect for me, not too large but not too small. If I could change anything about Ball State it would be the fact that a lot of students are prone to making cliques and do not branch out.
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