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I love the atmosphere that Ball State provides, however, I do wish that they were more engaging and willing to help their students financially.
I love how open they are to many different types of people. This really made me feel like I could be myself!
Ball State has very good science and teaching programs. The staff is very helpful and truly care about your success. The dorms are good quality and the campus is very nice. There are lots of things to do around Ball State campus. I really enjoy my time here.
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Ball state is great, if you are looking for a party school do not pick ball state. The rumors are a lie. It has great academic programs and an easy campus to navigate.
A lot of fun, lots of opportunity for ANYTHING you want to involve yourself in. Professors are usually helpful, but I wish they had more availability for office hours. Food is very great. Social life is awesome.
Very traditional feeling college campus and college experience in general. I enjoyed my time at BSU, but it just wasn't right for me. The people I met were fantastic, very open to new experiences and socializing. However, I felt that the programs felt very uninspiring and outdated. Academically, it just seemed like it was lacking character. Most classes are lecture format, with several tests throughout the semester and homework assignments. BSU has a reputation for being kind of a sleazy party school in a small town. This is largely true. For the traditional degree seeker (such as business, education, journalism), BSU may be a good fit. However, if you are a creative person or want more cutting-edge education and hands-on programs, I recommend you look elsewhere.
Ball State University is a great university for lower-income students looking for a good college to go to. With hundreds of degrees to choose from, Ball State offers students a large and diverse of academic choices. While being a descently large campus, Ball State has its buildings conviently located in walking distance for easy access to food and learning.
Advising at Ball State makes it very easy to know what classes you need to take, and the are generally easy to make an appointment with. One thing I would change is to hire professors that are easier to understand. Quite a few professors have strong accents that make it hard to understand what they are saying which makes understanding the material for tests and quizzes harder.
My experience has been rocky. Although there are many programs to attend , the school does not make it known besides flyers put up by other students. The school does not leave much room for error and is very money hungry with no room for help or chance to explain your situation.
Living off-campus would have been better than on-campus, and there weren't as many interesting clubs as they said they would have.
My time at Ball State University has been a positive experience. The professors really do care about students. There are plenty of activities to get involved with to build your resume. The only drawback so far is the campus food and sports. Muncie is a poorer community and the university is blamed a lot for this.
There is always something to do at Ball State. The large amount of clubs mean that you'll always be able to find a group of like minded people. The food options could be improved but all food is marked on whether or not it's safe for Vegans or Vegetarians, which is really nice and convenient.
Ball State is a great choice for college, but it isn’t for everybody. I have had a good time here, but I am planning on transferring do to personal reasons. Most of the professors are good, but a lot of the time they force you to follow their way of thinking, even if you don’t necessarily agree. It is still a good investment for College, especially if you live in-state. They have a very large variety of high quality food from almost every culture. The campus is very large and it has a very diverse community. You can find people of all religions and walks of life here, which can be a great learning experience. Ball State has a large party scene, but you can easily avoid this if you don’t want to get involved with that sort of thing. Ball State has its own police along with special emergency phones all around campus, so you feel very safe no matter where you are at.
I enjoy going to Ball State, it just kills a person's pockets if they're from out of state. Besides that the food is decent and they have many great events going on throughout the week for students and faculty too.
Ball State University provides for its students in many different ways that put them on the road to success. Ball State gives totally access to the things that are necessary for their students to graduate and learn life long lesson to help them after graduating. There are amazing professor, mentors, and students here that just want the best for everyone. Ball State University is an amazing college overall.
Have provided me with endless opportunities and connections that will make my transition into the workforce a breeze. I love it at Ball State.
I love Ball State, it has really become my home. There are so many amazing people and opportunities to explore and help you discover who you are. Chirp! Chirp!
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I like the many majors you can choose from. There is a lot of room to find out who you are and what you really want to do within your first year. Diversity is always lacking, financial assistance for me at least, is not as helpful as it should. The social scene is unnecessarily separated(by many groupings). Many of the University core required classes are unnecessary and do not help you develop any skills you will actually use in the real world.
Ball State is a great school that offers tons of classes and academic opportunities including free tutoring, career search help, and great extra curricular activities! We also have a beautiful campus that is very easy to navigate, along with fabulous dining options. Overall, Ball State is a school I am proud to represent, and if you're in the process of choosing a college, you should definitely consider becoming a Cardinal!
I loved that it wasn't a huge campus but still felt like a University. The entire campus is within walking distance. I loved my classes and my professors were great. Since graduating I've had no problems finding a job. I feel like the Legal Studies program has really prepared me for Law School.
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