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Ball State University is a gorgeous campus with great teachers and overall amazing programs. After two years at the university, I can’t wait to get back to the campus. There are so many student programs and extra curricular activities to both get involved in, and enjoy as an everyday student.
Ball State is a beautiful campus. It has great classes and awesome professors. Every professor I've had seems to really care about their students. Ball State contains the perfect mix of large campus yet one on one teacher to student time. The atmosphere is very friendly and it is easy to meet new people and make new friends.
I love going to Ball State. The professors are helpful, the food is great, and the campus is friendly. I barely went home because I love it here!
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Its got a great campus, living expenses aren't terrible. The party scene is great, there isn't really too much to do in the area though, besides party. The Outdoor pursuits program is fabulous though, I'd recommend going on at least one of their trips. I must say though I was extremely disappointed in their counselors lack of advice and the study abroad situation especially for art students. I went in first semester undecided and couldn't take classes in different degree programs to find out if I was interested unless I committed to the program.
It has a beautiful campus. The professors are decent, but some talk extremely fast. If you go for nursing some advisors are not helpful though and it is always difficult to schedule classes you need because they fill up so fast.
I've only ever toured the school, but the campus and facilities were super nice. I'm especially fond of the Jamba Juice. I'm really excited to attend this school because the telecommunications department is their specialty, and that's what I'm interested in.
I liked the campus, and the engaging activities that caught my attention. It would definitely be a college I would consider going to
I aboslutely love it here. I am apart of the business college and it is very immersive and prepares you for the real world. I found an internship through the SHRM chapter. I love the number of clubs and activities to choose from.
We have some amazing professors, and dining is good (if very expensive.) I cannot give BSU 5 stars is because I have very little reason to feel like I am valued as a student by the administration. Parking on campus is a nightmare for anyone who is not faculty because BSU will constantly give events and affairs priority over us. We have buildings with leaking roofs, most of our residence halls do not have air conditioning and the furniture is old, and there's an entire road on campus which is 99% potholes, but somehow BSU found the money to launch a re-branding, and buy a $500,000 bus, build a new nursing building. The biggest slap in the face, I think, for me, is that they also gave away our foreign language lab to athletes to study in without even consulting the language department, and then immediately turned around and told us that "The hallways are always open for studying."

If it were not for my professors, I would not be continuing my education here.
I absolutely love everything about this school. I have learned so much here and made amazing friends. Their academics are great and the professors are even better!
It's an amazing school, and all the professors really care about your academic success. Plus the campus is beautiful!
Small, but a very friendly and family atmosphere. The dorms are great, most are very close to a food location. The classes are close to most dorms. The local opportunities students have on and off campus are amazing! From working on campus and being engaged in clubs and organizations to off campus in the Muncie Community.
My experience so far has been phenomenal! I have a plethora of amenities at my disposal (3-D printers, laser cutters, wood shops, etc.) and all of the faculty has been incredibly kind and helpful along the way.
It's a pretty good school. The food is decent enough. The professors I have had for the most part have been very helpful. I've had ample opportunities for my major. I would say the parking services needs some work. There isn't enough parking spaces for how many students drive to campus.
I enjoy the opportunities and classroom experiences. I want to see more development in the ways of safety and more diversity.
Ball State University provides for those who seek and I suppose "fly" out of their way to perform. In terms of academics, the professors from my own personal perspective have shown great dedication to the students in their class and are willing to assist students who show an attempt and are in true need of assistance. In terms of less academic like events, the campus events only engage the students in which seek to be engaged, expanding to perform beyond themselves. Although I am not one of those who seek to be engaged, the campus does provide a sense of security in which one can choose a more dormant lifestyle while still being connected to the campus. However your lifestyle may be, if dormant, active, a mix, or otherwise, Ball State University allows you to strive and "spread your wings" to the extent in which you are comfortable with.
I transferred to Ball State 1 year ago and my experience at the university has been spectacular! There are numerous activities and groups to become involved in. The campus is very nice and always clean. The staff and faculty is very helpful and welcoming. I am very happy with my transfer here.
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I am an online student currently in the graduate program and thoroughly enjoy it. I did not expect to love the program so much but it is run so smoothly and I have yet to have any issues with the way it is run. I have been able to take two courses a semester and work full time with no issues. I am excited to be done next spring with my masters degree and certification with Ball State.
its pretty good. would recommend going here, 100%. I hate going home for breaks because i just love it here so much. Theres a couple bad professors here and there and some of the food isn't always the best, but overall its nothing to complain about and better than what youre paying for
I love the atmosphere that Ball State provides, however, I do wish that they were more engaging and willing to help their students financially.
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