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I love the people on campus and how many possibilities there are to get involved with others. The only thing that could make my experience better would be to revitalize the nearby neighborhoods to make students want to walk around Muncie more
Although the school is full of people, many of them belong to a clique and aren't interested in becoming friends with other people. If you come from a big city its hard to adjust because its so small with nothing to really do.
Ball State is a beautiful campus. All of my professors have been nice and extremely helpful. It is also a safe place to be. No judgement is made by professors. They just want to help us be successful. I have had an overall wonderful experience. I would recommend Ball State to a friend.
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Ive been here for like 5 min, but so far it is a pretty good place to live. The classes are pretty easy, but then again I'm a three week freshman sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... (the review had to be a hundred characters long lol)
Ball State University is such a great college in my opinion. It has a large campus, to the point to where you will need some source of transportation unless your classes and dorm facility is within a good distance. If you do not have any type of transportation to move yourself across campus, they have shuttle buses that will take you to your destination. Ball State is filled with a unique group of individuals who are very proactive and full of life. To add to that, the professors are just the same and a good majority of them are lenient, flexible, and understanding. Now there are so many different organizations one can join. I was a cheerleader at Ball State University and the coaches along with the team were so amazing and made me feel like a part of a family. It's just amazing how one can be so involved at this university.
Ball State is alright. A lot of hidden fees for sure. Its really nice and big, but if I had to choose another college I would.
Coming from out of state BSU is very welcoming. Everyone on campus is great and friendly and you won't have any trouble making friends here. The food is GREAT! and you can use your Cardinal Cash anywhere on campus which makes it cheap to get food and snacks. Prof's are nice and actually want to teach and get to know their students. Go BSU!
This place is amazing. I feel so at home and everyone was so welcoming! The professors care about the students and try to help them in many ways. The food courts here are amazing and there is something for everyone to eat, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options, etc.
The people here are very welcoming, and they will help you with just about anything. You can find any type of club or organization to join, they have a lot of fun ones. The teacher's college is excellent here, and the professors are helpful and care about you. The dorms are nice, clean, and up to date with WiFi and cable. The walk across campus is not too bad, although it still has the feeling of a big college.
I am a current student. I love it! Everyone is really nice and friendly. The staff is helpful. Very clean and safe. Ball state is a great school.
I haven't been going here for very long, but I have visited here 4 times before I decided on coming here. This was the only school I applied to actually, because when I did visit, I felt very comfortable with the campus and the location. And now that I am attending, my dorm room is really nice. I went random for my roommate and they seemed to match us together very well, because we get along. My classes so far have been well put together, and they really try to make them interesting. Overall, Ball State is a pretty cool school.
I attended Ball State University for an online master's program. The program was educational and cost effective. I would choose BSU again if I had to.
So far everything is great. As a transfer student, at first I had a hard time knowing all the activities and resources on campus due to lack of orientation. I now have the hang of it!
Progressive school despite diminishing local economy. Lots of money has been put back into the development of the school including infrastructure and technology.
Ball state is an excellent college with a very personal feel. They are always up-to-date on current trends and keeping the campus moving forward with technology. I received my undergrad there and had an excellent experience .
Once you really find your place it's a great school. It's normal for students to take a couple of years to really know what they want to do and BSU is a good place to explore that.
Ball state is very racist and shows favortism to white people. They put alot of freshman in terrible door rooms,that look like jail cell rooms.
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I commute to Ball State because I have lived in Muncie my entire life. Ball State is a great small-medium college and there are always activities students can get involved in. The professors are great and the courses have a nice mixture of easy and challenging. I would recommend this college to incoming freshmen.
I love the fact that Ball State is WILLING to help students succeed and graduate on time. The advisors and professors are very easy to communicate with and most offices such as housing and financial aid respond to email THE SAME DAY. Not to mention the campus is stunning.
I love BSU! The classes are exciting, the professors are very knowledgable and for the most part care about your education.
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