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Ball State is very beautiful small campus. The food is good, the professors are very nice and care only if you care. If you reach out they will help you. All of the staff at Ball State is very friendly as well. Ball state is a very clean campus as well. Ball state is also a safe campus the university police are friendly and do their job very well. Ball state is a great University
Ball State is a school I would recommend (and have recommended) to others. There are great opportunities for students, the faculty are great, and the food options are plentiful.
I was supposed to attend last year but a last minute change of plans did not allow me to do so. I will be attending this fall however, and already know that I love the atmosphere of the campus and the people that attend as well.
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I started my Master's Program at Ball State a year ago, and I feel like I've gained so much knowledge and made so many connections in that one year, vs. 4 years of undergraduate. Class sizes are smaller, professors know your name, and you really connect with the people in your program. The only complaint I have is that parking is a nightmare. When I get out of night classes after 9AM, I have quite a walk to get to my car, and being a female in Muncie, well, it's not the best to do alone, but if you park in a well lit area, you're generally okay. There have only been a few nights where I've felt a little insecure.
I love Ball State and am very happy with my decision to go to this school. It is not too big where you feel overwhelmed, but it is not too small where you feel underwhelmed. In my opinion it is the perfect size. I also fell in love with Ball State's campus the day I step foot on to it. It is absolutely beautiful and there are so many places for students to go and unwind or work on homework. The education offered up at Ball State is brilliant as well. All their programs are well developed and very well known and department leaders are constantly finding ways to improve their departments for their students. Students at Ball State also receive good attention and if you need help there is always a teacher who is willing to help. Another amazing thing about Ball State are all the amazing clubs you can be apart of. If you like something, I promise you their is a club on campus for you and if not then you have the ability to create one.
Ball State is a community with many opportunities and ways for everyone to get involved. Since many majors require a senior internship during your last year, it pushes students to gain hands on experience in the fields they are getting their degree in.
Ball State is a second home. Once I moved to Muncie, I first felt overwhelmed. Once I got to the school and was supported by many of the staff, I felt like I was at home. The atmosphere of the school is so loving and welcoming that everyone feels loved. It is safe, clean, and friendly. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
My experience at Ball State has been one like no other. The minute I stepped foot onto the campus I felt as though I belonged there. The professors are eager to teach their students and help in any way. The other students on campus are friendly and anyone can make a relationship or friendship easily. The programs that each college on campus offers wants to make sure that their students know n=how to work in the real world after they graduate.
Great school! Very welcoming and so many amazing programs and opportunities! The campus is absolutely beautiful and is continuing to expand. If you want a big school, but want the comfort of small classes this is a great choice.
Ball State University was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The faculty here take the time to learn your name and create a bond with you. They want to see you succeed and are willing to help you transfer from the classroom to the world. Ball State also gives opportunities within the state of Indiana to gain real world experience. Ball State Communications (my program) allows students to do real world scenarios in the classroom, as well as, allow students to work with different organizations in the state to put what they have learned to work. Ball State students have recently traveled to the Sochi Olympics and worked with the Indiana Bicentennial. This university has become my second home and I am sad to have to say goodbye for the summers but cannot wait until August so I can move back in.
Great school. Really enjoying my time here. Not only does each class attain a suitable professor, the atmosphere associated with the campus is just fun in general.
I'm attending Ball state fall semester,as a transfer student hopefully it goes well for me . The campus is pretty big and amazing
Ball State University offers people who are all friendly. I've never been around so much great energy. Also, there are professors who really care and some who don't at all. The athletics are also awesome.
Ball State University has a beautiful campus. This School has numerous sources that are easily accessible for the students. Some of these resources are: Career Center, Counseling Center, etc. There are many organizations and groups to get involved in. I joined Greek life and absolutely love it. Joining a sorority helped the transformation from high school to college. I don't regret choosing Ball State. There is a positive and accepting atmosphere here on campus.
I absolutely love Ball State. It really has become my home away from home. I have loved most of my professors and I love my dorm. Everyone I have met has been really friendly even when I was still wandering around lost my third week here.
Great campus and a great place to attend college. Academic advisors are very helpful and are there for you. Professors are very helpful as well.
Ball State has a beautiful campus. The faculty is helpful and try to make the educational experience feel like a small college. I love Ball State!
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Amazing school. Lots of experiences to get involved. Great chances for all interests. Beautiful campus, great people and wonderful faculty.
I will be an incoming freshmen this fall and recently I had a visit to Ball State and I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to go to a small school and granted this isn't small, but it also isn't huge which was a huge factor for me. It only takes 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other so it's a perfect size and it's a cute little community all around with easy essentials like Walmart and a movie theatre plus there's a bus that can take you right where you need to go. If your looking for a medium sized school with a great community, this is he college for you.
Ball State is a medium sized school that offers an excellent education. It is moderately diverse for being in Indiana, but tends to be cliquey. The faculty is very hands on and gets to know each student. Perfect school for someone who does not want to attend a huge university in Indiana
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