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My experience here at Ballstate has drastically changed from freshmen year, being involved on campus really helped propel me forward. I really enjoy the vast activities and clubs offered here on campus. It really helped me begin interacting with other students. My first semester at Ballstate I had a constant issue with my FAFSA and the school. After the first incident with the issue I fixed it but was still receiving notifications that my financial aid wasnt going through. It took up until Fall semester and me not being able to schedule for fall semester for the financial aid to finally resolve the issue. If in any way the process for students with undocumented parents could be slightly easier or even recieve additional assistance to complete forms it would save countless people from experiencing something similar.
Ball State has a really nice campus. All of the professors that I have met seem super nice and willing to help you. The food is good in the dining halls. The meal plan is a little weird but it all works. The rec center is super nice as well and you can do so much on campus.
Ball State....Chirp Chirp!!! I have loved Ball State since I applied. Everything has been so easy to understand and orientation made it simple to imagine going to this school. From the acceptance letter to their website to moving in the transition was a great experience! Upon arriving and getting settled in I felt right at home. Even deciding to move into a different hall and have a new roommate was no big deal. The campus is easy to maneuver around and there is always some activity to participate in. My email is flooded daily with groups to join or volunteer opportunities. My academic adviser answers me in a timely manner as well as my professors. The dining halls have great food, especially Noyer Complex where there is a buffet style meal. The atmosphere at Ball State is very upbeat!!! The only thing I would love to see change is the in-state tuition they offered for surrounding counties. As of my fall semester 2019 my county I live in is excluded.
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I have a great time being a student at Ball State and feel I am getting my money's worth. The Faculty and staff are really helpful and put students first.
I love the beautiful campus and all of the opportunities available here! The environment is amazing and this school truly feels like my second home.
ball state is a great college, there is a lot of life on campus and the people are nice and helping. the campus is super pretty in the fall and spring. there's lots of things to do on campus and the food is great. the learning criteria is great, the professors are understanding and helpful. overall great school
This is a great school. There are many amazing professors and the classes are usually interesting. The dorm I'm in is very nice and provides a wonderful community.
Ball State University is so welcoming. I always feel at home when I’m here. The people are so genuinely nice here as well.
Networking is amazing and easy to do here, but as a transfer student half of my credits weren't excepted setting me back about 2 years and that is past my scholarships date.
It is only my 4th week and college and I feel like I’m a on role! I love it here ant Ball State University, I’m involved in a lot of communities. Staying involved motivates me to get things done and it gives me the satisfaction of completing my goals on time.
It is a great campus with a large variety of majors. The campus provides a good party scene for the adventurous type. Ball State is also very involved in Riley Children's Hospital. Most find this very intriguing because they raise a great deal of money for this cause. The campus offers something for everyone and provides a great community.
Great school, environment, location, academics and students. The culture is very diverse, there is help wherever you need it and it's just a very friendly environment.
Hi my name is India Garner and I am a junior here at Ball State University; double majoring in Child Life & Child Development with a minor in Ethics. Originally Ball State was not my top choice, but then once I came and became involved with the Code Red Dance Team, Camp Kesem, and being the social media director of Make-A-Wish on campus... I honestly could not imagine being a part of any other university. Ball State is a place that truly feels like a home away from home. Everywhere you turn there is a friendly face, organizations for any interests, supportive staff/ professors, as well as Charlie Cardinal who go above and beyond to make you feel so welcomed and that you truly have a place and were meant to be a part of this giant family. I could not express enough how coming to Ball State was easily the best decision of my life. Trust me. Chirp Chirp!
I like Ball State University's campus. It has not only newer buildings, but also older. It was originally built as a teaching college, but it had grown into much more than that. I would like ot go to Ball State University for architecture. Ball State has one of the best architecture programs in the state of Indiana. Living in Indiana, it will be nice to be able to study something that I love, somewhere that I love.
The programs are great but the university is dirty and there are a ton of hidden costs that the university does not tell students about,
Ball State is full of helpful resources on a beautiful campus! Everything about it makes you feel at home!
Ball State is passionate about everything. The school works with the Muncie community, supporting younger students, bringing them to campus. But, if you want a school that goes to sports championships frequently, this might not be the place.
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I like the campus and how comfortable I feel there. I have liked a few of my professors but not all.
I like Ball State University because of the small campus and being able to meet a whole new world of people. The professors continue to help each student if they need it. If the teachers aren't available at the right time, there are students that are always available to help by tutoring another student as well.
The campus is beautiful and there are an excellent assortment of majors. The professors and people working there could be more tailored towards the students and provide a bit of a more personalized experience for each student.
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