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Love it! Beautiful campus, freshman dorm (Saylor) is super nice and clean. So far my professors have been amazing and supportive with a lot of feedback and help when needed. It's a bit hard to get super involved with a pandemic going on, but BW is trying! Can't wait to see what it's like when back to more normal! Overall, super happy with my choice for college.
Most of my classes are in person this fall. I have one class that meets in person one time a week and on line two times per week, however, you can sign up to attend in the extra seats on your on line days. Overall, the professors are doing a good job of on line and in person and keeping everyone on track. It's tough, but I'd rather be in person some days than only online like at other schools!
Online experience is good in this school since the professors are doing everything they can to help students even though
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Baldwin Wallace University is a great university. It has a huge diversity within the students enrolled in this university. Academics is also great since professors are doing everything they can to help their students.
Professors really are wonderful educators and people. So many opportunities on campus to get and stay involved.
During the COVID pandemic All 5 of my spring classes were made into online classes. The university and professors adapted well to the new scenario and I was happy with the outcome.
I only had a few online courses in my time at BW but they were always simple to go through and understand. There was also always a professor that we could get in contact with if we had any issues.
I loved my four years at BW! I have an amazing group of friends I still keep in touch with often. I was a student athlete and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. The campus is beautiful, the professors are helpful, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Overall it was an amazing college.
Baldwin Wallace was the only college I applied to because I knew that I would get the best education and I would feel at home. I love the small campus because it makes it easier to navigate classes and other important buildings. It helps a lot during the wintertime. The smaller classes and the close teacher relationships helped me learn the best and succeed in each course. Baldwin Wallace has ENDLESS opportunities to help each student fully succeed here at BW and also for post-graduation plans. I do not like the food but that is honestly my only negative opinion. You will succeed here and you will find your place.
I took online classes because of COVID-19. Each professor was extremely understanding of everything going on and made sure that each student would still be able to succeed. I was able to do my work in the comfort of my own home and also know that I have access to help at any time.
Baldwin Wallace University has changed my life for the better. Living on campus had helped me step out of my comfort zone and meet new amazing people. The professors are motivated to make sure that the students have great opportunities and are always there to help, academically, or personally. The campus is small which makes it easy for everyone to know everyone. It really is like one big family and my home away from home. It is located in a safe area and has great places to eat or just hang out with friends and do homework. There really are not many if any parties because it is located in a residential area. I really couldn't ask for a better college that fits my needs and expectations.
My experience at B-W was education with a personal touch. The professors were very approachable and were available on a daily basis. There were no student assistants teaching classes but the actual professor showed up to teach.
I've had a great experience at BW, but I wish the administration cared more about the Film Studies major. We're located very close to Cleveland, which is growing as an entertainment filming destination, yet our administration refuses to give us the necessary resources to grow as well. Otherwise, my professors are amazing and I've enjoyed my time at BW.
Baldwin Wallace University provides a "family feel" to all students. Staff members treat their students like fellow humans instead of just another student they are required to teach.
I can best describe BW in a singular word: "ambitious". From its students to its departments and administration, there is always a hard-working atmosphere at BW. It's both a good and bad thing, as it pushes everyone to improve themselves but can at times result in over-stressed students and bad planning decisions. The experience of students is also HIGHLY dependent on the department you are a part of. I can verify that the business and accounting departments are amazing at BW, however other departments (i.e. the economics dept.) are definitely not up to par.
Baldwin Wallace provided excellent academics and athletics. There were plenty of opportunities to stay active in the community and campus. The school provided great diversity and culture. Overall Baldwin Wallace provided me with a great foundation to start my adult life.
I love the smaller size and the connections you make with the professors and your advisors. The small class sizes make this possible. I love the environment and the opportunities this school has to offer. No matter your program you will feel welcomed, accepted and like a family.
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I really enjoyed my first semester at Baldwin Wallace in the fall. The professors are really nice and helpful. They really understand how hard it can be to go to college and are willing to help with deadlines and answer questions. I've gained a lot of knowledge just going there one semester and I cannot wait to see what else I learn.
Baldwin Wallace has one of the worst party scenes ever. The academics are good and the professors are good, but there is not enough options for the students attending. The food is mediocre at best and all of the dorms and buildings just seem worn down.
The professors at Baldwin Wallace are very knowledgable and willing to answer any questions and work with students outside of class to help them understand the material. The financials involved with attending this university are very frustrating because it can be difficult to get financial aid and many people working in the offices are students, so they often make false promises and get information wrong.
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