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Baldwin Wallace has been my dream university since i was in middle school. Not only are they an outstanding university in academics, housing some of the best programs in the country, but they are a welcoming community to all.
I am a junior at BW, currently studying abroad in Australia for the Fall semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast, their sister school. I fell in love with BW on my first visit, telling my mom that we better check out some other schools quickly, as I was already taken with everything BW offered. I have not regretted my choice to attend BW at all, despite opportunities and scholarships at other local and respected universities. I love the beautiful campus, the caring faculty and all of the friends and connections I have made in my two years there. Most of all, I am thrilled at the opportunity I have to study in Australia, my dream location, for Fall 2019. BW was so helpful and supportive in making my dream come true. They are truly committed to their student base, and I am proud to be a member of that group!!
What I like about Baldwin Wallace are the Small class sizes, and professors that have experience in the field but are also good teachers. My one complaint is that the campus does a poor job of listening to student request such as longer dining hall hours.
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Baldwin Wallace is a great college. More resources would be great, as policies are confusing and employees do not uphold all policies. Overall, they employ great professors that only care about their students' success. I would recommend BW to students in the area looking for a great local college.
I love the campus and the feel of the students that go to school there. I feel like im at home when I’m there, even though my home is an hour away.
Although I will only be a freshman there this year, the few experiences I have had there were great. The best part about my experience there is the people. It is mind-blowing how kind the staff and students are there. The quality of education at Baldwin Wallace is also spectacular, especially in the area of music. Baldwin Wallace has staff who are also involved with the Cleveland Orchestra. Also, the school is small, so you can get to know professors personally and help is much more accessible.
I love this school. It provides ample opportunity for students to get involved with not only the school but the opportunity too. The staff is incredible, in my time being here I’ve only had one professor that I was not too fond of. Other than that, every professor has a strong drive and is willing to help. I am an education major and all my classes and professors really take initiative to assure that myself and others are ready for the real world of teaching. The food is not the best but we are around a lot of restaurants/carry out places that make up for it. I am so happy with this school!
A beautiful campus with lots of life. I found that I could talk to any of the teachers and professors. Even the financial aid strenuously worked with me to make my going there a reality. During my time there, I could speak up in class, contribute to the classroom and community, and learn with all the free tutoring, office hours and friendly advice I could get. They have incredible internship and study abroad programs that many of my friends took advantage of. It is a wonderful personable school. Small in numbers, great in heart.
So far the experience has been quick and easy to find information out. Financial aid has responded very quickly to any questions and concerns that I have had. The nursing staff have all been very knowledgable and friendly. The campus was great and had a lot more sports facilities than I expected for the size of the school.
Its very welcoming, the aid office really helps you understand everything, all around great atmosphere.
The university is very welcoming and the professors care about their students. The atmosphere on campus is nice as well and we are located close to a cute lake and park system to relax in after stressful days are over.
I have enjoyed the community of BW and how close everybody is with each other. When I was getting accepted my admission advisor remembered me by name when she saw me on campus.
I personally love that Baldwin Wallace is so close to home for me. As an educator, it is wonderful to have the chance to form bonds with those that have always been close in location. The sense of community at Baldwin Wallace is incomparable! Of course friends make the community wonderful, but professors are the ones that make it so memorable; the are always willing to help you in any way!
In my experience Baldwin Wallace is a wonderful school, however, recently it has made choices that burden its students. I also find that my specific major is not administered well.
Im really enjoying my time here. I found some awesome friends and had some really great classes so far. If you want somewhere that has friendly teachers and good food I suggest BW.
I am prospective student for BW. I have visited the campus 2-3 times and met with different people current students, admissions and coaching staff for 2 different teams. I am very excited the opportunity to attend school here. I live in the area and really see nothing but a positive outcome here.
My experience with Baldwin Wallace University has been amazing so far. The Early Childhood Education program is outstanding along with the community here on campus. I'm involved in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Teaching Together Club, part of the Veterans Club, and a part of the Women's Volleyball team. I feel like I belong here and always feel safe at this school. The only change I would like to see is one where more students would get involved. Being involved truly makes the college experience one to remember.
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My overall experience with Baldwin Wallace University has been a tremendous experience. The small class sizes give me the ability to focus in and get one on one help with my professors . Something that I would like to see change in the future is the meal plans and tuition cost to go here. I have not been able to register for classes on time because of financial aid twice this year. The Baldwin Wallace community has a very friendly and exciting atmosphere to be apart of.
I came to Baldwin Wallace University because all of the people I had met there were extremely welcoming and friendly. I felt that at this small school, where there were about 4,000 people, I would feel more at home than I would at a larger university. The classes for the most part are pretty good, and all the professors, for the most part, are very insightful and willing to work with you on whatever you need. The food is alright, but the meal plan that they have no is...not the greatest. It might be because I started on the a la carte system and got switched over to the new meal swipe system, but there was a lot of resistance. Also, even though half of the school is made up of commuters, the clubs and organizations are not Commuter Friendly in the slightest. A lot of them are late at night and don't take into consideration that a lot of commuter students don't have their own cars or can't stay out late at night.
The food is awful, the meal plan is messed up, the dorms have no air conditioning, lots of bureaucratic problems. Overall, it's okay. The professors really do care and the classes are very small.
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