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Baldwin Wallace university is very convenient with allowing students who live in the area to commute. However, the school is a small private college that does not have many scholarship opportunities. Also, the school could do better with renovations and student living.
Baldwin Wallace offers so many undergraduate programs, they provide something for everyone. The professors are invested in your learning and care about the furthering of your education. Also, multiple different extracurricular activities and groups are presented for you to feel comfortable and at home. They accommodate your needs and make you feel welcome.
Truly my home away from home! It is so easy for you to be involved on campus. They are the reason why I was able to study abroad!
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I love BW. If I could describe my school in one word it word be "community." BW students are often over-involved because of so many great opportunities that this small, suburban school offers. I have personal relationships with each of my professors and I genuinely enjoy their lectures. If I could change one thing about my school, it would be the food because it upsets my stomach. Included, they just recently changed the meal plan which now refuses students the opportunity of being refunded for whatever amount of money they did not spend during the academic year.
I am currently a conservatory student at BW. The programs and the faculty overall are excellent - they definitely prepare you for graduate school and beyond.
Professors really care about student success in and outside of the classroom. Class sizes are really small and the community atmosphere is perfect. Plus, during the fall it is gorgeous
As an adult continuing education student, BW's advisors were there for me at every turn. My professors took the time to get to know me and the passion for what I was studying. Their passion for what they are teaching is felt and encourages to push yourself beyond your limits to discover yourself outside the box. BW does not hold you back from what you want to study. If you are struggling, they take the time to help reach your goals and then to step over your goals. They do not believe in having to except someone into a program, but allow you to study what it is that sets you into motion. The professors want you to reach your work in honesty and they want you think critically. I found my time at BW to be an enriching experince that can never be replaced.
I transferred to Baldwin Wallace after my freshman year and it was the best decision I have ever made. I have gain hands-on experience and met plenty of connections that will prepare me for the "real world." The professors, staff, and peers are very personable and bring out the best in you no matter what. Now being a BW alum, I believe BW has shaped me into an intelligent, hardworking, and respectful individual.
Baldwin Wallace is a mediocre college, with suspiciously easy academics and a sad vibe. There is no sense of ambition or community, unless perhaps you join a sorority. But it's cheap and it's easy, so if you just want a degree and you don't wanna spend, then it's good. But if you want to learn anything, do not choose this school.
Baldwin Wallace is an amazing college. The teachers are kind and are very willing to help. The students have that same attitude towards each other too. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to join, so you never really feel left out and there's always an opportunity to find someone new.
This college is very friendly, and it is a happy environment. I enjoy my classes and the professors are very personable. You are able to get a lot of one on one with professors, and if you struggle, they are willing to help you.
The only thing I would change about BW is the food selection. The food isn't the best and there is almost no variety. I have heard that the dorms aren't great, but I am a commuter. Other than that, I have loved every minute of my experience at BW. The professors make an effort to get to know students on a more personal level. They are always available to help. The student body feels like a community and is filled with mutual respect. The campus is beautiful and I have never felt unsafe there.
There are various organizations and clubs on campus, you can always find the one you interested. The school has strong awareness of student safety. Professors in here are nice and always willing to help. They also provide tutors for your writings and other academic works for free. There are tutors provided before final exam to get students prepared.
It was about average. The cost of school is very high. They offer a lot of great activities to be involved. The academics at the school are very rigorous. They have some talented athletes that attend this school. They won many national championships along the way in the past 20 years.
The accelerated nursing program at Baldwin Wallace is an excellent program with a caring staff that works with their students for their success.
The best thing about this school is its professors. They are easily some of the most educated individuals I have ever come across, especially in the History and Political Science departments. The overall classes in turn are great and very easily manageable. The local area and overall safety of the campus are pretty good. I can't really say I have ever worried about that sort of thing. The only downside to this school is the party scene, if you are into that thing. It is almost nonexistent. Other than that though, this school offers a great education with fantastic professors, with some of the best financial aid scholarships/awards I have seen at a private university. This school has saved me a ton of money, which is always a great thing.
BW is amazing! 99% of the professors genuinely care for each and every student. It's a second home to me.
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Overall, my experience at Baldwin Wallace has been very good. The environment is very welcoming and the students and staff are very friendly and helpful.
Everyone is very friendly and all of the professors I have worked with have done their best to help students as much as they can.
This college is a small college so all the professors know who their students are and really get to know each student and really care about them.
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