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I love BW's inclusive and diverse community. The professors are incredibly helpful and really take an effort to get to know their students.
Baldwin Wallace is a great school with a lot of opportunities to grow and share. The small community feel isn't too overwhelming and very family like in a lot of ways. I love it here and would very much like to continue, however it is very expensive and I'm currently trying to get creative on how to afford it.
I loved week of welcome. Its the first 5 days before school where you move in and they have all these activities you have to go to and I actually really enjoyed them and its an easy way to meet lots of new people.
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I am a current junior at Baldwin Wallace University. I have enjoyed my three years at college becasue BW has a great faculty and community. I played volleyball my first two years at college. I am also majoring in chemistry. The one thing I would like to see change is better housing facilities.
The professors at BW are, for the most part (there are exceptions to every rule, of course), fantastic. They, along with the college as a whole, care so much about their students, and take a vested interest in your success. The proximity to Cleveland gives you opportunity after opportunity, no matter what field of study you're into.
Honestly I can't say enough good things about BW. The price is pretty high, no lie, and it can be very difficult to justify spending so much, but the financial aid office is so generous and helpful, they all want you to have the best experience you can possibly have, and their resources are something that I personally have really appreciated.
The area is gorgeous, too, by the way. Campus is about two stones' throws away from the Metroparks, a sprawling park along a network of roads that connect the surrounding cities together.
Seriously, consider BW. I love it, and I hope you will, too.
I love the campus and how close-knit and welcoming everything feels. I think the school will be a great, supportive environment to spend the next four years.
Every single member of the Baldwin Wallace community is incredibly caring and kind. Faculty, students, parents of students, they're all amazing people. Baldwin Wallace is more than just a university; Baldwin Wallace is a family. The only thing I would like to see change is how early the deadline is for SAT scores.
Baldwin Wallace is an amazing university. It offers many amazing opportunities for its students to study abroad and conferences related to majors. The campus is small and homely with the freedom of a major city just a quick drive away. If you want to find a part you always can. The professors care about the students and want to see them secede. The other students of my major feel like family, and we don't have to fight for the ability to grow as artisans and get experience. Students in my degree are required to do a senior capstone which allows all students to leave college with at least one great accomplishment under their belt with many other skills and projects completed. The program does need to grow a little we do not have the most recent technology or the best tools in the world. If you a willing to work hard and put time into your future, you will be amazed at how far you will go at Baldwin Wallace and into the world.
The school is in a great city and is a wonderful school. The science programs are getting better but are still a work in progress. The education program needs science professors. The drama and music departments are some of the best in the country. The campus is integrated into the City of Berea while still being a distinct entity. Most of the campus is beautiful old buildings and all the roads are lined with trees. The dorms are older buildings but are, for the most part, spacious. The Wi-Fi needs work but there are numerous computer labs around campus. The food has greatly improved but is still not the best.
Baldwin Wallace has truly become my home away from home. The classes are great with terrific professors who are always willing to help you out if you ask. The campus is beautiful with terrific dorms as well. The local area of Berea has such a rich history and there are so many new things to do nearby that you can never truly be bored. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can definitely find at least one club to join. The campus food tastes great and there are many different options but they do always have the same things every week so by the end of the year it can get kind of boring. All in all, Baldwin Wallace is a terrific place to go to school and I can't imagine going anywhere else.
The Baldwin Wallace community is inclusive and supportive and values the diversity of its students. I would like to see the university grow to include more graduate degree opportunities.
Baldwin Wallace University is a medium sized, 4 year university in Berea, OH. The campus is beautiful and situated just outside of Cleveland. It has a small town feel with large connections to various organizations in the Greater Cleveland Area. The professors, faculty and overall community are what I believe separates BW from other college campuses. With a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, you really are a name and not a number. Professors take the time to get to know you and really aim to help you succeed. BW has become a home away from home. There are updates that can be made though and always room for improvement. I would like to see a change in housing and some of the facilities. But the people certainly make up for the lack in other areas.
I love the energy of BW. Everyone on campus whether it be faculty or students is so welcoming and friendly. All faculty members are extremely helpful in all aspects. The teaching methods are amazing and very helpful for myself.
BW is great! As a mid-year transfer student I was really nervous having to start everything over again. I went from a huge state school to a very small school. The faculty & staff are very kind. My professors know me by name and want what's best for me, in & outside of the classroom. From understanding the course work to finding an internship or getting involved on campus, they truly make an effort to make sure that we are taking advantage of all the opportunities that are provided here at Baldwin Wallace University.
Baldwin Wallace University is a great institution who puts forth the time and effort to make sure the campus is outstanding and a great place for its students. My experience here has been nothing but a great time in all aspects.
It's a nice enough college. I didn't fall in love with it when I first saw it, but the opportunities Baldwin Wallace offers in regards to creative writing and theater are definitely eye catching. The community, students and faculty alike, are absolutely heart warming. My biggest problem with the school is that, despite my love for the small enviorment, there isn't much to do in the surrounding area.
BW is constantly changing and wanting to be better. As a senior, a lot of the things that my friends and I complained about when we were a freshman are fixed, or on their way to becoming better. Since it is a small school, the night life is small and contained, but there is always something to do if you want to. Music program is everything I could have asked for and more. If you come here and it does not hit you right away, BW will grow on you and will feel like home.
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Very diversity community filled with some of the most interesting and current time/issue classes and electives. Large campus but easy to navigate, with safety being a top priority. Tuition is expensive however they are very generous with their aid. The professors have been nothing but wonderful and their different methods of engaging the students create a variety which drives you to actually go to classes.
Baldwin Wallace Conservatory is a wonderful place to be. The campus is in the middle of a small city. Berea has everything you will need; grocery stores withing walking distance, a spectacular mall, hospitals, and the lovely MetroParks for outdoor enjoyment. Baldwin Wallace is small enough that students do not get swallowed up by large classroom sizes, but it is also big enough to have all the perks of a big school. The only downfall I have found so far is administration. Being a transfer student, it seems that I have fallen into a difficult category and at times, get left out of important information. Several other transfer students have expressed the same feelings as well. Having said that, I have no other complaints about Baldwin Wallace.
I love Baldwin Wallace! It is an amazing school! The faculty is extremely friendly. The music program is very strong at Baldwin Wallace, which is very important to me as a singer. They have so much going on there for the students to participate in like the largest collegiate Bach festival and the Beatles festival. Baldwin Wallace is a great school!
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