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Overall I love Bakersfield College. You can reach out to almost any staff and they are more then willing to help you succeed.
Definitely my favorite type of learning. At first I was very afraid and unsure how to manage online classes, but it’s very easy and professors are always willing to help if you ask for it.
Even though the classes are now virtual, there are plenty of services available such as the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and the DSPS Virtual Lobby. The classes are a bit more complicated but the Professors tend to be helpful and lenient with technological complications.
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I really like that Bakersfield College provides many services for students with DSPS and that the EOPS staff are always there to assist. Even though the classes are now virtual, there are plenty of services available such as the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and the DSPS Virtual Lobby.
in my summer classes, I had to drop a class because a teacher was not respecting a health situation that I have, he was being very rude about my autoimmune disease. Starting my fall semester I was dropped from a class that did not start until two weeks later with absolutely no warning.
The online learning experience is alright. Nobody could have predicted the pandemic. Nothing special, occasional confusion between students and teachers would happen. the most frustrating thing though was when teachers would use external tools. it would make things 100 times more complicated.
I liked how it's neat and the buildings are very nice, but I personally don't like how you get confused on where to go to your destination.
Yes, i'm currently taking 4 online classes and let me tell you its very confusing with all the zoom meetings and assignments they assign, the thing I personally don't like is how they have classes that the same time as every other school and the internet is really poor at times.
Bakersfield College has very good teachers that are tuff on they make sure you get the work done but done right. It has been a different year than I expected it to be I'm a graduate from the class of 2020 from highland high school in Bakersfield. I was in the middle of the panic It has been a hard work of the year but I never give up my dreams to keep going to school and to become a special education teacher. Making a difference for the children that sometimes can't speak for them selfs. The teachers at Bakersfield college support me in what I want to be and they always there to answer any question their team works well to make sure they succeed. The online classes are a little of a challenge but if you work hard and do your best everyone can succeed
What I like about Bakersfield college is that the Professors are always answer your questions right. If your unable to turn in an assignment in that time they are very understanding in any situation.The campus is really nice I seen it before all this panic started.
I am currently taking classes online due to Covid-19. Not how i imagined starting my first year of college, its very stressful since everything is online.
This is my first year attending Bakersfield College since everything is online is hard to tell yet. So far i was able to get what i needed and the help.
All the resources that you would normally have in person are all online, which makes it really helpful to immerse yourself in your college experience, despite the pandemic.
I've only taken a summer course so far but I can definitely see that all staff and students want you to succeed and try to help you find the resources that you need.
I have taken online classes every semester combined with in-person, and I have honestly loved it. Online classes allow me to go at my own pace. I was pretty good at managing my time so it worked for me well. I have taken Spanish, Art appreciation, and career planning online. The professors were always so helpful and responded to any questions quickly so students wouldn’t get behind. They have office hours in which all students can email them for help, or join them on a zoom meeting.
I really have enjoyed attending Bakersfield college so far. I am starting my second year, and it is unfortunate that everything is online now because I miss the amazing people that I have met there. All of the professors I’ve had so far have been so helpful as well as the counselors who I’ve spoke with. My counselor Manuel made the whole process of starting college go smoothly. It is also close to home, so I love that I can even go walking. Although it was a huge change from high school because of the bigger load of work, I do like that challenge.
Due to current situations, all of my classes have been online and it's safe to say that I'm learning as much as I would if I were in class with the professor. The professors at Bakersfield College do whatever they can to make the online classes work and feel comfortable. All of my professors did a great job in teaching and explaining to me even though we were not in a classroom. When I had questions, I never had to wait a long time for them to answer my questions. They made the online experience bearable.
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I am actually a high school student enrolled in an early college program. I have been taking college classes provided by Bakersfield College and have visited the campus very often. It is an amazing college with a really great environment and awesome clubs. It has a really good set of values and allows high school students to get a head start in their education. Bakersfield college also has many ways to help out their students who are struggling financially. It's a college not far from home and makes you feel at home.
More improvement is needed in the online scene. Some professors are very communicative and remind you of the expectations and assignments whereas other professors leave you to watch for the deadlines by yourself. Also the zoom lectures can be rather lengthy at times which can lead to lack of motivation in online classes.
I like how there are a lot of student facilities and resources to use, and I also like how the college provides lots of networking events for different majors.
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