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Bakersfield college is a good college in my opinion, since it’s a community college I am saving tons of money and I really appreciate all the help and programs this school has to offer.
The counselors don't always know what's best for your major and will put you in unnecessary class. It becomes a big waste of time and money.
I don't know what tot say exactly, but It has been a wonderful time. A lot of the programs & everything that is there is for the students heavily.
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This is my second year here at Bakersfield college and, like most people, I decided to go here then to go to a four year college out of state or to another city is because it was affordable. Money is what weighed out any of the other options any of the other colleges were willing to give. Bakersfield College is very resourceful and provides many workshops and programs to help your needs. This includes financial aid, health and wellness services, tutoring, and they also provide a pantry service. The pantry service allows students, who many not know where their next meal may come from, get food for free. One area I would like to see change is the involvement in clubs, so students can connect and establish healthy relationships with each other. Overall, Bakersfield College is a great community college that can fit your needs.
My experience so far has been terrible. The students are abrasive and rude. The professors don't seem to care about the students; it's as if they hate their job and are only doing it for the money. Whenever I need help, professors are reluctant to do so because they claim that they don't have time. Overall a terrible experience so far but I'm hopeful that soon it'll I enjoy my time here more and more.
I love everything about this school. The administration is fantastic, financial aid is always responsive and extremely helpful, and the teaching staff is informative, reliable, and kind. This is the second community college I have attended and it restored my faith in education.
Bakersfield College is a really nice school and I have so far enjoyed my time there so far. The professors as well as the facility are really helpful and engaging. I am currently a full-time student and the classes I am taking a really interesting and have great professors leading them. BC really strives for excellence from there students and there are plenty of resources if one needs help. The one thing the campus could improve on is their student counseling, due to the influx of students it is hard for counselors to keep up with the case load and often times students schedules get mixed up or students hear conflicting advice from the counselors. However, other than that one issue, BC is a great school and I've really enjoyed my time there so far.
My experience in Bakersfield College is starting off pretty great. I’m currently a freshmen in college and am still experiencing the college life, which I’m not really fond of for now.
I enjoyed the scenery and everything, but the staff weren’t very helpful. I had to figure half of the stuff on the own.
In a word, Bakersfield College is: unusual. There are a many opportunities for those who need financial aid; however, one can get overwhelmed with that they need to do. The experience is something to be felt on the campus, but as long as you ask for help, you can survive BC.
This campus is really good, there are many programs and groups that’s make college easier in many aspects.
The professors for the most part know their subject matter very well and can generally teach it pretty well. The main issue I had at Bakersfield College was the students. I always had in mind of transferring into a four year university, and although I do understand others personal choices of their educational career, it is still very disappointing of their perspective of education at this level. Multiple times I have been told I was "trying too hard for BC" when I was studying at the library along with being told "you're just lucky" when I received an A for an exam I studied for. The majority of students are clearly do not value their education and make up excuses for not studying or to why they did not receive a good grade in a class. I do understand that this is very common to see on other college campuses, but I feel like this is a much larger cases and truly spoiled my experience at Bakersfield College.
Bakersfield College is a great place to start your general education. Pick the right professors by looking them up on rate my professor and you'll be just fine. Just put in the work and time and you'll transfer out of there in no time.
The college professors here have helped guide me into what I want as my major. They help answer any questions I have to the best of their abilities. Although classes get stressful I thoroughly enjoy them.
This college offers the courses I need to pursue my degree. The professors have been very friendly and very understanding. The course load is as expected, completely attainable and not too heavy. The only thing I don't appreciate, and I'm sure this is a nationwide problem, is that book costs are way too high.
The professors are very helpful and friendly. They go through what they are teaching very thoroughly .
It was a good experience for getting your GE done. I started with online for the summer. It was fast, but good to do.
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My experience with former professors have has been great. They are very accessible,caring, and humble.
The campus itself is clean. Many renovations are being done to improve the amenities as well as campus. You find good diversity of students of all ethnicities and ages. I have been able to register for all of my pre requirements with minimal hassle. The satellite campus' allow for more class availability as well. The professors at this college have also been great. Some classes are heavily impacted, so maybe adding classrooms as well as professors may help with this situation. The cafeteria food is great and has healthy options available.
Bakersfield College is just like a big Kern County High School. The education received here is not up to what it should be and the campus life is very poor.
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