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Bakersfield college has allowed me to fully explore my options for my life as well as get started on working towards my career.
It does not matter how old you are. It does not matter your race, your not different from any one, your there to succeed at whatever it is you'd like to and if you don't know, you are allotted the chance and time to find out. Everyone is helpful and honest. Thank you BC.
I liked how they valued there professors, because it means a lot to them. Since the school payed and treated there professors nicely it really showed when the professors came to work each day wanting to actually teach and help students better themselves within the class. I feel like Bakersfield College could work on making the school bigger or adding more classes since it is hard for some students to get classes into. Especially if they are about to graduate and only need acouple more classes.
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it is a pretty good community college. it's in an interesting area. the food places near the school are amazing! you MUST try.
Bakersfield College counselors and advisers are very helpful. The professors take education seriously and they want you to learn and succeed. My counselors helped me get the most out of financial aid and there are so many resources offered to help students along in their education.
Decent for locals in Bakersfield. Not anything outstanding. Classes are hard to get registered in. Good way to save a lot of money.
Go to school and continue to work, have a petsonal life, in a big city with a small town fill. College is very affordable, and transfers withing the California University system as a JR.
Overall, this is an excellent school and offers many online classes which is great for those working full time or taking on 2 or more jobs.
My experience at Bakersfield College has been very comfortable and personal. A lot of the help you receive with registration and on-campus needs are handled by employed students which makes the process less intimidating.
Being a community college, Bakersfield College does a good job at facilitating learning experiences and atmosphere. I enjoy that most professors genuinely care about your academic performance and are willing to help if they can.
The professors want you to succeed and work with you. They don’t treat their jobs as just a paycheck. Believe this community college is underrated.
It's not the worst, but it could be ten times better. There is hardly any student involvement, and if there is it's rare. You hardly hear about any of the events happening, and the quality of teachers ranges on both sides of the spectrum.
I've only taken one class, but so far so good. Staff is very friendly and helpful especially with helping you get to where you need to go and such. The teachers are pretty nice and respond back fairly quickly, at least a lot faster than I initially thought.
I liked the fact they give every opportunity for a student to succeed in their academic goal. They have professional tutors with Bachelors degree or Masters degree to help with English composition and Math. They also provide peer tutoring (student tutors) so each student can get help if they need it. On top of that Bakersfield College provide Student instructors to re-enforce what students get from the professor during lecture. It allows the students to have a more approachable environment where students can freely ask questions regarding the topic of their classes.
I really enjoy the staff at Bakersfield college, i always get the help i need. Ive literally visited, every resource possible this year and everyone has a great attitude. I like the shuttle bus this year, it was a very good idea. Specially, the hours they run for, i love it.
Overall it is a good community college just at times can seem like the staff is unorganized and don't know what they are talking about.
Bakersfield College has excellent and knowledgeable professors. Although, BC is over populated and may be difficult to get into certain courses.
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BC is extremely affordable with excellent instructors. I'm an older student and feel 100% accepted with my younger peers.
I attended religiously for 2 years then I took a break for a year due to family issues. Now after hurting my back at work I decided to return to change my major and obtain a AS in Agriculture business management. BC has been very helpful and always willing to work with you to assist you in anyway possible to help you succeed in graduating. I recommend BC for anyone who want to take their general education courses or any other courses.
A safe place where staff and students alike are friendly, engaging, and always eager to help. Many resources are at the ready for the use of any student that may need them, such as peer tutor, professor's office hours, library, and computer labs.
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