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Bakersfield College is the best option for individuals who are seeking to save money. Most of the professors on campus are great and teach very well.
I've been attending Bakersfield College for a semester now. The counselors here are extremely helpful, although some are not as knowelegdable as others. My experience with the professors here so far have been very positive, there has been a couple here and there with their own quirks. The overall culture of the college is very positive and supportive. Courses are so far built pretty well, but of course this varies. Education paths are sometimes changed/tweaked year by year, and this can be very frustrating. I definitely recommend it to those who like a smaller school feel.
A good start to one's college education for the price! I was able to obtain my AA-T in two years. The professors are overall pretty good! While attending the school I played for the tennis team, therefore allowing me to get priority registration for classes which was a huge help because getting classes can be difficult.
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My experience with the school has been nothing but positive so far. The students usually always keep to themselves, but when told to get in a group and discuss they are always willing to speak up and give their opinions. What I like about the college is definitely the pricing. Though attending the school is not cheap, it definitely is not extremely expansive. Working parents can still afford to attend, and there are class times that work with their schedules. What i would like to change is expanding the campuses. The school over the years had become more impacted not only in the class room , but even in the parking lot. At times you have to wait a semester or two before entering a class you need for the fact that the class is already full. Waitlist and all. So expanding the campus and as a result hiring more teachers would definitely be useful.
If only our school had more school spirit in it, it would be so much more interesting.
Sometimes the counselors are not as helpful as one wants them to be, and other times they would rather turn us away than ask for an answer to their superiors.
The staff and students here are aware of the reasons to be here and are excited to help each other reach for the future
I would describe my experience as average because most of the satisfaction was towards the academics. I loved the tools given to help succeed such as the library, math and writing center, and tutoring sessions. The library of course is a great tool because of the different resources inside, however my favorite was the writing center. Being able to have access to others who will give you feedback on essays really saved me, given that most of your classes require some sort of writing assignment. The thing I disliked about Bakersfield College was the lack of school spirit. I love being able to be a part of clubs and organizations and I wasn't as involved attending Bakersfield College as I was in high school.
I started Bakersfield College after high school which was 2013, it is now 2018 and I will be graduating Bakersfield College with a AA. Bakersfield College has been great to me! The four years that I have attended to Bakersfield College it has been fun and stressful. It was the school that I change majors three time and helped me find the major I want to fully succeed.
The faculty at Bakersfield College are very helpful and the professors are always there for your needs. Its a small campus with a variety of courses to choose.
I had a great experience at Bakersfield College! The campus is a good size- it's not hard to promptly go where you need to on foot. The computer commons are great!
If you are not an athlete it is very hard to get classes. Parking is terrible because the college is over populated. The counselors are terrible but the sports counselor is great. Must look on rate my professor to find good professors. Some professor are not good and others are amazing.
Bakersfield College is one of the best community colleges there is due to their low costs, help in financial situations, and has a wonderful nursing program. I do wish that Bakersfield College would make gaining access to the nursing program much easier.
I really admire and appreviate how dedicated all of the professors and staff at Bakersfield College are. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and as if you belong there. It is a positive environment and would recommend this college to anyone. I would like to see the Nakersfield College Delano Camopus expand and receive more resources from the Main Campus.
The school is really good about answering any and all questions I may have, the teachers are also very helpful.
I liked that there were a lot of different class and major that students can choose from. I did not like that students talk bad about the school since it is a community college. That makes the school look bad since people always say that it is for dumb people.
Overall teachers care and provide tons of work, but the administration doesn't and the "safety" team is a joke. The campus parking is miserable, some would call it a joke, but jokes are suppose to be funny. They offer "flexible" schedules like night classes and weekend classes, but no support for them, good luck getting tutoring if you have a job and you're out of luck if you need to buy a book...
Bakersfield College (Delano Campus) is small but has enough classrooms to fulfill your college experience. The classrooms can fit 20-30 people. There is enough parking space to get parking every time if you have a parking permit. Overall, the Delano Campus is great!
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I like this school very much. it has a variety of majors to choose from and the teachers are great. I am a Bio major and so far every professor I have had is great. They all seem to care about their students and do their best to help you succeed in class and in life.
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I started college this year, and so far it’s been pretty good lately. BC has a lot of programs and helps people succeed in life.
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