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it is a fairly nice place good classes with nice sizes and great teachers. one thing i would like to change are the maps which make it hard to get around
The school itself isn't the biggest on safety, but what college is. The academics for majors are good and they have great transfer plans. The student life is excellent.
While in the first year at Bakersfield College, I got to experience a wide variety of changes. All the new people and the different ways classes were ran. I personally believe that the academics excel in many areas at Bakersfield College and I look forward to continuing my education here.
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Overall, Bakersfield College was an exceptional school to take classes. I started by taking summer classes and was instantly drawn in by the faculty with their enthusiasm in teaching the students. As a result, I chose take take a class during the spring semester and have not looked back since. The teachers are perfect and are an above all the best to learn from.
Bakersfield College offers many classes and has some great professors. The actual campus could use some updates, and because there are so many students it can be difficult to get questions answered. But most of the staff are very helpful and the classes are usually transferable.
Bakersfield College actually deserves a lot more credit than it receives. Coming into the college, I thought, "Just another community college," but it is a lot more than that. The classes that I have taken personally have been challenging, because the professors want you to know what is out there. The staff is willing to help you with problems and questions, and if you have any problems with services, you could go to the particular center like counseling, financial aid, or even the student life office if you had some issues with a staff. Overall, the school is great and offers a good experience, especially for those who are lost in the college experience and want to start small.
there is so much Bakersfield college helps students with, many clubs, workshops and help for the needy is giving almost every week. The councilors help you with your future and teachers give you motivation
Bakersfield College is a great school love the staff they are always so friendly and helpful! The staff at the bookstore are really helpful and always have a smile in their face. The books are a bit pricey compared to amazon and one of the English professors i had was kinda perverted he showed things that weren't related to English and always was off topic. I love Bakersfield college because its a good school and everyone is extremely helpful.
I like how others are very helpful in finding ways to class. I also like how the professors are nice and are willing to help you out when your questions might be a little complicated.
Bakersfield College definitely isn't one of the best community colleges out there, but you can get the job done. In my experience so far, it is good enough to just get your general education courses out of the way at a cheaper cost and then just transfer out.
I am a freshman at Bakersfield College and my experience so far has been amazing. I will be attending the Nursing Program and the technology that this college has for this program is very amazing also. Bakersfield College is also very affordable compared to other colleges. This was one of the main reason why I chose to enroll to this school. Although the the only downside for my circumstances is having to drive twenty five miles in order to be able to attend Bakersfield College. I believe that Bakersfield College gives many opportunities to those individuals who do not have the ability to spend a lot of money for books and tuition.
Many day or night classes to help those who work. Counseling department can be very slow at the front desk and not too helpful, but the actual counselors at the stations seem interested and eager to help. Those in offices seem to rush you out of the office. Other than that, my experience has been pretty good.
I think that the school has done a lot of change and centers different programs, tutoring with student a lot more with helping out.teaching them other ways whERE they can understand it better a
by doing it a certain way or what way they can remember on how to do it on their
I'm still currently attending BC ,but I just finished my first semester there. This school was great, nothing like I imagined college would be. The student atmosphere was great and relaxing. The professors were so amazing and genuinely wanted to help us students succeed in their class. Everyone is super helpful, the students, professors and the rest of the staff.
I am currently attending at the Delano campus. The main campus in Bakersfield provides more services, classes, and diversity. The Delano campus still provides classes and has a library, but they do not scale to the main campus's size. The people are not bad people, but it's hard to say for me considering this is my first year in college
Bakersfield college is a good college to earn an AA, or to transfer to a university. Most Professors at Bakersfield College are helpful, insightful, and encouraging.
My experience at Bakersfield College has been fairly good. The offices of student services and financial aid area are very helpful and are willing to help with any questions you have. The counselors have a program that helps you plan your classes ahead of time which is useful in the long run.
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Bakersfield College is a growing community college. I am glad that I started out here rather than spending thousands of dollars going to a university. At BC, the professors are accessible to you at any time. The classes are smaller, so one-on-one time with the professor to actually talk about an issue is more frequent and they actually know your name. In all my classes I have taken, the professors are so excited and passionate about the topic they teach. You can tell they love what they do and are there for a reason and in my honest opinion, the teaching there is by far extremely better than any university.
I love that my schedule gives me time to decide what time I want to start my classes.
I toke an online course this past summer and at first it was hard to adjust, but at the end it was not that bad. To start with, the work load was a little too much since we only had six weeks. At fist I wanted to drop the class but I later decided against it and I stayed because the professor was just trying to scare people off with the work load. In the end I liked my online class and even got an A.
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