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Decent enough college. Some professors like to push their own beliefs instead of proper knowledge and facts.
The staff is wonderful and help to the best of their ability due to how many students there are attending. There are so many helpful programs for students to join to help make college easier.
This school is a welcoming school that truly cares for the well being of their students. Whether it is from an academic point of view or the safety of their students, this community college really wants what’s best for their students.
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The professors are great, only problem I’ve had is with the counselors. They don’t seem to take the time to really try to understand your unique situation to make sure you’re taking the right classes at the right time for your career choice. Just do your own research to ask them the right questions.
While not perfect, Bakersfield College (BC) wasn't a bad college to attend. Most of the professors are more than happy to help if you ask and I found very supportive in helping push their students. The only main downside I have to say for BC is that it's admission and financial aid office staff aren't the best, as I had many issues with them that took months to sort out and little to no actual useful help given.
I like the instructors they really care about giving the students the best knowledge and help students out by not leaving a student in doubt behind treating us like humans some are fast learners and some are not. I feel comfortable being there its hard being the head household of 5 and going to school but its worth it. What I would like Bakersfield college to change is to make their daycare center bigger it would help tremendously.
need to be able to come to school and feel safe. teachers dont care about the students. students should come first not pay checks
I am not your typical student fresh out of high School, I am a mother of two who was scared to go back to school. Bakersfield College knocked down those fears and help me get through two years of college classes. The experience has been great and would recommend this college for everyone.
There is nothing spectacular about this college the campus is boring little to no events professors have what is called academic freedom which allows them to teach courses with very few limitations
I found my experience at Bakersfield College to be extremely rewarding. Excellent professors helped to prepare me for my smooth transfer to a four year university. Professors at this school made it their number one priority to make sure their students learn the material and were willing to help in any way they can.
Bakersfield college is an excellent institution and they are dedicated to helping people attain a degree in their field of study.
I like Bakersfield College it is a nice campus. The professors are nice and friendly. When I started college my freshman year I thought all the professors were going to mean and strict but it was the opposite.
The campus is old, needs updating, but the teachers are good. However, the college is impacted so classes are difficult to get into. The certification programs such as nursing or rad tech are wait listed out by a few years
I recently received my Associate's degree in this JC school. If you are a STEM student planning to transfer, Bakersfield College (BC) is one of the special school for you. Faculties are more than helpful and accommodating.
Bakersfield College was a great community college to attend. Going to this community college before transferring to a university helped me choose the right major. The only thing I would change about this school is the accessibility to counselors.
It's good school,I would recommend to my friend and future kids but make maps easyer to read. Its good for general education and transfer
Bakersfield College is one of the best community colleges in the California. rather than going to the university directly, It will save your time and tuition for you to pursue an AA/AS degrees and certificates if you choose to go to community colleges. The professor and teachers at Bakersfield College are also friendly helpful to their students. Now, Bakersfield College is offering Bachelor degrees in some of the majors. Therefore, take this opportunity for your education.
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There is diversity in age, race, and religion @ Bakersfield College which with an open mind, is amusing. Great place to get an education!
My experience at Bakersfield College was about as average as any community college student's. Besides that i enjoyed it very much, the professors were amazing and the campus looks good for being in Bakersfield. It looks the best during sunset and it is off of a cliff that overlooks an oilfield. The programs are really good because they offer a great deal of participation and help to the students. I love the library and bookstore they are very convenient right next to one another. The cafeteria is big and there are two food sections for great variety. It is simple to get an education here you just have to set goals and priorities. There are many people and recourses to help you achieve your goals and potentially move toward a better school or job. I finished my general education at Bakersfield College and now I am ready to graduate from a four year school. I easily maintained my education and most importantly my budget here.
Bakersfield college is a great starter college to attend. Wide ranges of academics are available. This school is some what diverse , meaning there are a bit of every race there. Professors are very good at their jobs . Safety is a big deal at this school, so needless to say , campus police patrols through out the day . The school is really big but a little dated . The local area is okay ,and as far as the student life , its really fun .
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