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Bakersfield College has excellent and knowledgeable professors. Although, BC is over populated and may be difficult to get into certain courses.
BC is extremely affordable with excellent instructors. I'm an older student and feel 100% accepted with my younger peers.
I attended religiously for 2 years then I took a break for a year due to family issues. Now after hurting my back at work I decided to return to change my major and obtain a AS in Agriculture business management. BC has been very helpful and always willing to work with you to assist you in anyway possible to help you succeed in graduating. I recommend BC for anyone who want to take their general education courses or any other courses.
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A safe place where staff and students alike are friendly, engaging, and always eager to help. Many resources are at the ready for the use of any student that may need them, such as peer tutor, professor's office hours, library, and computer labs.
Bakersfield college is well established. It set up to get you in and out to a university as quick as possible.
Bakersfield college took forever to get out of, you really need to know what you are doing to get out of Bakersfield college in a decent amount of time. You need to research the schools you plan to transfer to and all the classes you need and PLAN PLAN PLAN. You can do it. As far as counselors go very few know what they are telling you, I have caught many mistakes that they have made that could've cost me an additional year. avoid this by requesting an actual counselor sometimes they hand you off to an advisor who is extra clueless. Use rate my professor to pick your teachers, if you do that you should be fine. I had lots of passionate teachers, that have encouraged me to keep going. Bakersfield college is cheap and achievable.
Bakersfield College is overpopulated and the majority of terrible professors, outweigh the good ones. Staff should be evaluated more efficiently, to ensure students are getting what they pay for, and there should be enough tutors available to assist the mass of students that are desperate for help. Personally, out of the FOUR YEARS (yep, four years at a two year community college), every single one of the counselors i've talked to never fully know what they're talking about, each one sends you in 100 different directions. It's almost impossible to get into classes as well, since the amount of students attending basically overpowers the amount of classes available. I would not recommend Bakersfield College to anybody, unless they want to spend their senior year at a community college while their friends of the same year are graduating with bachelor degrees at a CSU.
I love my industrial program their I take welding and my teacher is super cool the campus is always safe and it's good parking it's not a partying school financial aid is ok they could help more the food is ok our renegade center is the best they will help so will our couselors u can use books threw our school app so it's ok
I would like to see the school get more organized systematically and in personal within the buildings.
I enjoy Bakersfield College. It’s campus offers a lot of educational help. My favorite place to go study is the library it’s quiet and there is a lot of study space. I have had really helpful professors as well. Although the classes are harder to get into as I get closer to finishing my general education, it is still a good environment and less expensive.
My experience at Bakersfield college isn't what I expected it to be. After completing my first semester, I came to conclusion that Bakersfield college isn't the best for my education.
Bakersfield College offers many degrees. Transferring from Bakersfield College does not happen often but is not hard to achieve.
I love Bakersfield College. I have had some difficult experiences getting prerequisite classes for a few years in a row. However, I did not give up and I am officially accepted into and beginning one of the nations top registered nursing programs at Bakersfield College. I love the professors, and haven't had a bad one yet in my 5 years at the college. Great college and affordable.
The professors are available with extra time to help in problem areas, the tutoring center is free, open all day to help in all subjects, and it also has class groups to help in your specific class alone with your piers. This college is a great way to earn your degree if you are getting from here or if you are transfering to another campus. Financial aid is available to every one and the staff is very helfull to make sure that you qualified for any help available from the state, federal, or a pell grant.
For anyone who is wanting to go to college, is not sure where to go to and lives near a Bakersfield College campus, should go to Bakersfield College. It is a great start for new and returning applicants, not only because it is financially low cost, professors try their hardest to teach you, services are there when you need them, as well as other students to talk to. Bakersfield college has opened the door for me to have many opportunities to grow and experience as well as helping me find a future, giving me the confidence to keep on going in my academic career.
Bakersfield College was the first school that made me feel welcome. During my time there, I was able to grow into a more confident person with more self-worth. When I graduated, I felt like I truly deserved it. I hope to see an increase in activity from the LGBTQ community there as well as more academic opportunities given to women.
Administration can be lazy and make bad decisions, but the professors are amazing and very helpful. Parking can be a total nightmare though.
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My experience here was very good, this school taught me all of the information needed to transfer. The counselors are extremely helpful and the teachers that taught me were all great at what they did. I recommend people to come to this college if they are looking to save money and transfer, all while having a great educational experience.
Bakersfield College is an easy School to get started with. However, the overall care for students is not there and it is not career driven. If you are just looking for units it’s fine but if your looking for a school that cares another option would be better.
Bakersfield College is the best option for individuals who are seeking to save money. Most of the professors on campus are great and teach very well.
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