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As freshman this year, Baker University has been everything I could imagine. The professors, staff, and students have all been very kind and are willing to offer help if needed. Being at a small University has taught me how important academics are. The professors make it known that classes are hard and there will need to be effort put in. The professors are also understanding if any situations come up that may affect ones grades. I have been introduced to activities I though I would never be a part of. I joined a sorority and met some of my best friends and could not be happier anywhere else.
Great administration people, very encouraging. Worked with me getting everything together and making sure the degree I picked was to suit me. I am excited in beginning this adventure with Baker. Several of my friends have attended Baker and have had nothing but great things to say about this college
Baker University is a small school that exhibits a tremendous sense of community. Whenever you walk from class to class, you are sure to see a multitude of people that you know and that will smile, stop, and talk to you. The professors take a genuine interest in your individual education if you put forth the effort to make a relationship with them. The campus is kept maintained and looking wonderful. There are also several opportunities to get involved on and off campus. I would recommend the school over and over again.
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I was enrolled in Baker - school of nursing, which is an off-site professional school. So my experiences with Baker is not like the traditional Baker college student. The School of Nursing was great, prepared me for my career well.
I love the small town feel of Baker University - it has everything you need, including the best professors you will find!
It's a close campus where you can truly feel like home. The student Life is diverse and active. There's something for everyone on campus and anyone is welcome no matter what.
Hands down best student services, ever! Always available to their students or students inquiring. Up front and supportive to their students needs and goals. Classes are easily accessible with online choices.
You should really go to Baker!!!
I hated this school because of the lack of diversity and full environment. I love the professors and the small classes. I recommend this school to people that do not mind being bored.
It is a great school to get an education, but there is a lack of diversity and clubs. There is not much to do in the town. It gets boring. I am transferring.
No diversity. No food. It made me more depressed that I was in high school. I had to transfer after two years.
I like that the classes are smaller and the teachers are very willing to help you. I would like to see more hands on activities in classes aside from lecture.
I love how beautiful the campus is throughout all four seasons. And I think I would like to see more opportunities for work study
I love Baker University! There are so many things to do on and off campus. The professors are absolutely amazing. They work with each individual student to help them succeed.
Baker University is a quiet community. Greek life is very important on this campus. As for the education, if you love small classes and getting to know your professors, then you will love Baker. The town is tiny and has limited options of where to shop and eat, but as for the university itself, it is a nice place. Especially if you want to get away from the city.
If I had to describe Baker University in one word it would be family. Over my 3 years at this university, the students, professors, and faculty have become apart of my family. Baker is a small university so it holds more opportunities for its students making it an easy place to make connections for later in life.
If I had to change one thing about Baker University it would be its housing options.
The smaller class sizes allow closer teacher/student interactions, great sports programs, diverse student cultures.
I love going to Baker University. It is such a great school with an amazing atmosphere. The campus is small, but is absolutely beautiful! Everyone is very friendly, there is a great Greek community, and the education is wonderful.
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Overall, this is a tough school. I enjoy my professors and the challenges provided by each class. The opportunities are endless if you believe in yourself.
I absolutely love Baker. The smaller college environment isn't for everyone, but it's so nice to have professors who genuinely care about you. Not only that, but the school feels like a big family. It is very easy to get involved as there's multiple clubs and even Greek life. The connections you make here will help so much later on.
Most students don't even know we have a career center and she didn't even really edit my resume all that much. I could've edited it better with out her help.

Also almost no one comes on campus to recruit, we all gotta go looking with the help of our advisors.
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