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Baker was small which I really enjoyed because it was easy to meet new people, and the student to faculty ratio was great. It really allowed you to meet and interact with your professors, and it felt like a more genuine experience.
I did not take any classes online except during the pandemic.The transition was smooth. We switched to online zoom classes and I had more time to study than I did when classes were in person.
I love a lot about Baker. I love that they care so much about their students and about the education of their students. I would like to see more diversity. I understand that it is a PWI but I would love to see more people like me.
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I took some online classes the second semester when we got kicked out of school because of the pandemic. The professor and the staff at Baker made sure that our mental health was okay and made sure that our transition being home was smooth and didn't affect our school work.
I loved going to nursing school at Baker University. The professors were fantastic and the class sizes were small, which created a better learning environment for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great school that will prepare you so well for your future of nursing!
I did not have any classes online, but the in-person classes were wonderful. I'm sure the online classes would've also been good if they had them.
Great staff, lots of class options, and various scholarships. Their advisors work with you personally so they can help to build a schedule that fits your schedule.
Flexible and online classes are amazing. You are placed in cohorts so your classes are with the same individuals which makes it a family type atmosphere.
Baker University is a small private school that is full of mostly athletes or students with an academic scholarship of some sort. Baker University has a beautiful campus with all of the buildings within walking distance. With such a tight knight community everyone has a place at Baker University. In addition to all of these great things the academics and academic outcome is amazing with great job turnover rates.
Baker University is a post-secondary private college that strives to create the best environment for a student to be successful. The college strives to create an inclusive atmosphere that helps aid a student is not feeling alienated on campus and the like. What could be changed is a better focus on campus food choices and experiences more tailored toward student interests.
Baker is an amazing college that offers very personal connections with your professors. The classes can be tough, but if you are really dedicated, it's very worth it. The best department by far is the psychology department!
The campus is small, but beautiful and peaceful. You can study anywhere , the professors show an interest in you and the connections all around the campus are endless. There are so many traveling opportunities , clubs, and the campus chapel is also where connections can happen. The school makes sure you have a job before you graduate and a home to come back to if you want to further your education.
I love baker! The faculty and students are wonderful! It feels like home and I miss it when on breaks. I haven’t once met a mean or unwelcoming person on campus and would recommend this college to anyone. The small town feel is wonderful and it is a very safe campus from all the typical college safety risks. I truly do not ever want to leave there.
I did the graduate program at Baker. I loved it. I enjoyed being able to come for the once a week a night and get all my classes done at the same rate but being able to work at the same. I had a good experience with almost all my professors. Also with my counselor who always seemed to be invested in me.
Hidden Gem in Kansas. A prestigious college known for academics and athletics. They focus on the well rounded student providing a diverse student life with many opportunities for involvement. Professors demand a lot of their students, but also provide the close working relationship and are there to help guide you. Teacher student ratio is outstanding. Highly recommend.
Baker is an amazing school. I love the small community and getting to know a lot of people on campus. Most of the Professors really do care about you and your state of being. Overall it is a great school!
My experience with Baker has been amazing. I love the atmosphere, I love how much of a small campus it is and how close and easy the classes are and other destinations you need to get. I'm involved with the wrestling team and it's a big commitment trying to balance my sport and academic life. The professors are very supportive and are they to help you grow and learn as a person.
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They are making changes to the campus every year so they are listening to the students concerns which is a plus. One negative is parking. There is no covered parking for people who would even pay for it also no security cameras on the parking lots.
Baker provides a great education and sports environment. The exercise science program is top notch and they have a human 3D table to work with. The baseball program provides a great opportunity to continue to play baseball in college.
My experience at Baker University has been challenging but very rewarding. Putting in the work and having my teachers readily available, who also answers emails anytime I might add, is the the prime reason I love Baker.
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