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I have participated in one online class. The class was very informative, and I am going to take at least 3 additional online classes before I graduate with my associates in business administration. Currently, all of the Owosso, Michigan campus' classes are either online, or virtual. I am enjoying taking both online and virtual classes. However, I am looking forward to the day when in-person classes resume. I am planning on working in the summer so that I am able to take at least 15 credits each semester in fall and spring. I do not have any job openings, but I hope to start working as soon as possible. This scholarship would significantly help my ability to pay for my future college classes. I see my college as a huge investment that is worth paying. However, as I am learning in the classes that I am taking, student debt damages my chances of financial success. Thus, I am trying my hardest to get a scholarship that can decrease the amount that I have to pay for my college classes.
I absolutely love Baker College. Baker has not only helped me learn how to write academic papers, but Baker has also taught me the foundational information regarding business. I am proud to be a Baker College student.
I didn't take online courses but I have friends who did and they liked it. The classes are shorter, 8 weeks instead of 16, so they're a lot of work but I have a friend who was actually able to get more done because she was able to take more classes.
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I've had a great experience with Baker College. They are a smaller college which has allowed me to get the time I needed with my instructors. It's not a party college and I'm able to focus on my studies and learn everything I can before graduating.
Haven't begun classes as of yet. Will begin in Fall 2020 online. Excited to get back to school, earn my degree and start a new career!
Easy to apply, helpful admissions and advisors. Baker College has an excellent reputation in the area and my oldest daughter attended Baker.
I did take an online courses, and the instructors would work with you if u were late on an assignment, and they made sure classes coincided together and learned as a team
They are really helpful, class sizes small, and can talk to instructors and they actually help. The instructors want to get you through and help with websites for books that are expensive and if a student is having trouble they will sit down individual and give you ways to fix it.
It was very hard to make the switch over when covid came along but the support I received was excellent!!
Great support from the being of my semester until the end when we had to switch to online classes because of covid-19. First time student with learning disabilities and still had a wonderful experience. Thank you all Baker College Owosso staff!!
I visited Baker two years ago and saw the campus with my cousin who had just graduated highschool. It's a very nice school and so are the people. The dorms were neet and they had a lot of spots for students to do activities. It's not a huge college which is kind of nice, because I prefer smaller colleges. Overall I enjoy my time at Baker, and everyone there is very helpful.
if you are planning to live on campus you must have a car. The town doesn't have many jobs. there are no taxi and the college is doing nothing to help make student problem disappear. hard to transfer credits out.
Had a hard time figuring out how to access my loans through there website and had a hard time sending in the paper work to get my loans. But other than that it really nice and I’m starting my first online.
Teachers all well inspired and highly trained in their field of work. Financial aid centers are always helpful and questions can be answered by email or by phone call
Staff is supportive and encourages students as they work towards their degrees. With all the support that is provided, tackling the courses through the years doesn't seem as daunting. Help is always around the corner and the enviroment is filled with friendly faces.
I am in my 2nd semester at Baker of Owosso and have had a lovely experience. The instructors take the time to ensure I have a firm grasp on the content, and the campus is small enough that it doesn't feel overwhelming. I love that I move from class to class with many of the same people - no large lecture halls which makes it feel more intimate and as if I'm more than just a number here.
Baker College was a good college. It just needs more communication with its students. Also needs more more student life on campus. They also need to set there courses because it changed from 8 weeks to 12 weeks for classes anf took longer.
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The staff here at Baker College of Owosso are super friendly and helpful. All the professors are helpful and make sure you know the material.
Baker College of Owosso is an awesome school, in my opinion. The instructors are proficient in what they teach the students, and they are also very fair when grading assignments. The lowest grade I got was a D-, and that was because I failed to keep up with commenting on the discussion board every week for the entire 16 week semester. Obviously there's going to be some challenges you'll face as a student, but you'll have to be able to face them with confidence because failure isn't a great idea, it's an expensive one. However, what I have learned in all of the classes I have taken so far challenged me in a particular way but if you struggle, there's free help in the Math & Writing center within the Academic Resource Center.
When it comes to campus life, there aren't that many people to befriend unless you go out of your way to stay in contact with them in the following semesters. Also, partying is frowned upon from what I've heard.
For those of us who are sick of being forced to take around 15+ pointless liberal arts classes, Baker is a refreshing change of pace. There are about 6-8 total general education classes that relate to the work world, and then everything else is directly in the major. Everything covered in class is taught by professionals in the feild and are accompanied by stories of their real- life experiences. 10/10 would recommend for the Human Service degree. However if you're looking for the traditional college experience, Baker is not the place. There are very few extracurriculars in the way of sports or clubs, and nothing competetive. Baker started as a buisiness college, and their focus is purely on getting you the skills and degree needed to get and keep a job in the real world. That being said, the staff is very friendly and helpful.
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