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Being a new student here was very scary at first but then I realized it is not so bad. The teachers and professors are very welcoming and always trying their best to help me and everyone else succeed. I have already learned so much and I'm only in my second semester. After being at this school I know that it is exactly what I want to do in life.
Really great professors who will do anything they can to help you. You have really great opportunities if you get out and talk to people. There are so many people with so many connections and they can really help you find a job in your field.
So far, I am enjoying my experience at Baker. The instructors are very helpful and class sizes are small. The staff has been able to quickly answer any questions I have had about enrollment, financial aid, etc.
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The quality of post grad services at my school are great. They do all they can to set you up with a good job and love watching their alumni's succeed in life.
All of the instructors that teach at this school are already very accomplished in their fields so they really know what they are talking about and what to expect in the real field so it is very helpful. The class sizes are kept very small and they are very fast paced. They want you to learn as much as you can as fast as you can so your career can take off as soon as possible.
The instructors at this school help set up internships in amazing places using the many high end connections they have themselves to try to accommodate with where you would like to go. They can also set up job interview in places with their connections as well. As long as you work hard and show it, you can go anywhere.
I am in the Baking and Pastry program that is run through the Culinary Institute of Michigan. This school is very strict on how many days you miss and making sure you make up the days you do miss. The lab's are treated just like regular work days. We start at 7am and end at 3pm with a half hour lunch break in the middle and labs are typically three days a week. It is very fast paced and packed with new skills to be learned every day. Our school has top notch instructors as well as equipment that makes learning a whole lot better.
Baker College of Port Huron is a very small school. The class sizes are small which is better overall because each student gets more of a one on one teaching feel. The professors are more available to help and everybody gets a chance to speak their opinion. If I had to choose all over again, I would choose Baker College without a doubt.
I live 5 minutes from school, quick and easy to get to
hard checking in 5 days a week with work
Open help to all students
a lot of career options for students and grads
I learned a lot from personal experiences from instructors
My classes have been challenging however i learned a lot
I have enjoyed my time at baker so far. I am almost done however I am short 4,000 in financial aid to cover classes. I have learned a lot and the staff is sincere about your future.
Baker is desgined not to transfer credits. once you start here you would have to finish here. I think its a weird thing they did that because they want you to spend your money here. But if you want to go to a different college you would have to retake the class and waste more money on that same class.
its all in the future so I'm pretty positive that my career choice will benfit me in the long run.
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They are fast pace so you need to keep up or try and stay ahead of the class.
I have not seen anything about an internship yet because I just switched my major. But I am pretty sure I can find more in the human services field more than the culinary field.
The chefs at the college are on your butt about things and at the main campus at Baker are a little bit laid back but they are still hard on you on your work. But overall I love how small the classes are. The most you would have in a class is about 20 but through out the course there would be a few students who would drop the class. So the class sizes do go down. Baker does offer a lot for different fields and how professional they are.
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