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Had a hard time figuring out how to access my loans through there website and had a hard time sending in the paper work to get my loans. But other than that it really nice and I’m starting my first online.
Teachers all well inspired and highly trained in their field of work. Financial aid centers are always helpful and questions can be answered by email or by phone call
Staff is supportive and encourages students as they work towards their degrees. With all the support that is provided, tackling the courses through the years doesn't seem as daunting. Help is always around the corner and the enviroment is filled with friendly faces.
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I am in my 2nd semester at Baker of Owosso and have had a lovely experience. The instructors take the time to ensure I have a firm grasp on the content, and the campus is small enough that it doesn't feel overwhelming. I love that I move from class to class with many of the same people - no large lecture halls which makes it feel more intimate and as if I'm more than just a number here.
Baker College was a good college. It just needs more communication with its students. Also needs more more student life on campus. They also need to set there courses because it changed from 8 weeks to 12 weeks for classes anf took longer.
The staff here at Baker College of Owosso are super friendly and helpful. All the professors are helpful and make sure you know the material.
Baker College of Owosso is an awesome school, in my opinion. The instructors are proficient in what they teach the students, and they are also very fair when grading assignments. The lowest grade I got was a D-, and that was because I failed to keep up with commenting on the discussion board every week for the entire 16 week semester. Obviously there's going to be some challenges you'll face as a student, but you'll have to be able to face them with confidence because failure isn't a great idea, it's an expensive one. However, what I have learned in all of the classes I have taken so far challenged me in a particular way but if you struggle, there's free help in the Math & Writing center within the Academic Resource Center.
When it comes to campus life, there aren't that many people to befriend unless you go out of your way to stay in contact with them in the following semesters. Also, partying is frowned upon from what I've heard.
For those of us who are sick of being forced to take around 15+ pointless liberal arts classes, Baker is a refreshing change of pace. There are about 6-8 total general education classes that relate to the work world, and then everything else is directly in the major. Everything covered in class is taught by professionals in the feild and are accompanied by stories of their real- life experiences. 10/10 would recommend for the Human Service degree. However if you're looking for the traditional college experience, Baker is not the place. There are very few extracurriculars in the way of sports or clubs, and nothing competetive. Baker started as a buisiness college, and their focus is purely on getting you the skills and degree needed to get and keep a job in the real world. That being said, the staff is very friendly and helpful.
My experience with baker is very good because i was in a car accident in my freshman year and had to change majors to stay on campus. They work with me to get it all accomplish.
Baker College is an excellent learning institution. I have never failed to be challenged; advisors and professors are always easy to get ahold of. Classes are small so you can get one on one interaction with your professors and they generally know each of their students personally. Online classes definitely take some getting used to. I think you have to put in a lot more work, but it is nice to not have to sit through an in-class lecture.
Baker college is an excellent learning institution. I have never failed to be challenged an advisors an professors are always easy to get ahold of. With lifetime job assistance an educational support you can’t go wrong with baker College!
The instructors at Baker College of Owosso are very friendly. They all have your best interest in mind. The financial office is always willing to help.
Great teachers and friendly environment. The administration office is extremely helpful, they work with you every step of the way to plan out your future at baker.
My experience at Baker was better than I could have imagined, The instructors really care about the students and work hard to make sure that you understand the course material. My academic adviser Mandi was always willing to help whenever I needed her. The only thing that I feel needs to change is the amount of information you receive regarding financial aid and limits on aid availability.
Baker College is a very good school. They have free tutoring, and stuff that is always willing to help. Not to mention the great teachers.
I enjoy attending Baker College of Owosso. It is very hands on and if you need help the teachers are generally very helpful. However there are certain things I don't like however this is a case with very college. I was very disappointed when I learned they will be doing away with the Agricultural program. However I was very thankful that everyone that is enrolled now is able to finish the program.
Being introverted, I knew that the small campus would be perfect for me. It was extremely difficult to meet people on campus. They do not offer clubs, good opportunities to meet people, a lot of people go home on the weekends, and you can't keep your door open. Their rules are unreasonable, and I am the definition of a rule follower so that's really saying something. Almost everyone I met there either transferred or dropped out. I would suggest asking for their retention rate. They also just downsized their campus. Baker is not for those looking to make friends. As for academics, I learned more in 1 semester at community college than I learned in 4 quarters at Baker. The majority of the homework I had was just writing papers. I am a 4.0 writing student and I love writing but the amount of writing assignments is ridiculous. I wrote papers in accounting, economics, and in algebra; which is a highly ineffective way of learning math based subjects. So glad I transferred!
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Baker College in Michigan has many campuses around the state . They keep their tuition rates low and do not charge extra for labs. The campuses are very safe to attend at night and all classroom doors are locked for added protection. The college offers many programs ranging from medical to automotive.
I didn't think I would like Baker when first attending. Now that I've been here for 5 years, I absolutely love it. Its small enough that you can get around on campus quickly but big enough that you get to meet so many different people from not just Michigan but different states as well.
I really like that the professors all currently or previously worked in the field that they teach.
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