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Great teachers and friendly environment. The administration office is extremely helpful, they work with you every step of the way to plan out your future at baker.
My experience at Baker was better than I could have imagined, The instructors really care about the students and work hard to make sure that you understand the course material. My academic adviser Mandi was always willing to help whenever I needed her. The only thing that I feel needs to change is the amount of information you receive regarding financial aid and limits on aid availability.
Baker College is a very good school. They have free tutoring, and stuff that is always willing to help. Not to mention the great teachers.
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I enjoy attending Baker College of Owosso. It is very hands on and if you need help the teachers are generally very helpful. However there are certain things I don't like however this is a case with very college. I was very disappointed when I learned they will be doing away with the Agricultural program. However I was very thankful that everyone that is enrolled now is able to finish the program.
Being introverted, I knew that the small campus would be perfect for me. It was extremely difficult to meet people on campus. They do not offer clubs, good opportunities to meet people, a lot of people go home on the weekends, and you can't keep your door open. Their rules are unreasonable, and I am the definition of a rule follower so that's really saying something. Almost everyone I met there either transferred or dropped out. I would suggest asking for their retention rate. They also just downsized their campus. Baker is not for those looking to make friends. As for academics, I learned more in 1 semester at community college than I learned in 4 quarters at Baker. The majority of the homework I had was just writing papers. I am a 4.0 writing student and I love writing but the amount of writing assignments is ridiculous. I wrote papers in accounting, economics, and in algebra; which is a highly ineffective way of learning math based subjects. So glad I transferred!
Baker College in Michigan has many campuses around the state . They keep their tuition rates low and do not charge extra for labs. The campuses are very safe to attend at night and all classroom doors are locked for added protection. The college offers many programs ranging from medical to automotive.
I didn't think I would like Baker when first attending. Now that I've been here for 5 years, I absolutely love it. Its small enough that you can get around on campus quickly but big enough that you get to meet so many different people from not just Michigan but different states as well.
I really like that the professors all currently or previously worked in the field that they teach.
Baker provides the opportunity to do internships which could lead to jobs in the future. Baker also claims to help you find a job once your done with school.
I'm in a health program, they are very competitive to get into so it is stressful going for a full year not even knowing if you will be accepted into a program. Once you start the health programs classes are only available at certain times and you HAVE to rearrange your schedule to take them, I do wish that was different.
I've been at Baker for a year and I've been extremely happy with my choice so far!
The workload is a lot of hard work, but being its an accelerated program it is what I expected.
The faculty is absolutely amazing and very helpful in accommodating my questions.
There are many options of what classes you can take and each class has many different options for times to have that class. It works well with many different schedules.
I only took 2 online classes and it was something to get used to. I think you have to put in a lot more work, but it is nice to not have to sit through a lecture
We are provided with lifetime job assistance
Classes are small so you can get one on one interaction with your professors and they generally know who all their students are
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Most programs are required to have some kind of internship to get real life experience
I haven't started my program yet
I just go there to go to class and learn. I
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