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Baker is a good college based on academics. They do not have much of a social scene. There is no football team or hockey team. They do have many clubs though. There is only was area for food on campus.
I just started at the CIM recently and so far it is an amazing return on my investment. The professors are amazing and the other students here are nice. The only problems I've had were with Financial Aid.
Baker College of Muskegon is a great small private college, located just a few minutes from Lake Michigan. Overall, I have had a pleasant experience at Baker. The professors are usually quite friendly and my adviser is always willing to help!
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This is the second college I have attended, and I cannot believe the difference between the two. The staff is so friendly and helpful and everyone there genuinely cares about your future. Teachers care so much about their students, and it really shows. I love my college.
Baker college as an overall school is not bad, but they don't have many activities for those who live on campus and some of there rules are crazy, Like depending on major you cant die your hair any other color than natural. Some programs don't allow tattoos or piercings, but there academics are in the right place and the classes are small so help is given when needed.
Baker's Admissions Debbie was extremely helpful. Going to college can be a stressful situation but she helped me every step of the way and answered every question. Everyone was very welcoming and the layout made it easy to locate classes along with the signs. They are straight to the point and give you great hands on experience. They are an education for the workforce and not just to pass test. That is why I'm going back to Baket
Baker College of Muskegon is a very good college. The professors are loving and caring. They staff makes you feel comfortable. The building is clean and comfortable. I feel that sometimes Baker is a little disorganized and gives misguiding information at times. However the college is focused on the success of their students.
It was supposed be a good school, especially for the price and all the problems that i've had to deal with the last 2 years. Main Campus classes are okay, CIM classes definitely teach you real world skills, but the cutting of programs and classes albeit making those of us who are close to graduation stay here longer, costing us more out of pocket.
The only good part that I can remember since attending Baker College of Muskegon was that the campus is small. They need to look into lowering their tuition for the quality of education they provide.
I currently attend the Culinary Institute of Michigan which is a branch of Baker College of Muskegon. All of the instructors are incredibly knowledable and have years of experience in the culinary field. The labs are outfitted with almost every piece of equipment that can be encountered in any professional kitchen, even if there is only a slim chance of a restaurant or bakery owning it.
I had a college visit there and it was very impressive. The guide was helpful and well informed. The school seemed to be very professional.
There isn't any kind of meal plan. There are 2 cafes on the main campus. The RA's are really nice. The facilities are really nice. They do not have any sports which is supposed to cut down on costs. The professors are very nice and willing to help. They also have free tutoring. They're goal is to get you a career so if a class isn't going to do that then they don't have you take it. You have more classes that are apart of your program and less prerequisite classes. The housing is amazing.
I would definitely recommend this school to my family, friends, and peers. The instructors clearly care about their students and are always willing to help you strive to be the best you can. They do not want you to just pass their class, they want you to learn from the class, be interested in it, and expand your knowledge taking it with you in your career. They are here to make a difference and guide us in making a difference.
I was able to get credit for and test out of many of my general education classes.
Baker 101 is somewhat pointless and the only online class ive taken
The career center is great and will help you find jobs and prepare for interviews.
The small class sizes are great and courses are great and career focused, but student life and living could be improved.
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Baker has some of the best career services as most students receive jobs in their field right after graduation.
The facilities are brand new and very nice, especially The CIM campus. The workload is pretty standard and is completely focused on what will make you succeed in the real world and workplace.
So far Baker is a great school educationally, but lacks the larger college experience most freshmen want.
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