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The college as a whole is what my rating is based on. student services and financial aid are difficult to answers from and students are left to fend for them selfs. Putting that aside, the instructors and classmates that I have met during my years at baker are some of the most caring, intelligent, and wise people I have ever met. The people I have met have made dealing with the hassle of baker college a little more bearable.
So far I really do like this place, the social aspects have allowed me to make new and lasting connections. The area is great because of its close proximity to stores and resources and there has been very little negative activity in the area. The campus is also very secure and looked after by Campus Safety so nothing bad within the school has occurred since being here.
just by going and getting my stuff ready the people are very knowable about stuff and will help you if you need anything
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Baker college was a big change of pace for me. I was attending Central Michigan University (CMU) before coming to Baker. CMU was a great school and I enjoyed my time there, But it was too many people and I felt like just another Number. Now, at baker I feel like I'm a student who is scared about and someone they want to see succeed. I have been only attending Baker for close to two years now and it has been a very big time of self-discovery and learning for me. Academics have never really been something I aimed high to achieve at, but being at Baker makes me want to be academically excellent. I have very much enjoyed my time here at Baker and I truly believe that this is a great college with a lot to offer.
I am a student at the Culinary Institute of Michigan working to get my Baking and Pastry degree. The campus is new, beautiful, and well thought out. The classes are small enough to get one on one attention whenever needed and the instructors are happy to help you however they can. Everyone from students to chefs are incredibly passionate about what they’re doing which makes going to school fun and exciting. It’s always easier to learn when you’re doing what you love. The labs allow for hands on learning every day.
Baker is a small school and very easy to navigate. Most of the staff are friendly and helpful. A few teachers are more difficult to work with than others, but all want their students to succeed. I am proud to be a student at Baker.
I love Baker College!! They make it so easy to get you all set for college and they will help you with any problems you may have.
Baker College of Muskegon has changed alot over the recent 2 years from 2017-2019. The overall vibe of Baker is average in most areas. Definitly not a party school. There are small events hosted now and then, but nothing crazy. Safety is very good, no crime around the immediate area. You are able to have a car up at campus for free, no parking fees or anything. The professors at Baker are excellent. They have good energy and all have seemed very dedicated to the educational aspects of their role in teaching students. There are also plenty of breaks rooms, a wonderful library with private study rooms and computers to do assignments on. Staff are fairly friendly and most are willing to help if needed.
Baker College has a small college feel with opportunities and services on par with a larger university. The professors are friendly and professional. They show genuine care for their students and are always ready to answer any questions. The student community at Baker is warm and inclusive. It doesn't matter you are fresh out of high school or an older adult trying to establish a new career. There is something for everyone at Baker.
Baker College of Muskegon is a very nice school and one of the cheapest as well. One thing I would recommend for Baker College's teachers is to make sure they get the students more involved. I had a teacher like that and it helped me understand the class more.
Baker College of Muskegon is amazing. There are plenty of majors to choose from. The people of Baker College are really nice and are there to help you when needed. I really recommend to check this college out.
Helpful instructors who are focused on both academic learning and preparing you for job training. You'll excel if you put in the work!
I went to school at banker college many years ago, and now I'm about to return to advance my education. I really enjoy my experience at baker college of muskegon.
Baker College helps prepare you for the real world. It's a comfortable atmospheres regardless of what stage of academics you're in.
I love that baker is a small school and you get that one on one instructor time. All the instructors are very caring about your career. I also love how you do not have to take classes that have nothing to do with your career choice. I do wish however that you could e undecided while attending here but you can't you have to pick a major.
While the classes in that of themselves are going great, the state of the housing in the student townhouses are poor. Since I moved in my 3 roommates and I have noticed significant issues in regards to the structure of the house. Such as, but apparently not limited to because of new issues constantly arising, a faulty toilet as well as a faulty toilet replacement, water damage to the living room ceiling due to faulty toilet activity, the overall mess caused by the maintenance reps, paint splatters left from repairs that the contractors said they would fix, the consistently igniting stove that ended damaging our counter tops, the loose patches in the ceilings of our bedrooms, and lastly the miscommunication and dismissal of it all. We have met with someone and we want compensation but it seems as though we are not being taken seriously. If this were an issue at any other rental residence we would have not only had the issues listed dealt with expediently but also compensated for this.
I enjoyed the vet tech program for the year I was in. One word of caution for incoming students would be to be upfront and deliberate in how you interact with OneStop advising, otherwise you may find errors with your financial aid.
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The Professors genuinely cared about me and my grades; they did what they could to help when I struggled.
Every class is straight and to the point. It is also one of the most affordable options. The system has changed somewhat, the customer service aspect has gone down some with a great deal of the system transferring to online.
Some of the teachers are great, but the majority are not. They also have some issues regarding scholarships and high school credits. I did meet some good friends through my experience there.
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