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It's a nice place to be at. Teachers are very helpful. Classes are easy to get class to class. Safe enviemont for me. I can get help if I need it.
I've always had a positive experience with Baker College. Anytime I have questions, they are able to answer without issues. They also are focused on the student, and not the their income. Their teachers are professionals of the discipline they teach, therefore someone who has a background in Math isn't teaching English; this is especially helpful when the student has questions.
When I first registered and tried to start, it was quite an obstacle. I did not realize it takes so long to receive the student loans, so I had to pay a lot of the start up cost that I couldn't afford, but once I got going, everything has come together nicely.
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I've never had any experience in a classroom during college, but I love the flexibility of the schedule. I have two small children with another on the way and there would be no way to go to campus. Online makes it possible.
I have had some professors who do not seem to want to jump in and help as much as others, but overall, the experience has been great.
My field covers several different areas, and I like doing it in quarters. It gives me an opportunity to cover a lot without getting bored with one subject.
I have had no issues. I am being very hard on myself with expecting great grades, so it has been nice to have professors who are will to help me in areas where I may be struggling.
They are willing to work around my work schedule and still be sure i get the quality education I need to help be successful in life.
I'm not a very good online learning student. I also believe that being in a classroom I'm able to be more hands on and have any question answered I may need to ask.
Baker College helps their graduate find jobs and gets them off and running in the right direction with their new degrees.
Every school has professors that are better then others so some classes are easy to get through and to be able to get along with your professor, and others not so much.
The value of the degree carries into the work place atmosphere. I have heard a lot of great things about Baker College and I am pleased to hear all of the success stories from graduates that are now in the working field.
I enjoy working on machines and having the opportunity not only at work but also learning more at school while spending time with the machines help bring out the best in me.
I would choose this college to attend again if need be because they have a strong passion for helping students get on track for a opportunity that they could not achieve on their own or even help students get a career, instead of a job.
I want to switch majors but have to finish the first one before they will let me. They only offer certain classes at certain times.
They mark you absent if you don't post something daily instead of logging on to see if you actually look at blackboard they only go by your post
I don't know much about their post grad services
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With the degree I am getting there are not many jobs available unless you go for a further degree5
Classes are different with every instructor. Some should not be instructors but it is about the same as other schools.
The program is wonderful but as many do I want to finish my current degree and go into Nursing.
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