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I have had nothing but a great experience at Baker. The staff and faculty really care about your experience and what you learn when you're at Baker. Every class that I have had has been really informative and really engaged the many different learning styles I had. From very expensive hands on labs and in depth lectures. This is the perfect school for you if you love learning and making connections with your professors.
The Academic Advisors are very knowledgeable and caring for students. They are quick to respond to request and are more than willing to help. My advisor goes above and beyond for me and looks out for me with great advice and tips for school.
I like the learning environment here, and I feel as though most of my teachers have been very helpful. One thing I would change is communication between students as advisors, as I have recently emailed my advisor only to receive an auto-response explaining she no longer worked for the school. I was frustrated, as I had not heard anything about this and I also needed to take care of something, but I managed to get through to someone else. Overall, I would say I have had a reasonably positive experience at Baker.
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More on the expensive side, but they provide you with job placement resources after degree completion. I enjoy utilizing the online option for classes too.
I am currently enrolled at Baker College of Flint and am studying Sign Language Interpreting. So far, I have had an overall good experience with my teachers, other students, and the staff at the college.
The support for students is there, but they are a little vague as to what each step is when initially enrolling for classes. I graduated 25 years ago so when I first enrolled, it seemed as if they assumed I knew all the steps required as far as applying for financial aid, how disbursements worked, etc.
They also don't explain where you go for specific questions. They just say contact student services, even if you actually need to call financial aid.
They are friendly and the college is very nice as far as amenities go. They have thought of little things such as plugs for your phones and laptops inside the oversized chairs you can sit in. I thought that was thoughtful and insightful.
Overall, I enjoy attending Baker College.
Baker college of flint is a nice campus and I go to its sister campus in Cass City. Cass city is smaller and more my style as I like the country life better than city life.
I really love Baker College, because they are not just like every other College; they care about every student and want them to succeed and become successful. I am glad I chose this to be my College and thankful they are so great at helping me in accomplishing my degree. You become family and they don't give you everything handed to you, so you do have to put in effort; however they are like your parents who love you and want you to succeed.
My experience at Baker College was a good one. I enjoyed my time there and the people that I met. I received a quality education and can say that I also learned quite a bit through clinicals. I was part of the Veterinary Technology and received an Associates Degree in the program. I felt and still feel like I could ask my professors anything. Baker college served me well. It was close too home and a great stepping stone for my future plans.
The convenience and experience at my school has been average. Some of the on campus courses are not convenient, but you do what have to be done.
Online courses are not bad when they are beneficial when working and completing other duties at school or other environments.
Post grad services at this school is very good.
Out of all my courses and professors, there have only been one unfavorable experience. This is nothing compared to all of the wonderful experiences that I have encountered.
This school has a very good outlook on careers and placement. a lifetime assistance program is in place for current students and former students.
It is awesome being in the specific field that I am in. The overall staff area amazing and directs you to the correct information if or when they can not be of assistance.
I would choose my school because it is a small campus and the professors seem to genuinely care about your well being. They also understand and acknowledge that there are other involvements outside of the classroom, so they are considerate.
They were fairly good when it came to having class availability at many of their campuses (and online). I was able to get all my classes between the Flint, Owosso, and Online campuses.
So far, I have been very fortunate that I had good online instructors that don't overwhelm their students with lots of assignments. Everything was manageable and instructors were available very often to answer any of my questions.
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The vast majority of my instructors were very knowledgeable and were able to give me a great learning environment. There were a few that didn't work out so well, but was great overall.
Besides two instructors I've had in the past, it was very good as far as my academic experience has been going.
Getting my first Associates was no issue. When I went to go for the Bachelors on Game Development however, I was forced to switch to Computer Science the following year due to unavailability of classed because of low sign-up rate for them at the time. If they had told me ahead of time that it might become difficult to continue my first choice, I would of choose Computer Science from the start and already have some kind of job by now.
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