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I enjoy going go to school here. There are great instructors and good classes. they also have good food in the student center.
I graduated from Baker College on June of 2016. Overall a good experience, but there is always room for improvements.
Not about people. Not about education. It is all about processing.
A grist mill. There is no depth of knowledge from off the street instructors who have no teaching skills.
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I have been a student at baker for 1.5 years and it has been a great experience. I love that there are so many programs and classes to choose from. The small class sizes are also one of my favorite parts. With only 10-20 students per class it makes it easy to make friends and work closely with my classmates. Small class sizes make classes less intimidating, in my opinion. Baker College has quarters instead of semesters and it is my favorite part of this school. It makes me feel more accomplished because I get more credits taken care of in one school year than I would if I attended a school with semesters. Although each quarter goes by quickly (10 weeks), the instructors are very good teachers and help assist with everything they can.
I love Baker College of Clinton Township. I have been enrolled at this school for almost 2 years now. All of the staff are very helpful, and courteous. The staff are there to help students every step of the way. My past experiences with all of my past professors has been very pleasant. They have all been compassionate and helpful. This college have many resources and services that are available for every student. They offer tutoring for math, english, science, computers and accounting. I personally have taken advantage of the math tutoring and the results were amazing, A's and B's. All of the tutors are very compassionate and patient. Overall I have enjoyed my experience thus far and I am happy to be enrolled at this college.
Baker has been alright. They changed my major while the program wasn't complete and they are changing the program again in 2017. I will however be finished with school.
Baker College is good if you are looking to get either a certificate or an Associates degree or if you plan on continuing onto your Bachelors program with them. The degree and classes don't really transfer to other colleges or Universities like they continually tell you they will. I will say that they do have some really great instructors and many of them do care about their students. There are always a few bad seeds no matter where you go, but at Baker I had two extremely influential instructors that really took pride in what they taught us and made certain we understood what they were trying to teach us. Because of them I have been able to finally see where I want my education to go and what field of study I am passionate about.
My Major allows me to switch majors and career fields. Human Services has a total of 3 internship and a variety of job opportunities.
Baker is my very first college experience I love it. Everyone is very caring, gives well explained advise, and tips. I would recommend Baker to anyone.
Good experience overall at Baker.
online is okay just a lot of work.
Never had any problems getting classes. My overall experience is good at Baker. The school schedule is very flexible.
Most professors are great. There are a few that is not so great, but that's okay. classes are small, which is good. the course is fast, but doable.
The career service center is great. I think internships should be better, my internship i really didn't learn nothing about medical billing. We were doing things that anybody off the street could come in and do. They should make sure that we are learning what we are training for.
The Health Service Administration program is good. They don't give you a lot of work, because they know people have work and kids outside school. Teacher are very open to discussing work and helping you with anything you need. At anytime to can call career services and they will help you with finding a job. Baker is a good school.
Love the school. Teachers are really helpful and want students to succeed.
There is never a long wait time to speak with an advisor
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Small classrooms and the professors know your name and are more than willing to help and work with you.
Flexibility is okay we get some when it comes to clinical but basically my whole life revolves around whatever schedule they choose for me.
I have taken multiple classes online and I feel it is all busy work I am just doing assignments not learning material.
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