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Baker college is very unorganized. They are always making drastic changes and us as the students cannot keep up. Makes it very hard on the students to do anything. Signing up for classes, getting the right books or materials you need the the class, getting the work done etc.
I was stalked and harassed by a welding instructor, while the staff turned a blind eye, and someone tried to break into my car. This is a pathetic excuse of a learning institution.
This college has canceled my program on me. It has been a struggle with the school since day one. But set aside that the staff there is freindly and tries to be helpfull.
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Baker College strives to teach students the things they need to know in a real world setting. As a design major, it's great to learn what my instructors actually do in their day to day careers versus learning irrelevant information about design. Not all instructors spend a lot of time instructing. Some seem to rely heavily on materials to teach the class, such as the online programs required for certain courses or a textbook to cover content. However, for the most part, I have enjoyed my experience and look forward to the rest of my time at Baker.
Very fast paced, which I love. 10 weeks is a very short amount of time, but it's efficient for someone like me who would like to finish school as quickly as possible. Some "instructors" (not all professors) seem to rely heavily on material (physical and online resources) rather than spend time actually teaching. The school is BYOD - bring your own device - which is a blessing and a curse. There is a learning curve to the technical aspects that are required to submit assignments and pass classes. Online classes are actually more hassle than physical classes. It's much easier to show up to class a few days a week and do work when it is convenient for me. The best thing about the school, in my opinion, is the flexibility of class times. I am glad I'm attending, but I wouldn't recommend it if other options are open.
Once in the program was able to get classes without a problem.
I prefer the classroom setting.
You get to intern at several area school.
Some blackboard work can be confusing.
Hand on labs, large amount of homework.
Fast paced must be dedicated as a student.
The flexibility of classes are great, you can work around just about any schedule you may have with these type of classes.
I personally have never taken an online class, so to know how the experience is I do not know personally.
Baker College post-grad job prospects are very good, as they help students get a job and will help them for the rest of their lives if they need it to find other employment, because of Baker's program called the Hire qualified program. This is a fantastic program, and has helped many students find a job, that may have never found one on their own.
Most job/interships have great prospects, along with employers on/off campus recruiting students.
Baker College offers many different courses, all of the professors that I have had while going to Baker are great. Depending on what the class is some of the class sizes can be overwellheming; and others are small.
I am currently in the Medical Assistant program. I am enjoying it very well. I enjoy the study of science, but the medical aspects are also of my interest. If you go full time, you can have your degree within a few years; but if you go part time it is going to take a little longer to get your degree. The workload just depends on the student. The facilities are kept very clean. The interships/job opportunities are great, because of this program Baker College has called the Higher qualified; they see to it that helps students get jobs after the have finished their schooling, and for the rest of their lives also.
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I like the idea that Baker College of Cadillac, helps the student/s get a job through a program the call Higher Qualified even after the student has graduated, for the rest of their lives. This has helped so many students that have graduated from Baker College.
The experience of learning new things about something I am passionate about has been amazing. This college has excellent instructors and great tutoring programs.
Classes are really good, and they work with your life.
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