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Baker College of Auburn Hills is a great Private college to go to. Its a small campus dedicated to helping their students persue an associates, Bachelors, or Masters degree. There is no living on campus, no food court, or athletics center. But that shouldnt stop you from going to this college. You can expect small classroom ratios from 1:20. The teachers are friendly and will gladly help you if needed. The campus security guards are always glad to help, and are nice people. Baker College also offers a life time employment plan, as long as you graduated from Baker, they will assist you in finding a job just for you! The students there are great peers, and are quite friendly to everyone.
The post grade services are good. They help the graduates find jobs now that they have the degrees or certifications to do the jobs.
For my first year of school I could easily build my class schedule as needed how ever when I got into the respiratory program you had to take the classes at the specific time they were and there was only one time. I also had to take as many classes as they had set up in the rotation plan I could no longer pick and choose what classes I was taking and it makes setting up a work schedule difficult when the classes change every ten weeks.
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I found there was an adjustment to doing online classes. It was difficult to get in contact with the professor in my experience because they were in another time zone. The workload was okay and there were requirements for peer-to-peer interaction.
The class sizes are small ( the most I had was 26 people) which I think is very beneficial. The school offers lifetime job placement. So far I have not heard of anyone graduating from the program having issues finding a job and many have gotten offers at the places they went to for clinical sites.
The class sizes are small. There is a good combination of lecture and hands on lab. The professors are knowledgeable in their careers.
I have had a great experience so far. The courses are accelerated and it is very important to make the time to study and keep up with the work load because it easy to get to far behind. I love the respiratory program and I feel like I am learning so much from my clinical experiences at the hospitals.
The program I am in really is specific to what I am gonna need to succeed in my field of choice. It is a heavy work load and there is a lot of extra work that is required outside of scheduled class time. The curriculum is very major centered. There is a large market for when I graduate to find a job. I am in the respiratory program and so far I have not heard anyone who graduated having a hard time finding a job.
The workload has been continuously moderate for the past five years. Nothing too unfair that I could not handle with some discipline and motivation. The facilities have been one of the cleanest I have esperienced. Even my family memvers made comment about how clean the bathrooms remained. I also thought it was awesome to have an on-site dental clinic as our working experience. It made school feel like a sense of home.
I have enjoyed every single one of my instructors throughout the past five years. Baker strives to employ the best professionals in the field. They are very helpful to both new and seasoned students.
Accessibility has been wonderful and it even has a decent sized parking lot so you don't have to walk an extraordinary amount to get inside. As mentioned previously, the flexibility of classes offered is pretty slim. Although most are offered at night which is usually a time that many working individuals can make.
Personally I am not the type of student to take an online course. I took an online class in nutrition and did not particular like the style. I learn much better on class rather than through an online course. The class helps to motivate students. For those that don't have the freedom to travel to classes, online is a great alternative.
I have stayed connected with my former instructors after graduation. I even get fortunate enough at times to be offered positions through them when in need. Unfortunately since I went back to school, time is limited. Although in the future I plan to consider new positions offered to further my experience.
As far as instructors, the selection has been wonderful. I have been delighted to experience each and every one of their teaching styles. The class sizes were another perk to coming to this school. You get a more one on one experience and easy to ask questions. The only down fall is the selection in times to take the courses. Since it is a small school, classes are usually only offered by one person each quarter or sometimes not offered in select quarters.
All of the staff have been extremely helpful and genuinely interested in your success. They are there for anything you may need.
I decided to go back to school after I had just recently graduated from the dental hygiene program. I was told the work was going to be much easier, but was caught off guard when the courses were actually quite tough. The courses are very interesting and has been opening my eyes to new aspects in the everyday working individual. It has been hping to become an idependant individual. Unfortunately, I was informed that student coming from the same program I did and transferring into the same program o am currently in, have one less year of schooling. It doesn't make sense how I have to spend twice the amount of money for the exact same degree. This has been very frustrating since I havs been searching for ways to fund my last year when other would already be done.
Most of my classes are at night so I do not have to worry about them crashing into my work schedule
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The online classes are very easy to use, I just finished up with 2 and I had very high grades in them.
I am still in my first year so I have not had experience with this.
My experience has been really great, when ever I needed help they were very quick to reply and help me. What I hear about my friends schools I am really glad I chose Baker
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