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As a new transfer student, I love it here! I used to attend Henry Ford and I just felt like there was too many students there and none of the faculty members actually focused on me. Here in Baker, its the opposite. I have faculty members who know me personally and who actually enjoy helping me rather than feeling obligated to assisting me. I am glad I transferred over to Baker College of Allen Park. There is plenty of resources and programs waiting for the students to use.
I loved the flexibility of the classes available . It makes it to where even if you have a family or a demanding job, you can still find a way to take classes. They also offer online courses if that works better for you. I earned my Associate's degree on campus and am working towards finishing my Bachelor's degree online. The campus in Allen Park has a strong security officer presence so I always felt safe on campus. I would like to see them do away with smoking on campus.
The Experience I had with Baker College Of Allen Park was awesome, the teachers there are very helpful, including the counselor. The campus is beautiful, and also the class sizes are very small.
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I love the smaller classes that are available at Baker College of Allen Park. The professors are always so engaged and ready to teach! The teacher prep program, as well as the early childhood program has some of the greatest professors I have ever met!
My over all Baker College experience has been great. I love the diversity of instructors and their methods of teaching. I have never had a problem understanding.
I can not say enough nice things about this school. They are always willing to help you. They put you on a certain career path from the start without all the extra classes. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience there. It was the best decision I made was to switch to this school.
My overall experience has been remarkable, the overall staff is wonderful. For the most part the teachers that I have encountered are very helpful, classrooms are just the size i life and feel comfortable in. Especially because teachers are always available to help either before or after class. I have given up in my education since I really couldn't find a school that I was conformable in. But all that changed when I moved to Allen park and Baker College was literally seconds away.
My experience at my school has been very successful. I've learned alot and have gotten the knowledge that I need for my career.
Im not a big fan of online courses I prefer to directly attend class.
The career center offers help with finding job placement.
The teachers at Baker are great, they teach in a professional buut realistic way. The class sizes are small which makes learning easier.
I currently have a degree from Baker College, I feel having a degree from Baker College is an overall success because the school itself is a great school with a high profile.
My internship helped me utilize my book and hands on skills. At my school my courses are taught by professors with master degrees that all have high demand jobs within the field im majoring in.
Baker College has taught me that the success of a college student starts when you truly realize your career is important.
While I have not yet had the opportunity to use post-grad services, I know that they are available. They help in job placement for your entire career, not just while one is in school.
While some classes and instructors get off-topic, most classes are great and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. Classes are small and discussions are encouraged. No one in my experience has been made to feel inadequate for their opinions.
They work hard to get you into good internships. They offer assistance in getting a job for your entire career, not just while you're in school. Recruiters come to the school often, and job postings are accessible.
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It's been a heavy work load, but the assignments aren't terribly difficult if you can apply critical thinking. I have not entered any internships yet. It is a little weird that while psychology falls under human services at this school, many psychology classes are not included in my rotation. However, I can petition to get those classes added.
While I am currently having communication issues regarding credit transfers, as far as the education goes, the teachers really care. The class sizes are small and intimate. The teachers know what they're talking about, as they have experience in the field.
Online courses are very convent for people that are unable to take classes on campus. You learn just as much as you would in a class on campus.
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