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This not your typical party school. This school is focus more about obtaining your degree. For the most part all the professors I've had were knowledgably and very understanding .
Working full-time to support my family, I was left with very few options to obtain my bachelors degree. But, Baker College Center for Graduate Studies allows me to take 100% online classes, which allows me to do homework outside of work. The teachers are fantastic and really care about the students. Even through the classes are 100% online, the engagement between myself and other classmates, isn't lacking.
The career options are varied and promoted well
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I think that the professors mostly really care although there is some disconnection because it is online
I am not enthused by going to school any longer and this may be because I have attended for far too long and I am attending online. I don't feel that the experience is the same as a class room but this is all that I have time for due to my personal life. Although my school is an excellent school I just want to get it over with. I will say that the college makes a sincere effort to see me succeed but at a high price. The advisors are awesome and helpful too.
I am in the Web development program to receive my bachelors degree. I can pull up the courses that just apply to my degree program to register.
It was very easy to apply and be accepted to the college.
The staff at this school is very helpful and replies quickly in various departments and needs of the students.
I received a quick response to any questions I had regarding my financial aid.
there's so many options, regarding business that is. So if you are unsure of what you want you can always switch as tehre are multiple courses which go to another major.
The workload is normal, it's tough but what you register for is what you get so you must put in time to your studies. the curriculums are well made.
No problems parking at this campus anywhere, even in the summer.
Nothing special. It's just for money.
The diversity on this campus is not apparent.
I have not been told of any scholarships...ever...
When I decided to take the step to attend Baker College, I couldn't believe how smooth the process was. Most of my credits transferred from my previous college. I was walked through the entire process and it was stress free. The most important criteria for admission were my transcripts from my previous schools.
I have a daughter with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrom (bone marrow failure/pancreatic insufficiency disease, so attending college around my schedule is ideal. I wanted to be able to take classes from her hospital room if need be. I am currently attending full-time and I have learned more from Baker than I did from a brick and mortar college that I attended fresh out of high school. I am very please with Baker and their accreditation.
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Off campus housing is the only option because this school operates online.
The drug scene at Baker College Center for Graduate Studies is not applicable because the college is online. Since I do the majority of my homework from the library and at my home I do not have any encounters with drugs.
I'm just starting my Computer Science major, but so far it is wonderful. I can see where some of the classes are going to be taxing because I'm fairly knowledgeable of the subject matter so I will be bored. However I'm looking forward to it since I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and can't find a career in any scientific field since I've graduated in 2007. I figured that this is a booming career opportunity, which is why I chose it. Also hopefully by the time I'm done the economy will be back on its feet. My goal is to hopefully work in either Cybersecurity or Software Design. My worry is like everyone else and that is just finding a job in my field of study and hopefully Baker will provide some guidance and help in my pursuits.
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