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I really enjoyed going to Bainbridge State College. I never really had any issues with the school. They often had activities for all students and they were fun and free, the faculty was helpful in anything I needed help with, and the teachers were very helpful if I did not understand something, they would openly help and give direction in what to do next.
I would like for them to be more organized when switching over to a new school name. We student don’t know if we are suppose to be getting a new i.d. Card because we’re not BSC anymore.
Bainbridge State College was a very good place to take my first college class. I was a Move On When Ready student and felt very prepared for the rest of my college career after taking my course.
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Bainbridge State College is a good start school when starting your education. If anyone want to get their starter classes out the way Bainbridge State College is the place to go, or even to finish up a program of studies and further your education else wear to master all the knowledge you can in your course of studies, due to the lack of programs and transfers of programs they have. Its not a party school more so for people that are looking for the straight path of education and being focus driven on education. The only thing I wish they had more of is activities for the student more interesting and athletics to draw more students to the school. Over all on the up and up Bainbridge State College will start you in the right directions your success depends on you.
I wouldn't change a thing about this college. The staff is awesome and very respectful and helpful. The courses are very thorough and a very clean campus.
Not really a wide range of bachelor's, but quite a few associates. Good for those locally pursuing EMT, Nursing, other medicals, Early Childhood Education, Accounting, Criminal Justice, but that's about it.
College has online courses that are reasonable rate and accomadating to continue with a full time job.
Bainbridge Satan Colleage only has one four year degree that I know of. I will be graduating in May of 2017 with an Associate Degree in General Studies. I want to continue my education but unless I want to study Business I have to attend another institution. Why, if Bainbridge is a four year college why can't I earn a degree in any field? Not so, unless I want to be a Teacher, or study business I have to look elsewhere.
Everything about Bainbridge College is convenient.
They are okay. They aren't anything special.
If you say you graduated from there, you're not saying much.
All of my professors have been extremely understanding and helpful.
It's ok. I mean, a degree is a degree.
Our youth apprenticeship program is one of the best around!
I enjoy it, but it could be more advanced.
They has a good team to have and advise you with your classes.
Its all left up on the professors I had some good one and so not so good.
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The school is small but what ever it take to help a student to get what they need.
I have build a great relationship with the professors its not anything they won't do for you.
The campus is a wonderful campus I truly enjoy the campus.
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