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The dorms need lots of TLC! The food in the cafeteria was not the best, wish their where more healthier options
Professor was good, provided good feedback and responded quickly to emails. Would take online classes again!
Bacone is a very small, four year private college. Being small, this gives students a better opportunity for one on one time with teachers. The staff is nice and helpful and actually wants you to succeed.
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It's a good school, you just gotta make the best out of it. The people that leave are the one that just talk crap about the school yet they don't go to class and fail out. From my experience of being at bacone you'll definitely need to make a great friend group otherwise you'll be pretty bored
What I did like about Bacone was the class sizes. And the wide range of ethnicities throughout the school. The bad part about the school is the tuition. It is so high and we don’t even have a decent looking campus (Classrooms, dorm rooms).
As far as the classes go Bacone is a very easy school to pass. But that's not what I came for, I came because I was told that the program I was interested in was very good and also very popular. I feel that this school is way too expensive. Especially since students pay so much money for poor housing and food. We do have to live here so we should at least get our money worth.
It’s a small college that’s growing steadily with an extremely athletic atmosphere! I enjoy the small campus because vehicular transport isn’t needed, the staff is very nice, and there are generous offers bigger universities cannot offer due to large populations such as free give outs of snacks, toiletries, clothes, and school supplies bi-weekly!
I would recommend bacone college for people who want a smaller campus and more intimate relationships with their professors.
WORST SCHOOL EVER DO NOT GO!!! Please DO NOT GO. I had been placed in a dorm filled with bed bugs and they didn't tell me until the exterminators came to my dorm. THIS WAS MY FIRST NIGHT. Communication sucks you have to email and call to get any assistance. they only care about money!!!!!!! teachers and students are nice and but anything else is a NO!!! I have charges on my account for things I never received. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! The dorms are R A G E D Y. I seen roaches in the bathroom 😭😭😭😭
Bacone college is a small college in the heart of Muskogee, Oklahoma and the college really isn't eye candy but Bacone college has a good and hardworking staff. The professors genuinely care about your success in their classes. The student body needs some work but Bacone is full of beautiful people and many of the students understand one another because they are all in the same situation but Bacone is a small college with the opportunity to grow
Worst college experience EVER! So unorganized and they only care about how many sports students they can recruit to get money. The dorms and building are falling down. Alcohol and pot parties nightly at the dorms (these are student athletes) Campus police is a joke and will do nothing. Housing was made aware of drug use but the coach did not want to drug test. Wonder if NAIA would like to know this? One female basketball player got alcohol poisoning and was taken by ambulance to hospital. No consequences was playing in next game. Assistant coach uses God's name in vain and drops the F bomb constantly during practice/workout. So much for a "Christian" based school. Honestly, if you can go ANYWHERE else do so. This school is overpriced and horrible. Financial aid gave me an award check then months later said they overpaid me and I'd have to pay it back WTH??? President is well aware and chooses to do nothing. Very disappointed in my first college experience.
It was fun I liked everything about it i loved the campus and the teachers also I like the fact thathat the class room sizes are small so I have that one on experience.
I got my Ass. Degree at Bacone College and it was a wonderful experience. The instructors were always there to help in any way. I had lots of support and was able to graduate with honors and a high GPA. I owe all my instructors a lot for the extra help I received.
Bacone College is a very diverse school and that is great. The professors are really focused on the students success and they really want to help us get where we want to be in life. The students are from all over the country, and there is even some from over seas. The students are really easy to get along with, they are really nice. The dorms are great, but you have the occasional loud ones upstairs.
I have class everyday and I leave with little or no work due to the helping of the staff.
I have never attended online classes.
These ladies here will do whatever they can to help and will see what is better for you.
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The classes are awesome and the Instructors are so helpful. Friendly faces and student services will go above and beyond to help you with what ever they can.
we have a few clubs to interact with and even a internship is also available to our student.
I currently am Dual Enrolled into Bacone College/Comanche Nation College. I attend class at Comanche Nation College and the faculty is awesome. It is a small school and we get the one on one time that is needed for students who need help. The Instructors are currently trying to teach us with out our textbooks that are needed for our classes. Misty Olsen had to be reached my phone after calling repeatedly from four different phones at the school. The Director,Reba, told us she was busy and has not gotten to her emails yet. This is very unprofessional the lack of communication between offices if she can not handle the work she is assigned she needs to ask for another person for help. This is my third week of school and the papers that we were given for book waiver was obsolete but Misty did not tell Comanche Nation College until after all the students returned the paper.
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