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Babson has a very small undergraduate student population. I love it because it forms a tight community for the students. The dorms are amazing and cozy. All the dorms are on campus so it is easy to commute to class and back. The classes are also small so you can really connect with the professors and learn more. There are many student resources on campus to help you land internships or study abroad.
Very good academics unlike other schools which have big lecture halls. At Babson, you are expected to be very engaged in class and do your work. Everything is perfect at Babson except the location. On weekends, a lot of people go to Boston which is about a 20-30 minute drive. Babson is definitely worth it if you plan on pursuing a business career. The people you make connections here are worth it alone. We don't get much attention college rankings since its a school that only has business as a major but the academic environment here is definitely top tier.
Love Babson. Professors and community really care about their students and are dedicated to helping you find your path.
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So far, my experience has been great! The school gave me the opportunity to network with people from all around the world. It has truly opened the doors to many opportunities.
Amazing experience so far. At first I was nervous about the social life and strength of academics, but so far I could not have made a better decision. My classes are challenging, but manageable and I've already made a great group of friends.
Babson has been a phenomenal experience thus far. The professors genuinely care and push you to be your best, and the courses are pleasingly challenging. Campus is gorgeous and the people the populate it are great. If I were to change anything about it, I would want it to be a bit bigger (maybe 3,000 students) so that you have the small campus feel and community but see more faces around.
So I got lucky in the lottery and got Park Manor West. I might be biased but it is the best residence hall here. The rooms are way bigger than the ones in Forest Hall and PMW is located quite near all the classroom halls. A lot of activities are also held in proximity to PMW. There's barely any party in PMW which suits me perfectly.
I haven't been to a single athletic event but then again it's only the second week of school so who knows. I am surprised that there's an actual gym here. They have workout sessions as well if you want to join.
Babson wasn't my number one choice to be honest. I thought I would hate it here but I find myself liking it. The people here are really nice. Mostly anyone would be friends with you if you just reach out and say hi. I've seen some of students asking other students (strangers) to sit with them when they are alone. The professors are generally nice and willing to help.
I feel very safe on campus.
The professors are pretty qualified. Take Fetters.
Dorms are pretty nice, and pretty specious.
There is really no separation between greeks and non-greeks. Most greeks don't live in greek housing.
Let's be real, I have never gone to a sporting event here, nor have I ever heard of anyone going ti a sporting event. My high school have more spirit.
I would choose this school again, because it has provided me with unique perspective.
No indoor tennis courts, exclusive facilities for varsity athletes only, very disappointed with not being able to access these facilities. I pay $60k+ and don't get to use them? Come on, what is that...
Terrible course selection process, professors are unhelpful, the administration is atrocious and corrupt, I was assaulted and the school did nothing, left him in the same classes as me, and left me traumatized. The lack of action is because the student was on a full scholarship and the school didn't want to ruin their relationship with the scholarship association. This is the most corrupt school I have ever discovered.
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Our school is safe, I've never felt uncomfortable.
The career opportunities if you have a degree from this school are endless. The top places in business around the world, LOVE Babson students. We're just better, ranked number 1 for Return on Investment actually!
Babson gets an A+ in academics: great professors, great advisors, small intimate class settings.
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