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All of my professors kind of just collectively decided to give everyone a free pass for the semester. But the learning itself is pretty seamless if you have the attention span to learn at a computer.
Babson's education is good but not amazing. Classes heavily rely on group work, which has perks, but with the massive con that a lot of your education comes from your peers who are also fresh out of high school, instead of your professor with a PHD in their fields. A select handful of mandatory classes are genuinely challenging, and a good amount of classes are genuinely interesting. What can not be stressed enough though, is the dire state of the food. The dining hall is an afterthought for administration but a three meal a day occurrence for students. I've known people to become ill, find metals, and large patches of mold in their food. Staff can be rude, and administration largely refuses to listen. I would recommend Babson to a peer based on the environment and education without a doubt. But the food is so bad, for four years of your life, that I would seriously recommend looking elsewhere for a college.
I like Babson overall. I enjoy the campus environment, the classes, and the people. I like living in the dorm and going to their fitness center
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I like online classes. The professors all are great both online and in person. The professors make it seem you are in the actual classroom.
Babson helps you build connections and networks that will help launch your career paths.

Additionally, the professors truly want you to succeed. The support you get t Babson cannot be matched by any other university.
The professors were extremely considerate and tried to make online classes the most convenient for their students.
Babson College is well known for entrepreneurship. The classes and students are all business focused and through these classes you truly learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. The classes are challenging and the professors are amazing. Through office hours you can establish relationships with professors which may help you if you plan to create a business or need help with a class. There are multitudes of other resources on campus to help you if you plan to create a business and resources/tutoring for classes. Overall, the academics are the best part of the Babson experience. Honestly, the going out scene is not great because the school is so small and the students are so diverse. The people that go out on campus are mostly on sports teams and in fraternities and sororities. Through this, you get close to a smaller group of people and have a good time because you can always see someone you know on campus. The food has gotten better in recent years.
I took classes online when they moved online because of the corona virus. Overall, Babson did a very good job of accommodating for the new class structure and I was pleased with my experience.
I think Babson has been the best decision I have made. Regardless of some up and down experiences with professors(which is normal), the over experience has been very ->diverse, international-friendly, open, and encouraging. You feel supported on the campus by the faculty and professors. The ambitiousness of your fellow students keeps you moving forward as well. And housing and dining have been improving over the years. Highly recommended!
Phenomenal experiences. Classes are great and get a lot out of it. Social life can be a bit better though.
I loved the community, it's so unique. I feel like the people you meet at Babson are ones you want to stick around for all your life. They're supportive and create a really nice environment. Since the campus is really small you get to really make a lot of meaningful friendships with the faculty and students.
Amazing experience at Babson College. Although Academics wasn't rated the best, there are some amazing professors and I love that basically each class had a group project or presentation. I had most of my learning though in opportunities outside of class.
I like the close-knit community and small class sizes. Professors are very good with a lot of experience. High level of diversity with a big percentage of international students.
Babson College is unique and teaches in a business-oriented setting. It is small and a connected community and allows students for a high quality business education.
Great place to go to school. Professors care about you and every course helps your personal and career development. I'm 8 months post-grad and can't believe how much I learned at Babo has come up in my work. Being close to Boston opens a ton of doors as well.
Babson is a great school. I very much enjoyed my time here. Don't come in expecting a party school: the scene can get kind of dry after 4 years. The academics are top notch and provide a holistic view of the business world.
So far, Babson has been incredible. Faculty are dedicated to the success of their students in the classroom, and the administration seems set on making the student living experience as enjoyable as possible. Everyone is driven to succeed, and although the course load often seems overwhelming the environment created by the student body is encouraging. I just wish more people would attend athletic events! The teams here are amazing! I will note that a few if the buildings feel a little out dated.
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The new President of the college is changing the campus with a vision of the future. The college is improving tremendously!
I am amazed at how ethically focused the business education is. It's also is the safest setting I have seen adolescents indulge in partying irresponsibly. The safety department holds true to their title, they really prove to be our friends in the cause for safety. The campus is small and comfortable, and is currently finalizing the finishing touches on its renovations celebratory of its centennial. Greater racial diversity within the staff is encouraged.
The academics were great and you can major in whatever field you wish to. Babson lets you follow your dreams and the campus is great!
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