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I am about to finish my first year with this university. I am currently in their Bin program and am very happy with it. I feel as if I am getting a solid education to better prepare me for the nursing world.
I think Azusa Pacific has a lot of great things going on first of all the faculty are always helping you to succeed. I have never heard of a teacher that does not want the students in their class to fail or not pass with a good understanding of the subject being taught. I would say the school has become more diverse than ever before and I think it would continue doing so. The school is reaching out to locations that would allow there to be more diversity among students. The housing and food court seems a bit outdated but the food court has been getting remodeled which would liven up the campus more. Finally, I think what the school does with high school engagement really helps to give the students an understanding if Azusa pacific is the right school for their education.
APU is a Christian university with staffs who are willing to extend their care for the students beyond the classroom. It has a decent campus and student life, but it's definitely not a big party school. The science department of APU is especially challenging, but the faculty members are all willing to help.
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Great private school. Friendly and caring community. Beautiful, well-maintained campus. Lots of food options.
I enjoy Azusa Pacific University because they truly put God first. The faculty and staff here truly care about me and it's evident. I'd like to see things like chapel be reduced because it can be very discouraging to be forced to attend chapel as often as we are. The lessons are great but it certainly became like another class rather than an encounter with God and His people. Other than that, the athletics are amazing as well as I play football here and the coaches truly care for you and prepare you for life.
This is the best college I've ever been to. They are always there to help you, the guidance counselors, the success coaches, the teachers, everyone is excellent and providing the best kind of support needed to accomplish your education goals. I am more than impressed I never want to leave. It's almost like family helping you whenever you need it. And the education is astounding. I tell everyone I need how wonderful Azusa Pacific University is and recommend it to anyone.
The music department feels like I is disorganized, and the only ones suffering it’s negative outcomes are the students.
My experience at Azusa Pacific has been great so far. The professors are great and I have met a lot of great people. This university has also helped strengthen my faith and relationship with God. What I wish would change about the university is the cost of tuition; It is a very expensive school.
Fun and friendly atmosphere where the professors are extremely committed to the well-being of their students. The teacher to student ratio allows a more intimate learning experience for students and fosters a healthy education.
After transferring to this school from a community college, this was one of the best 4-year university I attended because the teachers are very support and flexible with trying to give the best education to their students. If I did have to change something, I would like for them to have more programs for others students to go to school locally and not commute too far.
I am a entering APU as a transfer student and they do a very good job of transferring classes for me. They transferred 80 credits which put me in senior standings. The counselors work very closely with you every step of the way to make sure you are all set for your start date. They may be expensive compared to state schools but they make up for it with the amount of scholarships that are given for attending and transferring.
I would like if APU had a requirement of how many chapels to go to during a semester instead of going 3 times a week. I would also like to see a change In food choices; eating the same thing almost every day unless if it's the weekends, they boost up their meals.
I’ve only been here for 3 months and they’ve been the best time in my
Life the community that surrounds APU is phenomenal and the professors really care about their jobs making the learning experience much better, it doesn’t feel like I’m going to school, it feels like a family.
So far at APU the academics have been wonderful.Student life is pretty good, but feel that it could be bettered. Not much diversity.
This is a tough school to go to. You pay a ridiculous amount of money to feel like it goes no where. eat mediocre food every day you're here, and constantly feel indifferent about the inherent "fakeness" that comes with the christian culture of this school. I will say that. for all the cost, The education is high quality.
I absolutely love everything about APU, it is so welcoming and it is a fabulous school academically and socially.
I really like this university and my experience here so far has been very good. The people are very loving and caring. I wish the athletics were better and more competitive.
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I like how the professors and faculty are willing to help you in any way possible and they show that they actually care. The scenery is nice, however, it is next to a kind of sketchy part of town so be careful walking around campus. I feel safe as there are a lot of campus safety officers walking and patrolling around the campus. The food here on campus could be a lot better and the timeliness of getting the food (especially the Den) can be a lot better, especially when the food being served is pretty subpar at best. The housing on campus is very dated and the furniture that is supplied in the housing (University Village) is not very reliable. For example, the first week upon moving in, there were several issues with the A/C (leaking), the microwave was not working, the fridge has no light, the dish washer was not actually cleaning the dishes, and the toilet did not work for a week.
Overall it is a great university. However, the chapel aspect is kind of overwhelming and unreasonable at times especially with mandatory attendance every week. The community is okay if you really get involved and get to know people. There are several opportunities to get involved and options for everyone. Getting a job on campus is fairly easy to come by, but you have to put in the effort. Employers do not reach out to you individually unless you apply. Parking is a pain and there is never enough, so if you live on campus, especially if you’re a freshmen, only have a car on campus if you’re working off campus. Otherwise it’s not worth the price of the parking permit.
Very nice place. The atmosphere is very peaceful. The faculty is very welcoming and the students are super friendly. Though there are two different campus's to go from, there is a nice enough gap in between classes which is helpful.
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