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Azusa Pacific University is a great school, it offer great diversity between teacher and students. Academic factors is also great, teacher makes sure that their students know and understand the material to go beyond their very own potential.
I just finished my first year at APU and so far I have been enjoying it. The professors are really helpful and want you to do well. The food is amazing! There are about 10 different places to eat on campus so you have more choices than just the dining hall!
Great professors who really care about their students, not only academically but also as individuals. Food on campus isn't the greatest but you get used to it and there are plenty of options around campus!
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Azusa Pacific University (APU) is excellent because the advisers and professors care about students' success. I received weekly phone calls from my adviser, who aided me in completing course requirements and documents. In addition, the education is excellent. APU prepares students for real life application: grit, determination, responsibility, knowledge, and discernment. The classes are filled with information, but it is up to the student to draw conclusions and challenge his own faith. Finally, the multiple campuses across Southern California is accommodating for adult students, and those returning to school to further their education. I attended APU - San Diego, and I appreciated the ability to stay in my home town, work and complete my degree. I am now returning for a career change, as I pursue my nursing degree.
Upon walking onto the campus one instantly feels at home and connected to the student life. The teachers are easy to talk to and great communicators when it comes to certain things. However one of the things that I personally found difficult was the fact that in order to share your problems with someone or even questions you get transferred to various people. But really the only downfall.
Really great community, fun ways to get involved. The school has great resources and the staff and faculty truly care about the students. If I could change one thing it would be to increase the recognition the school gets.
It is a great community with warm people. My professors really cared about me. The city is convenient to go to LA, the mountains, and the beach. However, Azusa is not a very exciting city so you need a car.
Azusa Pacific is a great school when it comes to academics. Student life is alright because the friends you make in school makes things a lot more fun. I think the only thing I would change would be the food. It could be a bit better!
APU is such a beautiful and God-centered university, out motto is "God First". The teachers and staff at the school are so kind and are so focused on us students, and wanting us to succeed. APU is very big on volunteering and getting into community with others, which is the best way to making new friends, especially if you're shy.
I think what could change about APU / what they could do to help the students more often, would be to make a schedule for the trolleys' that travel from east to west campus. It may not be that big of a deal to some, but when it comes to the trolleys' they're not always 100% reliable. It would be nice to what time a trolley is coming and around what time the trolleys' take breaks.
My first year at APU went really well! There are a lot of opportunities and really great, down to earth people, but you can't just sit back and expect them all to come to you. The teachers genuinely care about you as well! As for the city of Azusa, there's not a ton to do, so plan to take the gold line or drive around for a fun time.
It is a great university with plenty of friendly students, staff, and faculty. The professors are very good they help you understand the information better. The athletic programs are pretty good and are very interesting to watch.
I currently like the community of the school, and how we use God in our work and way of learning in all majors. I love the small class sizes the student professor relationships. What I would like to change is a better understanding of other cultures and people, there are so many people who haven't come into contact with people who don't look like them. It would be good if we could have open forums that invite people to get to know other people, or take appropriate action for students who treat other students as if they are subhuman because they are different.
Azusa Pacific University is a great school but like anywhere it has its ups and downs. Azusa community is phenomenal and I have never met so many joyful, encouraging, nice people. This school is overwhelmed with Christ like people which is very encouraging and welcoming. The academic part of the school is very challenging. I believe this school is incredible and I would recommend to anyone. A few things I believe the school can financially fix a few things but it is school and a nice one at that so it does come with a price.
This University has given me the best college experience possible. I now firmly believe that if you don't think that you're going to the best college ever, then you're attending the wrong school for you!
I love APU! The environment is super friendly! The professors are very understanding when it comes to school work. Chapels are sometimes very engaging and other times not. Although the school is on the expensive side, the faculty does a lot for the student if they are struggling financially.
Pros: Never had trouble getting the classes I needed. Enjoyed working on campus.

Cons: The area around the school isn't particularly interesting. If you're looking for a party school this isn't one. There is a lack of diversity. The religiosity of the school can make people with different views uncomfortable. The food options on campus are terrible.
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This college is great if you're looking for a friendly community. If you're looking for somewhere that's academically challenging, keep looking...
One of the best parts about APU is the orientation weekend put on by the OAT office and the rest of the departments on campus. APU does a really great job of welcoming in the incoming freshmen and transfer students. Another great part about Azusa Pacific is the vast number of resources available on campus for all aspects of life. From top grade library resources for research to a pastoral care and mental health counseling, APU provides a vast number of resources for their students and alumni. One aspect that is underrated at APU is the student-professor/faculty connection. Since most class sizes are small, professors are very much invested in their students and are willing to work with them to achieve their goals. Professors are very helpful and are willing to grow a relationship with their students both academically and socially. On-campus life is awesome and many clubs and organizations are available for everyone.
Azusa faculty were accessible and knowledgeable. I felt they truly cared for my education. I had a terrible student teaching experience, though, and was refused the right to change teachers or schools (even after a petition was brought to the dean by my site supervisor). Overall, it was a great education and experience.
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