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My first year at APU went really well! There are a lot of opportunities and really great, down to earth people, but you can't just sit back and expect them all to come to you. The teachers genuinely care about you as well! As for the city of Azusa, there's not a ton to do, so plan to take the gold line or drive around for a fun time.
It is a great university with plenty of friendly students, staff, and faculty. The professors are very good they help you understand the information better. The athletic programs are pretty good and are very interesting to watch.
I currently like the community of the school, and how we use God in our work and way of learning in all majors. I love the small class sizes the student professor relationships. What I would like to change is a better understanding of other cultures and people, there are so many people who haven't come into contact with people who don't look like them. It would be good if we could have open forums that invite people to get to know other people, or take appropriate action for students who treat other students as if they are subhuman because they are different.
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Azusa Pacific University is a great school but like anywhere it has its ups and downs. Azusa community is phenomenal and I have never met so many joyful, encouraging, nice people. This school is overwhelmed with Christ like people which is very encouraging and welcoming. The academic part of the school is very challenging. I believe this school is incredible and I would recommend to anyone. A few things I believe the school can financially fix a few things but it is school and a nice one at that so it does come with a price.
This University has given me the best college experience possible. I now firmly believe that if you don't think that you're going to the best college ever, then you're attending the wrong school for you!
I love APU! The environment is super friendly! The professors are very understanding when it comes to school work. Chapels are sometimes very engaging and other times not. Although the school is on the expensive side, the faculty does a lot for the student if they are struggling financially.
Pros: Never had trouble getting the classes I needed. Enjoyed working on campus.

Cons: The area around the school isn't particularly interesting. If you're looking for a party school this isn't one. There is a lack of diversity. The religiosity of the school can make people with different views uncomfortable. The food options on campus are terrible.
This college is great if you're looking for a friendly community. If you're looking for somewhere that's academically challenging, keep looking...
One of the best parts about APU is the orientation weekend put on by the OAT office and the rest of the departments on campus. APU does a really great job of welcoming in the incoming freshmen and transfer students. Another great part about Azusa Pacific is the vast number of resources available on campus for all aspects of life. From top grade library resources for research to a pastoral care and mental health counseling, APU provides a vast number of resources for their students and alumni. One aspect that is underrated at APU is the student-professor/faculty connection. Since most class sizes are small, professors are very much invested in their students and are willing to work with them to achieve their goals. Professors are very helpful and are willing to grow a relationship with their students both academically and socially. On-campus life is awesome and many clubs and organizations are available for everyone.
Azusa faculty were accessible and knowledgeable. I felt they truly cared for my education. I had a terrible student teaching experience, though, and was refused the right to change teachers or schools (even after a petition was brought to the dean by my site supervisor). Overall, it was a great education and experience.
I think Azusa Pacific is a good school and has a good student environment. Though the school is a bit expensive, the academics are very good as the school itself has a nice environment.
First semester, I lived on campus to experience housing. The dorms themselves are nice in comparison to most dorms I saw during campus tours. However, most students are uptight including the RA's, they like the idea of being in everyones business but they are not really there to make your life any easier. The "student life" is not diverse and it feels harder to fit in as someone who is not Caucasian. There is no unity unless if you don't share similar religious beliefs. I decided to commute; fitting in was hard and housing was just too expensive for the experience I was getting. It was simply not worth it. The professors are nice and seem passionate about their jobs and their students. Furthermore, I do not like the fact that APU has a three day chapel attendance requirement every week. It should be optional like most surrounding Christian Universities or at least one day a week. Azusa Pacific has not provided me with the college experience I envisioned for myself.
Azusa Pacific University is so kind and thoughtful. Everyone was so willing to help me get where I was going, and even went in a different direction than they were going to help me.
Azusa Pacific is a nice campus. I love how the atmosphere is. The school and classes are always kept clean.
What I like about Azusa Pacific University is that the student life is very lovely, I see students interact and it motivates others to do so as well. I enjoy the professors teaching with enthusiasm and having discussions with the students. Azusa Pacific helps students grow academically as well as have a spiritual connection with Jesus Christ. It is good to see young adults involved at the chapel and succeeding their academic goals. Azusa Pacific is full of intelligent and well-educated students who strive for the future to help improve the world as leaders.
I absolutely love APU. Professors are very welcoming and very helpful. My experience so far at this university has been amazing especially because it is a Christian environment and God’s Word is praised and respected within the campus. Everyone is very friendly on campus including students and faculty. I am enjoying my time at APU especially because even though I am a commuter I spend lots of time at school in the library and in different club meetings. In this school, there is also lots of options of clubs, courses to take, and even food options which is amazing. College life in general hasn’t been easy especially when it comes to tuition but all of the support from my professors had made me fall in love with my campus in such a way that I rather be at school and be productive then actually stay home and relax. I would encourage everyone who want to find Christ in their life to apply to APU because you will experience new things that you would blessed that you are a part of APU!
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I am a transfer student in my second semester of my first year in college. I transferred to this school because of the opportunity I found that this school has to offer me. It is full of great people and amazing professors who are all here to teach what they love with the integration of faith. I strongly believe that God has a plan for me and that I was supposed to end up going to this school. Although financially it was a struggle, the counselor I was fortunate enough to have guided me through the process and made it possible for me to attend this school. I could bit be more thankful for those whom I have met in the transfer process and the helpful faculty APU has.
Really nice environment. The teachers are very friendly and willing to help you. Parking on the east campus can be a little crowded, so it would be best to park on the west campus.
I am having a very good experience here at Azusa Pacific University. The teachers really care about you, the people are really nicest, and its pretty easy to make friends. Chapels are so much fun and so beautiful. I absolutely love the music, and the food is really good as well.
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