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APU isn’t that great. There’s a handful of faculty that’s great to work with, other than that they aren’t that great.
It’s over priced and not worth the money.
If you have another choice of going to a public school with better, helpful, and kinder professors/faculty, do it.
The food here is gross.
The area around the university is dangerous.
There was students sitting on the floor during one of my classes because they didn’t have desks.
If you wanna go to sit on the floor and get taught by a rude and difficult faculty, go to APU :)!
Online experience was great with my 2 classes but the rest the professors were unavailable, taught like in person (which isn’t the best method lol).
And plus they charge you their huge price for tuition online as they do in person...
if they switched the professors out then I’m sure online would be so much better.
At least Zoom did a good job.
So far it has been challenging when connecting with colleagues. Its hard not meeting or seeing each other in person. However professors have fine a good job!
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I love how engage professor a are via zoom classes. Especially during Covid. Campus looks beautiful but can't stay because of covid. So far ordering books online has been also tough but great communication from bookstore despite all confusions. Professors also understand the challenge so they have been very supportive regarding books.
Due to the recent pandemic, I have had all my classes online this semester. While I was worried I would not be getting my money's worth this semester, all the professors at APU have worked so hard over the summer to prepare for this upcoming semester and have consistently provided us the best education as well as necessary preparation for future coursework as well as post-college routes. Professors have created accountabilities for students so that students do not fall behind and they have done an exceptional job in creating a classroom like environment in the sense of connecting with each student. Although the classes have been virtual, I still feel like I am in the classroom due to the professors doing a marvelous job at creating a sense of community with each student in the class.
If you are looking for a place with a great community and personal relationships with your professors, I highly recommend APU. APU has smaller class sizes, therefore the professors focus on you more. Some may be wary of that fact, however all the professors here truly care for you and will work with you day in and day out to ensure that you are not only receiving the best education, but also that you have the best experience and are ready for the world beyond college. In terms of community, I have never been to a place more welcoming and exhilarating as being at APU. Every person will instantly make friends there and everyone is so open and friendly that one would make instant connections and friendships. I have never felt such a sense of community prior to my college experience at APU. Overall, choosing APU has been one of the best choices I have made in my life.
This year is so far all online. It's tough but APU offers so many services to keep you motivated. Professors have been fantastic at getting us motivated during this fall semester.
Amazing university! I have made lifelong friends during my freshman year. We are all online this year but making the best if it. We all stay connected. Such a positive atmosphere at APU.
I have taken a few online classes. The teaching quality is still the same I just feel more stressed and overall less organized. Still getting a good understanding of each subject just not the same in person connection.
I love the professors and how much they care and reach out to students during and outside of class. I love the student life and how everyone wants to be friends with everyone. Love how much they incorporate Christianity in to the atmosphere and in classes. My major has tons of opportunities and all the faculty and sports staff are really about personal growth.
Not above average but just slightly hovering at it. They require you to attend classes and aren’t very lenient with absences.
I’m currently enrolled at APU. The staff is genuinely nice but they reply to emails very slowly. It’s also difficult to opt out of stuff they register you for. Be sure to keep track of where your money goes at this school because they will easily take it from you.
Azusa Pacific is a Christian university who values the whole person and not just the academic side. Being someone who returned to college in my adult years, returning to college can be daunting, but they were there to make sure I was prepared throughout the transitional phase from one institution into theirs. Applying to a specific department of higher learning was made simple with the top notch admissions process.
I have not taken any online classes with APU as of yet but will take Fall courses online due to Covid-19. To prepare us, there has been productive and resourceful interactions via Zoom and emails. Their sister School, LAPU, I had the experience of their online program and it was exceptional! The content was robust, faculty and staff very present and it is because of APU’s standards set forth to have online learning. So, I have no doubts as I begin online learning this Fall that it will be any different than the template that has been laid out with their sister School. There was ample content to be successful and achieve your goals via their online approach! Do not hesitate, try APU for higher learning you will not regret it!!
Great place for growth. Depending on your friend group, efforts to utilize all school facilities, and your preference of community; this school can be really good for you. There's a great nursing program. The business program is okay, but you have to put the effort into networking with professors to get any job opportunities. Not very many parties, dry campus. The local area can be dangerous, be aware of this before coming.
My professors have done their absolute best to readjust their classes to be in the most efficient virtual forms. They've listened to students, which makes a huge positive difference. Half of my classes have been synchronized, the others have not.
It has been okay with the pandemic going on. It has made it harder on the professors yet they do their best to make our learning experience nearly the same as in person.
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My experience at Azusa Pacific has been a positive and life-changing time. I have been able to make strong relationships with other peers with my interest and most importantly, I have been able to grow my faith in Jesus.
I am currently still attending APU, but overall my experience has been a very positive one. I have made a lot of friends and connections with people as well as learned a lot about myself. It has been a time for me to dive into my identity and who I want to present myself as to the world.
They have done the best job they can amidst the circumstances of Covid-19. Professors have done all they can to make themselves an available resource to all their students and I am very thankful to be as well-informed and connected to the community as I am.