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Azusa Pacific is a Christian campus centered on diversity of students! Here at APU, professors, pastors, and students work together to make a difference in community locally and globally.
Honestly, I am glad that most of APU's classrooms have swivel chairs to sit in. Now we students can be comfortable while completing our studies! It's good to enjoy the little things.
Absolutely amazing. The students and staff make you feel like family. The dorms are small, but the community aspect is a result of that, so it isn’t bad.
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Azusa Pacific University is a beautiful school with a spacious campus and nice faculty members. Their athletics are good. It is a good university for students who reside in Azusa.
Azusa Pacific University is located in a pretty boring area that not only has nothing to do, but is also dangerous at night. The 3 chapel requirement a week is a pain. The food on campus gets gross after a while and there is no real healthy options. The professors are all really nice and the classes are easy.
I have enjoyed attending Azusa Pacific University. Coming from rural Minnesota it has been a bit of an adjustment which was difficult at first but I really enjoy the community at this school. I love how faith is incorporated into the classroom and how the teachers poor so much of their energy in seeing their students succeed.
Azusa Pacific University is a Christian base college that helps you experience your career and serve God at the same time. Everyone is super nice on campus and the professors are really down to earth, and understand what students are going through.
I went for a sneak peak event at APU and it was an amazing experience. The people there were really nice and were very helpful. They offer a variety of majors, and for most of them you start getting internships your freshmen year. I met with a couple of professors and they are very nice and care a lot about their students. Class sizes are small with a ratio of 19:1.
The classes and teachers are great. they genuinely care about you and know your name. There is also really great community and activities so that's a plus. the living spaces are really nice. There aren't a lot of options for food on campus though which is a bummer. People aren't very enthusiastic about sports here either
from what I've seen and experienced, this University is very friendly and determined to help its students succeed. The administration are very helpful and desire to know their students personally which is something I admire greatly. The campus is big, but the class sizes are average ranging between 30 to 50. The community is strong and very supportive of each other, like a family.
I love positive Christian vibe at APU, I love how tight nitch everyone is. Being at APU one learns about Christ and academics as well. They also integrate faith throughout the course. Overall I am not a huge fan of the two campuses, it makes it hard to go from class to class.
I have loved APU so far. It has a great location in LA County, only minutes away from all SoCal has to offer. It has a beautiful campus with a small campus atmosphere. I expect there to be structural improvements in the near future. All the newest technology is available to students. The faculty are informed and qualified, while putting the students’ needs first.
Being born in New York and having lived in two other states in the east coast before living in California, I can confidently claim that Los Angeles County is one of the greatest places to live. Los Angeles is a melting pot of culture and diversity. Except during the peeks of summer, the weather is generally always great to enjoy the outdoors. Los Angeles County offers snow in the mountains to the sands in the desert to the waves on the coast.
I really enjoyed my first semester here at APU, the community and staff are super supportive and caring. I think anyone who is interested in strengthening their relationship with the Lord while going to an amazing institution would love Azusa Pacific University.
Understand what the school is all about before you get here or else you are surely in for a surprise. Chapel requirements are met with consequences for not attending which if they pile up like parking tickets can result in a large fine.
I am about to finish my first year with this university. I am currently in their Bin program and am very happy with it. I feel as if I am getting a solid education to better prepare me for the nursing world.
I think Azusa Pacific has a lot of great things going on first of all the faculty are always helping you to succeed. I have never heard of a teacher that does not want the students in their class to fail or not pass with a good understanding of the subject being taught. I would say the school has become more diverse than ever before and I think it would continue doing so. The school is reaching out to locations that would allow there to be more diversity among students. The housing and food court seems a bit outdated but the food court has been getting remodeled which would liven up the campus more. Finally, I think what the school does with high school engagement really helps to give the students an understanding if Azusa pacific is the right school for their education.
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APU is a Christian university with staffs who are willing to extend their care for the students beyond the classroom. It has a decent campus and student life, but it's definitely not a big party school. The science department of APU is especially challenging, but the faculty members are all willing to help.
Great private school. Friendly and caring community. Beautiful, well-maintained campus. Lots of food options.
I enjoy Azusa Pacific University because they truly put God first. The faculty and staff here truly care about me and it's evident. I'd like to see things like chapel be reduced because it can be very discouraging to be forced to attend chapel as often as we are. The lessons are great but it certainly became like another class rather than an encounter with God and His people. Other than that, the athletics are amazing as well as I play football here and the coaches truly care for you and prepare you for life.
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