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classroom size is small so gives more time with professors one on one, you get assigned to a group on the first days of school to help meet new students and you form a connection from day one. If you commute there are a lot of activities that you can participate in to make you feel included to the students that live on campus. There is also a lot of opportunity to get jobs on campus. APU also offers scholarships to help with cost of tuition. A lot of emails are sent to students to remind them of activities on campus.
Azusa Pacific is a more than a just a university. It's a place where one can feel at home. The campus is beautiful and the community is so friendly and peaceful. The local area is great and you can find fast food places like Chick-fil-a, Jack in the Box, Starbucks, Apple Bees, YogurtLand, Five Guys, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, In-n-Out, and so much more! The housing and dorms at Azusa are clean and very nice.
An amazing experience to be a part of the APU community. I enjoy getting to know my professors as well as my peers. Professors tremendously care for the well being of the individual, as well as very understanding. I would enjoy having more opportunities to spend time with the individuals of my graduating class, but overall, a great experience.
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I have known many who go to this school and all I have heard has been of the positive. Smaller class sizes than many big universities and great networking base and internships.
Azusa has a really wonderful community and a real sense of belonging. Every time I go to visit, it's just been a really welcoming and amazing place to be.
I like that the class size is small and that most of the teachers seem to really care for the students. I don’t like that it cost so much even though the Christianity is not as strong as the motto “God First”. Im Saying that I would have liked to pay way less for my education if I had known the school would do very little for my spiritual growth.
I think it could be a lot more diverse if given the chance. The school is great, but you have to find that greatness yourself. The school has a certain part for any person. I think once you find that area of comfort and belonging, then you can fit right in at Azusa Pacific University. I will say though, they only share a common core belief and if you don’t follow some of them, don’t take it too personally.
I am currently a second year student at Azusa Pacific University and I absolutely love the school. I was always someone who didn’t really like school, but yet at APU they really make you feel welcomed and have plenty of resources to use in times of need. In addition, the students and professors are very friendly and helpful! Although the tuition can seem like a lot, but I love how Christ-centered the school is. The school itself is a small community, but it helps a lot in growth with Christ and even in our studies. Two things I would suggest is possibly offering more classes for students because enrolling for classes can be rough at times and possibly having online classes opened to commuters more because it would help those that are traveling further than local ones and for those that can not afford living on campus. I am a commuter myself and it is pretty hard going to school everyday sometimes driving for more than an hour due to traffic.
Azusa Pacific University has shaped me to be the Christ centered woman I have always aspired to be. I have learned more here in a semester than I ever accepted. The faculty and staff were supportive and knew me by name. I felt right at home at APU.
I just transferred to Azusa Pacific from San Diego Mesa College. I start Jan 6, 2020. My sister attended Azusa for undergrad and graduated school. I am looking forward to playing football and running track and of course learning academically.
The school claims to be very inclusive and community based, however I’ve never felt less seen, the students are all very cliquey . Need a bigger variety in housing.
being a kid in the Glendora area you get an idea of what it is like but the campus is great and the city of Azusa is not half bad. I would like to see the computer information systems change to be a bs but I will look forward to the next year I have in the campus
This university has the nicest, most welcoming people you will ever meet! 10/10 recommend. They have a near-by Chick-fil-A, Raisin Cane's, and an ice cream shop. The people are amazing, the food is great, and the location is perfect.
Azusa Pacific is an amazing school. I spent the night there in a freshmen dorm with other nursing students. I was able to know how to get around the school within less than a day and taking the trolly was great. The food was great within the school and also around it like Raising Canes and IN and OUT. All of the staff were very welcoming as well as the students.
The staff/faculty at the school are amazing and do whatever they can to help you understand the concepts they are teaching.
I recently transferred to Azusa Pacific University. It has been a really positive transition, even through my recent medical hospitalization. All the faculty were extremely understanding to my conditions and have made this semester mostly smooth for me considering the circumstances.
I love Azusa because is private school and the class is small and learn about God And the campus is excellent and the room too. I recommend it people are very friendly and helpful.
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Azusa Pacific University is a great place to study your college education because it prepares you to become a great professional. I am applying for attending there and the person, who has been helping me through the process, has been kind and considerate to me. I really like the university because has many activities to do and is located in a great area. The university has a great environment to do your college education.
Azusa Pacific University is a very caring community. Everywhere you go, you will find a smile and kindness willing to help you with anything you need. Campus size is not very big so therefore, having access to professors and asking for help is not difficult.
It has been an interesting experience most of the professors are amazing. There seems to be a lot of turnover. I can't decide if the $10k a semester is worth the experience.
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