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I love this school. The sense of community here is unlike anywhere else. The faculty and staff genuinely care about each student. They will do what it takes to get the most success possible for their students. If you want doors to be opened for you, this is the place. They make it possible to male so many connections in the professional world.
This is my first time being at a University after years of being at a Community college and I can say it is a huge upgrade. all the resources that is given to the students is outstanding and being a christian school they are very open to other religions. The professors are understanding and helpful of their students whenever they are struggling. The only downfall is the mandatory chapel meetings and service hours. Not many students have the time to perform these duties because they are full time workers trying to make money for bills and school. School is expensive as it is so hard working students who are full time at work ad school need all the time they can get to strive for greatness. I feel like chapel should be optional or at least be once a week rather than the mandatory three times a week. the service hours should be optional as well for maybe extra college credit.
This university really comes down to what you make of it. It offers plenty of Christian support through chapel, d-groups, prayer groups and other facilities. Most professors are willing to offer outside help as the class sizes are on the smaller side (which is a huge advantage). It is an expensive private school, but considering all the resources available to you and the opportunity for when you graduate, the price is right.
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APU is an amazing school, not one single regret of coming here for college. Everyone on campus is so nice and welcoming, it feels like home. I would’ve not wanted to go anywhere else, because this was God’s plan.
So far I've only been here one semester for my graduate program, and I can say I love it. The staff, the students everyone is so nice and friendly. Every time I need help or advise they get back to me quickly. It is a great environment to learn and pursue a higher education.
i attend the inland empire campus and I don't really socialize with students outside of campus because I live far from the area. I like the school parking and it is not crowded.
Overall, APU has a great campus with flexible graduate programs for those that working during the day. The professor are understanding and have experience in the field. There is several food options on campus. I have a great learning experience at APU. The school's mission is clear and evident.
The community of my college is amazing. At first, new students may feel overwhelming from the love and empathy that students and faculty share with each other however, throughout the year, students will notice that APU is the school where the peers learn to love and help each other.
Do not go here if you’re part of the LGBT community or a minority. You will be discriminated. You are not welcomed. Administration threatens to remove scholarships and club memberships to those who are LGBT. Student life sucks. Food is okay. You will not get the college experience you’ve wanted unless you’re very religious and alladat. Campus is not appealing at all compared to every other universities. Even the community college nearby is so much larger. The separation of campuses is such an inconvenience. Chapel 3x a week is integrated into our schedules. Many are devoted. Many are trying to get their way out, resulting in secretly being on our phones and hiding in the back during chapel. Sports games are lame. Surrounding city Azusa is ghetto. Overall bad school unless you’re a nursing major.
Azusa Pacific University has opened the door of possibility for my future achievements. One of my favorite things about the school is the involvement with the professors in the students lives. They genuinely want a relationship with the peers to help them succeed. Community is key in success, so this made me feel prepared for my future.
I personally love the school, I grew so much in my first year spiritually and personally and I'm so excited to see what the future holds and how the Lord will use me to do his will!
I like azusa pacific university because it incorporates faith into the curriculum and classes. I am a nursing major and the classes focus on taking care of the patient as a whole which is very important to me. Also they have intramurals and my residents advisors have been really great. I wasn’t sure about the school at first because I didn’t have many friends but after a while I got friends and now I love it.
Overall APU is a good school. There are a lot of professors and counselors that really care about you and want to see you succeed at APU and in your life after graduating from the university.
Overall a great school. The location isn't great, but the academics are hard to beat. Plenty of opportunities for students to get involved.
For the most part, almost all of the professors genuinely care about the students being successful and accomplishing their goals. They go out of their way to help you in any way that they can. They are the ones that really make attending this school worthwhile.
I love the environment. Each student is so kind. You never pass anyone who doesn't smile and/or say hi. The professors genuinely care about the students and want whats best for them.
I’m not attending there but I have searched it up and it seems like a good school. It’s religious which I love! Also it’s a private school and they offer my major.
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Love the school. The staff has been extremely supportive. Everyone has been encouraging and helpful. Easy to access information such as grades and transcripts.
The diversity is not that great, professors are pretty good, I feel like the administration staff is also very sweet. I did not think that the financial departments was very helpful which prevented me from continuing my education.
Good Christian school with a good focus on how students can impact whatever industry they go into in a Christian way.
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