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Overall it is a great university. However, the chapel aspect is kind of overwhelming and unreasonable at times especially with mandatory attendance every week. The community is okay if you really get involved and get to know people. There are several opportunities to get involved and options for everyone. Getting a job on campus is fairly easy to come by, but you have to put in the effort. Employers do not reach out to you individually unless you apply. Parking is a pain and there is never enough, so if you live on campus, especially if you’re a freshmen, only have a car on campus if you’re working off campus. Otherwise it’s not worth the price of the parking permit.
Very nice place. The atmosphere is very peaceful. The faculty is very welcoming and the students are super friendly. Though there are two different campus's to go from, there is a nice enough gap in between classes which is helpful.
Small class sizes, supportive staff and faculty. Great nursing program; very happy at this university.
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The professors are passionate and care about each student, and the community is one of the most welcoming that I've ever experienced.
I'm a junior at APU. I have loved my experience thus far. My professors really care and invest into their students. Campus community is everything I could have hoped for as an incoming freshman.
Academics is one thing that is less stressed in APU. Excellence is what APU talks about, but not practiced by the majority of students. I am not saying the professors do not uphold the standard, somehow, and for some reason, there is a lack commitment.

Diversity. The majority of the students are Caucasian, then Hispanic, Asian & Black. Asian population, especially Chinese is increasing year by year.

Professors in APU are exceptional. I really mean that. They are all about the students. They form their lives around the students.

Dorms and housing are not the best, nor safety around campus. Azusa is NOT a safe neighborhood. Occasionally there are shootings outside the campus. Theft and robbery are not uncommon. BUT, safety inside the campus is guaranteed, for Azusa Police Department is on the campus and is on constant watch, especially during three required chapels a week.
Azusa is literally the best school ever. I have been to a few and I absolutely love the atmosphere and all of their teachers. I received my bachelors there as well as my current program for my credential and masters degree.
My experience attending APU has been nothing less than fantastic. Everyone you meet — whether it be professors, fellow peers, custodians, and so on — welcomes you "home" and makes you feel a part of something larger than life. With the entire faculty being faith based, positivity, hope and encouragement are major factors as to what make Azusa Pacific University such a desirable school. Not only do they genuinely care for the future of their students, but they also have an extensive number of resources that they allow students to utilize to “get ahead of the [career] game,” such as a Student Career Center that assists students with actively obtaining temporary and permanent jobs. Overall, APU has proven to be one of the best school I have ever experienced.
I love APU the care and support that I received from fac/staff was worth it. I felt loved and supported within my field and within relationships. My faith was challenged and I grew in so many ways.
I appreciate the fact that it is a smaller university with smaller teacher to student ratios. We are able to build stronger relationships with both our collegues and professors. However, coming in as a transfer student was also difficult since most people know each other since freshmen year and have formed a strong bond already. Nevertheless, I found people were very welcoming and inclusive.
APU offers an excellent way to meet and engage with other students through on-campus events and organizations. The weekly sporting events are also a fun way to meet other students in order to be a mentor and/or friend. The transition into college is hard, but APU has been a great place to learn and get acquainted with our faculty and staff. I have felt very supported thus far.
Azusa Pacific University values there students and take care of them. They are a christian school that has strict values in regards to it. They are an excellent school
APU is a university that aims to prepare students for the real world, while offering a Christ-centered educational environment. I always felt that the faculty and staff cared about me as a student, and me as a person. I'm thankful that I will always have this place to call home.
APU has a really great community with a lot of admin that are eager to help you. However, the school needs to work on its food and needs to consider reducing the amount of chapels we must attend in a week.
APU is a wonderful school where God is the center of everything and He is clearly put first. The campus is a pretty big size and there is a trolly that takes you to the different sides of campus. The dorms are pretty nice and some are roomier than others, out just depends on the hall you choose.
Everyone, students and staff, are all very friendly! People are always willing to help with anything and make your school experience great! But what I would like changed is the amount of time spent in dorms. Only freshmen get to be in dorms and it would be nicer if there was the opportunity to at least stay in dorms for another year or two.
IT is really clean and nice. Great environment and lots of places to go to for food. Staff there is really nice. Lots of great people all in one place. Campus is georgeous.
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Azusa Pacific University is a great school, it offer great diversity between teacher and students. Academic factors is also great, teacher makes sure that their students know and understand the material to go beyond their very own potential.
I just finished my first year at APU and so far I have been enjoying it. The professors are really helpful and want you to do well. The food is amazing! There are about 10 different places to eat on campus so you have more choices than just the dining hall!
Great professors who really care about their students, not only academically but also as individuals. Food on campus isn't the greatest but you get used to it and there are plenty of options around campus!
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