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As a small liberal arts college, Azusa Pacific University is like a hole-in-the-wall college that's a hidden gem. More specifically, the department of biology and chemistry is vastly experienced and well organized, though most others are not as well maintained. The facilities management is not always on par and some policies unnecessarily hinder your learning and social life. Cumulatively, however, I am very happy with my education and look forward to applying all I've learned in medical school next year!
It is a great school with a religious background. We are learned to be a Christian follower and learn to be the tool of God. The school has a great food and great people. Everyone is so nice.
I graduated with a major in psychology and it was a great program. The core staff is great, some of the adjuncts were not. Overall, the school provides many opportunities for community involvement if you want. One of my only complaints in the required chapel attendances. While this is a Christian University, there needs to be more leniency on chapel absences. I was a student who needed to work full time in order to pay for college. The university made this impossible to do since students are required to go to chapel three times a week. You have to jump through so many loopholes to get the absences excused, only to get told it doesn't count in the end. While the education is great and even the biblical courses were interesting, the chapel requirement is not realistic in today's society where people need to work in order to pay for attendance.
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I enjoyed how connected the community is, and the fact that despite being a religious school, it doesn't force it down your throat.
The community here is like nothing I have ever experienced. Everywhere you go people are smiling and talking, and people are always happy to help you whenever you need it, or even just give you a hug when you are having a bad day. And the food it actually pretty great! There are lots of options AND they just opened a Starbucks on campus!
My experience at Azusa Pacific University has so far been an uplifting one. I am surrounded by driven, hard-working, joyful and bright students that always encourage, motivate, and socialize with me. I enjoy the smaller class sizes because I am more capable of having a question answered in class and I can learn better by developing a professional relationship with my professors. I believe that Azusa Pacific University overall is a great university, however, if I could change something I would encourage the university to reconsider students having mandatory chapel 3 days a week and reduce it to either 1 or 2 mandatory days. This is because balancing school work, social life, job or sport commitments, and chapel can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who attend that aren't religious.
I love the academics at APU! The professors are very passionate and actually care for each student. I would like to see an improvement in activities for commuter students. There is not a lot of resources to get them connected.
Loved every bit of my experience at APU. Met my wife here and had many wonderful teachers. My faith was encouraged and though it was expensive, I received a great education.
The people, faculty, and overall community make you feel at home and make going to a small college worth it for the one-on-one experience.
Azusa Pacific University provides a great learning environment while also integrating faith into their classes. Most of the students and faculty are very outgoing, encouraging, and friendly.
great school you should attend. when attending the school I have met nice people and people that care about the students. the professors are awesome and always welcoming the students into there office hours
Azusa Pacific University is a fantastic place to grow spiritually while learning from Christian professionals. APU is fun, exciting, and has an endless amount of opportunities to get involved in your career, service to others, and fun extracurricular activities.
Azusa Pacific University is such a great community to be at. Professors here really want to emphasize relationships as they want you pass and work hard to become successful. Everyone at APU are extremely friendly. I've made amazing friends due to fact we have so much in common. It's a tightknit community that really emphasizes God First which is absolutely amazing to build a connection with the Lord on a daily basis.
Great school. Affordable school, able to get all classes easily. Attending a regional campus, so I don't have much experience with the main campus.
Azusa Pacific is a Christian campus centered on diversity of students! Here at APU, professors, pastors, and students work together to make a difference in community locally and globally.
Honestly, I am glad that most of APU's classrooms have swivel chairs to sit in. Now we students can be comfortable while completing our studies! It's good to enjoy the little things.
Absolutely amazing. The students and staff make you feel like family. The dorms are small, but the community aspect is a result of that, so it isn’t bad.
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Azusa Pacific University is a beautiful school with a spacious campus and nice faculty members. Their athletics are good. It is a good university for students who reside in Azusa.
Azusa Pacific University is located in a pretty boring area that not only has nothing to do, but is also dangerous at night. The 3 chapel requirement a week is a pain. The food on campus gets gross after a while and there is no real healthy options. The professors are all really nice and the classes are easy.
I have enjoyed attending Azusa Pacific University. Coming from rural Minnesota it has been a bit of an adjustment which was difficult at first but I really enjoy the community at this school. I love how faith is incorporated into the classroom and how the teachers poor so much of their energy in seeing their students succeed.
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