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Students and staff are all very supportive and helpful.
They go out of their way just to help you if you are lost or
if you questions they try to offer as much of a help as possible.
When you are on campus, you always feel presence of God all around you.
Very welcoming and helpful.
Class sizes are small. You will get a lot of one an one help from professors.
Counselors are very helpful and very supportive.
Azusa is a great place to meet super nice people who love god. Chapel is required but it isn't that bad if you engage. You always get out what you put in.
My favorite thing about APU is the influence of faith integration on studies. In many classes, we are reminded of our faith while still able to focus on completing assignments. Another benefit if attending APU is its amazing reputation. APU is known for being a very prestigious private school. APU students are lucky to be a part of such a friendly community, while still receiving a high quality education. To conclude, i reccomend APU to any student that can find a major that is comfortable for them and suites their passion. With APU's vast variety of majors, there is a place for almost everyone here at APU.
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I love how, even though it's has a smaller student body, there is still something for everyone here. No matter what your interests are, you'll definitely be able to find like-minded people. And still, everyone is incredibly friendly and are open-minded to having any sort of conversation, even ones that may be more sensitive.
APU's nursing program is excellent. It was academically rigorous, but it provided me with excellent training for the job, and some deep friendships as well. The professors really care about their students, and I still visit some of my former professors when I'm in the area because they really spent the time to get to know me.
I graduated from APU in 2013, with a bachelor's degree in cinematic arts production. I absolutely loved the school, and was thankful for the education it provided me. I enjoyed almost all of my classes, and the one or two I didn't care for were just a matter of a professor who showed no interest in being there, but I believe she has since left. But all of my film professors were incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful. The campus also offers a lot of resources, such as financial aid and mental health facilities. The only thing I wish would change was chapel, because I felt that three times a week was a lot, and some weeks were harder than others to make work, but I knew that going into the school. I suppose I just would have preferred different speakers than some of the ones they chose.
it was a very good campus. full of nice people and many resources. it included different things to do on as a student and etc.
Very good school. Since I haven't been here that long I have a limited experience of all of campus life especially since classes are keeping me busy.
I am currently in the doctorate program and have previously earned two masters and my teaching credential. The duality of education and integration of faith is priceless. The culture at the school is friendly and having God as the foundation lends itself to an experience you won’t easily find at a public college campus
Christian University that is aligned with their values in the classroom. Teachers are caring and willing to go above and beyond to help their students learn. The learning environment is conducive with the Christian values and team work is encouraged in every class.
I absolutely adore this university. I am a 32-year-old student that has put her education off for far too long. APU is not a university, as much as it is a community. Everyone is so thoughtful, kind and helpful. The atmosphere is truly unique here as everyone tries their very best to be helpful, including the professors. The professors themselves will meet with you outside of class time to guide, and advise you about your education. I am truly glad to have picked APU as the school to continue my education in
I have been to Azusa Pacific's clubs and events but also there tours just to see the experience of a daily life on campus. Everyone, not just on Tour Day but other times, people on campus are extremely nice and wonderful.
Really amazing! Just a couple small things would make this a 5 star, but i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I love the atmosphere of a small school. The professors are extremely supportive and with the small class sizes, I am given the opportunity to learn effectively.
I had an amazing experience at APU. The community of students and the dedication of the faculty made for formative years. I would not change my experience at APU.
I like going to this school. The main thing that I love about this college is how friendly people are, even if you don't know them. The professors are also very friendly and approachable. The events that this school has to offer are very cheap and fun. One thing that I would like to see being changed could be improving some of the commuter events, so that commuters feel more welcomed at the school.
The academics at Azusa Pacific are great. The professors and literally everyone working on campus is very friendly and welcoming. There is a great library and outdoor space to socialize and get homework done.
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I appreciate the emphasis on the resources available within the community to allow students to have opportunities to grow as Christians.
Personally, if you are financially stable to afford Azusa Pacific University, then the experience here would be well worth it. If you are in sports, it would also be well worth it. However, I think the school could improve upon helping first-generation students as well as being more helpful to those who are financially struggling, but are also doing well in their academics.
Azusa Pacific University is a God-first community. It is a Christian university that focuses on God and incorporates that faith in every classroom you step into. APU is a great place for new experiences and new friendships. People here are insanely sweet and friendly and overall a wonderful school. Only thing I would change personally would be tuition because school is costly.
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