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Good Christian school with a good focus on how students can impact whatever industry they go into in a Christian way.
Honestly, if it was not for the people that I have met, I would have transferred a long time ago. There's this very hipster, nature-loving, no shoes or Birkenstocks wearing, kumbayah kinda fake culture that I do not fit into at all. However, I was able to find my kind of people through the very few "diverse" events/outlets on campus. If it was not for the Black Student Association and the other ethnic organizations on campus I would have been miserable. Professors are nice for the most part and they really care about their students. Food is ok. There's a Starbucks. The Libraries are pretty decent. The living areas are decent. Sports are ok. Football and Men's Basketball are the most attended and praised sports on campus. Track and Field is the third most watched but only when we host. Location is great, about 30 minutes (without traffic) from Downtown LA. There's a metro station about a 5-minute walk from campus.
APU was a really good school. I went there all 4 years and now I'm a graduate student there. I made a lot of amazing friends there. Definitely not a party school though! :)
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Azusa pacific is the right fit for me. It is a christian college where i can pursuee God and my lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. I cant wait to come here and be connected in such a strong community with other people with the same goals and mindset
Azusa Pacific University is a well-rounded school; although it is relatively small, I believe that through the academics and student life, students feel right at home. There are a variety of races that walk the halls and it creates such an open environment for positivity and great discussions. Also, not only are there a lot of athletic games to watch but the school is in a perfect area for students to roam and explore the city of Los Angeles.
I was a transferred into APU from a local community college. I was impressed with the resources available to students and all the opportunities to get involved with the school and the local community. Students are required to be involved with some form of volunteer work before they graduate, and I believe this is a necessary component to enrich learning. All of my professors were extremely personable and willing to assist me whenever I needed it. The facilities available to students to succeed are wonderful.
I am excited to begin my journey with APU as a graduate student. From the time I have spent preparing for this next step, I have enjoyed the interactions with professors and my cohort. There is a beauty in this school that is trying their best to learn and be open to the world around them. The campus is beautiful but the city of Azusa is pretty scarce. There is not much to do around, and also as far as diversity there isn't too much diversity, but as a private Christian affiliated school that is pretty average. Overall, I know APU has a great reputation amongst other schools and I am a proud APU Cougar!
My favorite part about APU is interacting with my professors. Of the ten professors I have had in my first year of college, I have found all of them to be passionate, dependable, and selfless.
Though some of them were not always clear on assignment deadlines, all of them displayed a great passion for helping my colleagues and me to succeed. I recall quite a few instances in which I saw some of my classmates lining up to ask our theology professor a question about whatever the current assignment was during that period of time.
I also remember a time when my statistics professor helped me with my community service team project. He met with me in his office and we discussed how to format the surveys for the project. If he had not assisted me with the surveys, I would not have been able to finish my project. Thank you, Mr. Szeto!
Every employee at Azusa Pacific are extremely well trained and have an outgoing genuine personality. Everyone seems to want the best for you and will bend backwards for you to make sure your experience is stress free and smooth. It has been quite the experience.
Overall the school offers a great education system. The class rooms average to 30 students, making it easier to get to know your professor, and what can be achieved to succeed in the class. The campus and food aren't that great especially considering how high the tuition is. Housing and dorms are about average along with the area. There isn't a lot to do in the area, but the destination to hangout spots aren't to far away!
Azusa Pacific University has a friendly, warm atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. From the other students to the school staff this college has some of the kindest people I know. They really do put their motto into action which is "God First". I have been impressed time after time with each interaction I have had with anyone on campus. What an amazing University to be apart of.
Great university for working professionals looking to continue graduate studies in Higher Education.
The Christian atmosphere is beyond amazing. The staff is phenomenal and will always be willing to help you out.
There are countless opportunities to get involved at APU in order to create healthy relationships, start networking for your career, see the world, expand your skill set, learn in a strong academic setting, and experience real personal, spiritual, and professional growth to step into your purpose and foster your whole self. I would not want to be completing my undergraduate degree anywhere else.
APU is a smaller community of amazing people including campus pastors, staff and faculty. My professors have been so supportive of my academic and spiritual journey from the beginning. Being on a Christian campus has allowed me to meet God and begin to understand His theology and our purpose. One thing I would change is having students graduate with a theology or biblical studies minor given that we are required to take so many bible classes already.
An overpriced education for a completely average experience. There are some aspects that can be great at APU but a lot can be done better.
Non-denominational christian school, very friendly atmosphere, professors are very helpful, student body is inclusive. Students are involved in the school community, in the surrounding cities, and abroad. Christian faith integration in majority of classes, where you can see how God is present in our lives & our society.
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Azusa Pacific is a home away from home for many students. Whether through academics, sports, clubs, or other organizations on campus it seems as though the university emphasizes the importance of finding community in whatever niche each individual student decides.
Pathetic at helping students going through the admissions process for the graduate programs. NO return phone calls for WEEKS, unanswered emails and prideful faculty.
I really like the Christian environment. I appreciate how I can talk openly about my faith with most of the people I meet. I also love their approach to faith. Most faculty do not shove their interpretations down your throat, but encourage you to come to your own conclusions. I am not fond of the chapel requirements or what the morning chapels preach. They are more of a pep talk than anything important about God. I also do not agree with some of the general education requirements.
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