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Classes offered are relatable to my degree and interests. The studies are interesting and engaging. The learning portals are very user-friendly. Clear expectations and challenging.
The online program is what you make of it. If you think you're going to just read a few books and enter your work in occasionally, you are so wrong. Yes, you can be "uninvested" in your class and submit once a week and be done, but it causes a lack of engagement. You really have to work to get the most out of your education. Professors are highly qualified, but don't interact unless you reach out first. It is basically a self-study where your peers are helping you learn and your professor corrects your work that you submit weekly. It can be more than that if you choose to engage. For example, professors are available via skype and emai.
As a graduate of the MA and PsyD program, I was deeply disappointed with the learning culture at APU. Under it's current leadership, I watched the graduate psychology department shift their focus away from the "God First" Christian values and academic rigor promoted by the university toward an emphasis on the ideology of political correctness. If you ascribe to politics of the left, you will feel right at home. If planning to attend this program, expect to hear the drone of progressive rhetoric about the evils of white privilege, micro-aggressions, homophobia, inclusivity, xenophobia, and stereotyping. While multicultural diversity and liberal values are celebrated at APU, those with different views would do well to either abandon their more conservative values, remain silent, or be judged and labeled.
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I love the overall experience at Azusa pacific university. There online program is ran very well and the teachers really want to help you succeed in the online community and make themselves available whenever you need them.I would love to see more diversity
The professors are very helpful and easily reachable.
I don't pay attention to Greek life
I don't really pay attention to the athletics
All the profs and faculty I've met have been very helpful and seem dedicated
There is a major disconnect in relationships online.
It is relevant to my major.
Social atmosphere is great everyone is respectful
Everyone treats each other with respect
There is a lot of team spirit. You will always see someone wearing or carrying school gear.
The coaching staff, I have to admit that if it wasn't for the unconditional support I have received from my success coach, I might have to question whether if I would have made it this far.
Every time I have reached out to the administration my concerns have been answered promptly.
I haven't really been exposed to the Greek life at my school, therefore I would not be able to share my perspective on it.
At Azusa Pacific University I have found my reason and meaning for further pursuing my education. I have a clear plan of the goals and time frames of when I will complete them. I have a vision of where I will be in not only in one year but 10 year from now. I have found the support and motivation to keep me on course during distressful moments. I am now beginning to feel that my life has a purpose. I already feel developed and capable of taking on the world and offer my wisdom to make this world a better place.
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The athletics in my school not only demonstrate a great sense of teamwork but also embrace themselves with this extreme skill.
The atmosphere for my school is amazing and it's bea I love going there and sitting and looking at the scenery and clearing my mind and thinking
It took me awhile to figure out how I had to get all my paper work in order for school it was a bit of a hassle
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