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The administration does not care about you trust me. The teachers will try to weed you out if they don’t like you. NO ONE in that school has your back. Don’t waste your money here
I think AVTEC is the best place for me to go because after a tuorial of the place it looks and feels like a home and a place where everyone gets alone very well. I would want to go to AVTEC.
First off i would like to start with a short description of this school and the class i was in, the school in general is a very small place with fairly terrible but free WiFi the food is meh and there isn't a lot to do in Seward. Now a description of the Industrial electricity class, this class was a cluster the whole year, the teachers are drastically unorganized along with their inability to relay thoughts to students this creates a terrible learning environment. Now for the teachers. The teachers namely Dan Logan change what they want from the students every 5 minutes, literally. If at all possible i would sue Dan Logan for fraud for pretending to be a actual teacher. All in all i would never recommend that anyone take the Industrial Electricity Course seriously take your money somewhere else that has actual teachers that don't actively sabotage your education.
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Many of the exams are taken online, the Business English tests are taken all online. The classrooms are like offices with computers, tables (lol), swivel-y chairs, 10-Key Calculators. Many of the books are electronic and an iPad is provided (yours to keep when you're done, or even if you decide to leave). Instructors are easy-going and easy to talk with.
There are several courses you take such as Business English (all students) and Record Keeping (Office Assistants, Administrative Assistants and Medical Admin Assistants) for the Accounting students they have a different book (not sure what it's called but it's similar to Record Keeping but much more complex.) As for myself, I am going for Administrative Assistant. I am currently on my second (and last semester! Yes, only TWO SEMESTERS and you're done!) It's the start of the year so right now I am working on Microsoft Access, later in the semester I will start on Advanced Word and Excel, where we look deeper into the software than we did when we were going for Office Assistants. I will also be taking my last exam for the IC3 (Internet and Computer Core Certification) and towards the end of the semester I will take my exams for Microsoft Office Specialist. The instructors are very knowledgeable and they know what they are doing. They even stay after classes if you need any help. However, because the courses are fast-paced there are some students that fall behind and may go on Academic Probation and if you don't attempt to catch up on your work, you may get kicked out of the program. However, there is a library on-site across from the dorms that are open for about 6 hours a day, open 7 days a week as long as there is a student worker available. The class sizes vary do to the amount of students who apply and get accepted. (There is a $25 non-refundable fee) When I first started we were about 10 students, my second semester there are 12+ new students.
However, it's not a college degree, it is a certificate. Which means that you are certified for the position (Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Accounting Specialist) There is a 92% graduation rate, the 8% are usually kicked out of the program or kicked off campus (there are rules and if you don't follow them you may get a warning or kick out of the dorms/family housing). Last semester the returning students had internships and all of them learned valuable work ethics and skills in their occupational field.

On campus, there are two different dorm facilities. The main dorms have thin walls :( which basically means that you can literally hear people on the other side of the wall. However, the second dorms on 4th Avenue are soundproof, and much more quieter than the main dorms. There's a cafeteria and the dorm resident are in the main dorms. The Student Service Center (SSC Building) is open to the students 24/7. On the first floor of the SSC Building include a Gymnasium, three work-out sites, ceramics room (basically a arts and crafts room). and on the second floor there is a library and couches. They are all free to use for the students (and their families). But like any facility there are rules you must follow. Go to their website for more information
I came to AVTEC to study Administrative Assistant to gain more skills and knowledge in that occupational field. I have learned many things I did not know about. For example, most of us know about how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and such. But here, I've learned shortcuts and many different ways to use the programs and what they're used for. I'm currently learning how to use Microsoft Access which is something fun and complex at the same time. We do many things that are based on the what we choose. The first semester we went for Office Assistant, also known as fast-track. But while going for that first certificate, we also did some advanced work too. I've heard of some students who received a two-semester certificate in one semester. The workload isn't too bad, you learn how to use basic office software, and equipment such as 10-Key. The Business and Office Technology campus is not far from the dorms, it's a walking distance, about 2 and a half blocks. You also get to go on internships for a week or two to any company of your choice if they accept interns. The job opportunities are great too, because you learn up-to-date technology and software. You can even achieve College Credits at a cheaper price!
Coming to AVTEC was the best decision I have ever made. Although there are other programs to go to, such as various colleges around Alaska, and few Institutions as well. AVTEC is based more on what you will be doing in the workforce and focuses on what you will need to know as if you're actually performing your job duties. In any department here at AVTEC you will do many things hands-on with some work involved, such as math and reading. It may be fast-paced, it's not for everyone, but I have seen many excel just by coming here. There is another campus that is much like AVTEC that is free for students called Job Corp. and many say that it is much like AVTEC, but I've also been told that, although you may have to pay to come here (they accept scholarships and FAFSA) the things that we learn on campus are very much different in a similar way. I love this school and I would love to come back for more training.
The school has free internet but it very lend in data used and at times impedes on class work.
the school is in the middle of improving the program. work loads are onpar to the class labs and study
the grading system the schools uses is out dated and is hard to improve your grade. the labs for the class are the best in the state. they are in the middle of expanding the program.
The reson for picking this school was for the cost and the classes they teach are not fond at the university in my state. The universites of alaska have classes of my fields but do not go in to depth of study of heavy equipment. The classes offered to me were just on diesel engines at double the cost. AVTec offered both heavy equipment and diesel engines in more depth at less cost to me. The classes that are offered at AVTec are cerdited to universite of alaska anchorage to associates degree of applied science, diesel machines
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