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Wonderful and small classes. Class sizes are about 10-25. Free tutoring services and a lot of school events with free food. Good sports team and theater.
I chose Avila because they offered my major and also would get to play the sport I was recruited into. They stressed academics before athletics but failed to follow through with that, seem to think they are a D1 college instead of NAIA. The coaching staff is very lacking, it's more like being back in club/high school instead of college, you can buy your way into playing time instead of hard work. Academic advising is also lacking, will be graduating with my degree and have received no guidance for the next step in either graduate studies or starting my career.
At Avila University, the education and the quality of people is unparalleled. With the small class sizes and the interpersonal relationship, there is a connection that cannot be replicated in larger colleges. Most graduates leave with a clear path and a wide variety of skills that will carry them into their future.
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Avila is a good school all in all like the fact that it is a small college so you can get more help from your professor. I also know everybody here because its a small school
it has been a very great experience to be a part of Avila University, academically it has also been a very great experience
Avila University exposed me to many insights on personalities, diversity, religion, and uniqueness. What I enjoyed most about Avila was definitely the diversity. There are so many different kinds of people that attend there, and so many different ways to fit in. So many groups, clubs, organizations, programs, and splits of hobbies.
They are very inviting with smiles always on their face and a helpful hand to guide you into starting your new classes. The campus is lively/kind and all round willing to assist generously.
The classes are very small which allows more one on one time with professors. The over all university is well kept, with friendly staff and students.
I have yet to begin my college experience however, the application process was very simple. I was put in contact with a counselor who took time to reach out to me on many occasions to make sure I had everything I needed. When I got accepted to the college my counselor made an appointment with me and my parents to help cover any questions we had. Being the first child to go to college my parents had lots of questions. Everyone I have met has made me feel like I am already a student. I can't wait to start in the fall.
I am a transfer student. The Admission and Financial Aid Dept have been kind and patient. The Basketball Coach is down to earth and makes you feel that he is investing in your future. The students have been welcoming and the size of the campus is perfect.
With me still currently attending Avila University I still have a lot that I need to learn about the school but overall the living environment is great, and the nice friendly environment that surrounds the school is very excellent.
I've had a wonder experience attending Avila University. I am an older adult returning to college to obtain a Bachelors degree. Its been a struggle financially because its difficult to work full time while going to college full time. I am determined to succeed. The staff and administrators are very supportive. Great College. I like it a lot.
Love that the ratio in classroom size to teacher is smaller. So more one on one learning with the professors.
I transferred to Avila because it was a smaller campus with smaller classes. Ever since I have transferred my grades are way better than they were before and the teachers are welling to help you with no problem. I honestly do not regret applying to this school. It has done me more good than the school I have been to before.
Avila University has a good learning environment. Staff and faculties care about students success. The school makes learning resources available to students to succeed.
I would like to see all of the money it's taking in to be put towards some simple upgrades to the University, such as lights on the field, or upgrades to buildings.
Beautiful campus. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help if you needed. You get great one on one with teachers.
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Everyone is very kind and helpful! I felt very at home here. The students are passionate about their studies and the class sizes are perfect for receiving quality attention. All of the professors seem to care about their students and what they teach.
Avila is such a great community, great professors and a wonderful education. The campus it’s self is filled with so much diversity, along with friendliness. Small campus but a lot of opportunities, very clean but also very home like.
I have loved Avila University since my first visit. I knew the second getting into the car that this is where I wanted to go. I absolutely love the small class sizes and every single teacher I have talked to has truly cared about my success.
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