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Everyone is very kind and helpful! I felt very at home here. The students are passionate about their studies and the class sizes are perfect for receiving quality attention. All of the professors seem to care about their students and what they teach.
Avila is such a great community, great professors and a wonderful education. The campus it’s self is filled with so much diversity, along with friendliness. Small campus but a lot of opportunities, very clean but also very home like.
I have loved Avila University since my first visit. I knew the second getting into the car that this is where I wanted to go. I absolutely love the small class sizes and every single teacher I have talked to has truly cared about my success.
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My experience at Avila University was overall very good. The university is private and so that makes it smaller than most universities, which was something I really liked. Professors on this campus are more likely to be involved with their students needs in their class and also be able to to recognize that because of the smaller class sizes. That also makes it easier for students to receive the help and attention they need in classes. However, one thing I hope to change at Avila is the maintenance for the dorms. The dorms are nice enough but if maintenance kept up with them a little more than I think it would be better for the students living on campus.
The class sizes are small so you get more one on one action with your professor! Everyone is very friendly and the teachers actually care and want you to excel and have success.
The class sizes are small and students have a chance for one on one with professors. Avila's student advisors are excellent and have much experience with healthcare fields and have a good knowledge of what it takes to excel after life at the university. I would highly recommend anyone interested in the science field to check out Avila, you wont be disappointed. The students are interactive and everyone has a generally decent outlook on school and are willing to participate. It is easy to get along with everyone, which helps to feel comfortable. I have enjoyed my time here so far very much.
A small college that is suited for those who may not be able to succeed in the enormous lecture halls of major universities. They care about their students suceeding and do what they can to help. however it is very expensive thus causing for scholarships or loans unless you're an athlete
I like that Avila is a small campus, it's very easy to get around to places. With the small campus comes small class sizes and that's easier for teachers to get to know you and you to get to know your teachers better.
I like the size of the university because it allows for a greater interaction between students and professors. It allows the professors to have a genuine interest in the success of their students.
Avila University is a small, yet diverse school. They care about your well-being and academics. All of the 4 year and Minor programs are great.
I love AVILA University!

This is my second week and it has been such a joy and blessing to find a school that is a very friendly environment and the teachers and administrative team really loves on their students!

Can't wait to graduate with nursing class of 2019!
Great University in the heart of the metro! They offer face to face courses and online. It's a small community that is setup much like a community college.
I had a really hard time making friends here at Avila, everybody is nice, but I just don't feel like I fit in. What I do like, is all the international students. It's great to see how many students are from other countries studying here. I also really like how small the school is. It makes it to where you usually know of most people on campus or have mutual friends, and you also have a small class which makes the subject more focused and the teacher has more free time in the office to talk t students that need help.
I love the campus and the classroom size. I always feel safe on campus. My teachers do help us with what we need help on too.
Going into college, I did not know what to expect. When I came to Avila, I felt at home. All of the professors, students, and staff at Avila are extremely welcoming and helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is interested.
Avila is a very great place to be! There's people here from all over the world. It is a smaller university, though. This is beneficial because it gives you more undecided attention and help with or from your instructors, counselors, and mentors. It's also beneficial because it is a way of getting to know your peers better. Also, Avila is a great athlete school so if you're interested in any sport and would like to receive scholarships, it's a perfect fit! Like I stated before, there's people from all over the world here, and most are athletes!
i am terrified to take a shower because the bathrooms are 80 degrees, smelly, the showers (which were once white) are turning a darker shade of brown... i showed a picture to my mother and she gagged.
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I dont not know how the athletics are. i have work during all the games
The price goes up dramatically for absolutely no reason. Most of the professors are really nice but some refuse to teach and just assign reading and homework even on Saturdays and Sundays. And the housekeeping for the kitchen and bathrooms is terrible. I should not be terrified to take a shower. There is food and dirt all over the floors. The curtains in the showers were once white but are now turning brown. The floor is white tile but is turning brown. I will be transferring after this semester.
I have not yet been to the campus directory where they give us help finding employment during and after college even but I'm confident that it has the capabilities to help me.
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