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Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology Reviews

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School is bery unorganized but you can finish really fast and have a garenteed job there as a flight instructor
So far I have no hassle or any frustration on transferring credits
Online courses work great for student who do not want to join sit-in classes.
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There's are plenty of job opportunities upon graduation from a student.
Overall speaking, course offered are attractive and are accredited.
Aviator college set up all student well and prepared before joining into a major alirline
I am under 2 year associate degree programme. With an opportunity to join the internship as a flight instructor upon graduate.
This is by far the best college I have came across. Great environment and study atmosphere.
very easy to transfer credit
no post grad services at my school
all the lecturers are on point
there are jobs on campus and everyone is capable of getting internship job
instructor rating is my major. and loving it here
it is the best school ever. safety is their priority. best syllabus and teaching environment.
The wifi is good but the computers in the library suck.
The students parents mostly have money to afford to pay for the high cost of flight training, and they all are still normal people trying to learn how to fly.
Service Is Not Good – not good, but since my school has a good reputation,a lot of company will come and provide many opportunities
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I Don't Feel Happy Here,So Many Work to Do ,Such Fierce Competition – and the administration here is too bad.Curriculum are great and I learned a lot.While we don't have many specual study options,we put all our time and efforts in our major.
My major is really effort-taking, and it trains me well.But my school is not abundent in financial aid.
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