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Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Orlando Reviews

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I enjoyed the experience and it has set me up in very solid and lucrative field. You get what you put into it, do the work get your license.
I would like to see better computers and equipment .There food comes out of vending machines and there drinks also come out of vending machines and that is on the need to improve list.The tables and chairs are old and need to be replaced . The parking lot needs to be bigger . Those are the only things i see that need to be fixed . The staff is very dedicated to your needs and will help when needed .Students are friendly at school .I think the school sets you up for success after school .This school is very resourcefull when you need things and help.Tution is a fair price at this school but they are strict due to the FAA rules .
I appreciate all of the instructors and their will and passion for aviation. they have given me a path to take to success and they have been really really helpful!
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Great school , instructors try their best to push students beyond and help us to get our licenses .
Pretty good school, a bit expensive though. Look into other schools for a better price before coming here. I think it is worth it personally but the price tag is pretty high even with loans and watch out for the loans the school gives out themselves, they are a bit predatory.
Great school that offers tons of support. I highly recommend to anyone looking to obtain an AMT certificate and seeking licensure as an A&P mechanic.
I had a great experience since I was always willing to learn asking lots of questions to all instructors and taking advantage of the free review offered to all students on Fridays. Keep in mind no school is perfect is up to the student to make the best out of it.
there needs to be more help within the administration to help students. the school needs to offer more assistance with students who may not be able to afford payments to school
It could have been better thankfully it wasn't worse. We had a lot of good instructors retire thankfully i had them teach me tricks of the trade. Dont listen to those who say its a scam because its really not. I will be done in January and doing my testing in January as well hopefully my o&p will be done no later than mid February.
its been great so far just trying to finish
The job placement after graduating is real good
Professors provides the most support.
This degree is life changing .
Everybody is really friendly and welcoming .
Don't have any problem teacher and directors always available for any question or problem.
The school has office to serve the student in a specific area.
Every course is a different and unique course. The teacher offer their knowledge to the student in every question that we have.
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Student focus on their goals in complete every courses
My specific major is to learn how to performe repair in aircraft, this program allow you to pratice this techniques that help you to perfome this repairs also teache you the differences areas you can focus in the field.
The best experience with the students and teachers and see and touch every part you learning from.
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