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Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Manassas Reviews

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this school allows the student to choose the Day shift or night shift schedules for their classes per semester
Again I have not attended this school but I have toured the facility multiple times and it has a great vibe to it.
I've not attended this school yet but I've noticed that the class sizes are a good size where the teacher can talk to every individual that needs help and can talk to everybody at one time.
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This school allows you to immediately pursue jobs after graduating
I haven't attended this school yet so I don't know everything that goes on with the student body there but I do know that it is a very outgoing environment
The finanical aid aspect of this school is very straight forward they tell you everything that you need to know when it comes to applying and any fees that will occur.
I don't know a lot about post grad opportunities concerning this school but it will open the door toward many opportunities working for various companies and possible opportunities at airports as well
Again this school has had nothing but good things said about it. The cirriculum is filled with classes that go over every caqtegory that has to do with repairing and fabricating aircraft parts. this goes into engine specs, wiring, panel fabrication, composite work, welding,and many more.
My major Is only to get my A&P license as well as my AMTE license. I feel this school will allow me to excel and allow me to grasp my goals faster when it comes to a career path. From outside sources I've heard nothing but good things from the people who attended this school then took their skills to the real world. The workload consist of mostly hands on work but there is a classroom element that will allows me to be more prepared when I pursue a degree for this area of aircraft work.
At the Aviation Institute of Maintenance they give you all of the tools you need to succeed in your chosen career path. after Observing the facility it felt as if I was back at my Technical training school for the military. This is an environment i feel very comfortable in.
I think they are really sketchy
Paperwork and like I explaime before all was halft a@$%t to the point that even descrimination was a possible feeling do to trying to transcribe my high school diploma becouse it was in spanish from puerto rico and they call it a foren country and they didnt want to asept my DD214 after seving in the army for 12 years and beeing medicaly retired
It is intense and good I have learnd so many things on how planes are made and constructed
You have to make shore you go over things that they havent tought you so you can make the grade or pass any test given to you, class registration was awfull the first week of school the director of education quit and also found out my paperwork was halft a@$%t
We help each other at all time and stick together
Not mutch to on do to the school beeing a hands on trade
Notificatiin of class not beeing conducted the next day do to wether is @ 4:30 in the morning and it is slow in getting to us especialy those that are already on the road at that time
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Not mutch help at all
What they teach at times it is not on the final exams nor it is on any project or quiz so you end up not nkowing the material nor do you nkow how it works in order to defend your self in any of the test or projects
My school is filled with mainly males, and they're are only a few females. Most of the student body at my school is also part of the working class so they go to school then rush off to work.
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