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Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Atlanta Reviews

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The school has a very niche market and capitalizes on it financially. Other than the cost the class rooms are very small so everything is truly hands on. The staff is very friendly, but could work on lines of communication and whats expected.
From the moment I heard about what my school was about I loved it. It tapped into my childhood dreams of working with airplanes. All the teachers know what they're talking about and are passionate about their knowledge. You really get a good feel for the jobs you're going for from all the years of experience from everyone teaching there. I had a first block teacher that, in my opinion, was the best intro-teacher I could have possibly had there. I don't have any experience with aircrafts or engineering, but I went into this school thirsty to learn and my first teacher really built on that and gave me a great foundation to go on from.
This school is awesome the instructors care about you as long as you care about your self. This school provides you the opportunity to work in the field that you are currently going to school for.
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This place is definitely different than the regular college scene. At AIM you are here to learn. It's intense but extremely interesting.
So far the school is OK. It has its ups and downs. The school and its teacher is great on the materials that we learning but the equipments can be updated
The place really looks promising and I am excited to attend. It is sad though that it is so expensive. I cannot afford to pay back a loan while in school.
I like the ciriculum at aviation institute. It can be fun at times but they do need better teachers and wifi for students to access.
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More affordable & better quality schools!
I currently work in the Commerical Aviation Industry & wanted to be able to open "more doors" in my future by obtaining my A&P Cert. It's a great idea, however not at AIM! Packed classes, overpriced, instructors are fairly decent but are here for the pay check. I highly recommend you research other options on schools to obtain your A&P!

I was in the Indistry before coming to this school....from what I've heard weak job placement assistance
They help with job placement
I really like this school
Yeah there is no academic flexibility at this school.
I am extremely satisfied and excited about the education I am receiving. As a matter of fact, my son now attends the school with me. The only thing that I would change is I would not have taken Avionics there. They stretch a 5 week course out over 5 MONTHS just so they can charge you $10,000, extra on your tuition and the school is already over priced. $40,000 for a 16 month program is much.
I am enjoying my time at AIM. There are teachers that are excellent and then there are teachers that don't care but MOST of the teachers are very knowledgeable and excited about imparting their knowledge.
I am very impressed with the job offers that my school mates are getting immediately after graduation through the school.
This school is mostly full of men. VERY few women. The population is ethnically diverse and includes many different age groups.
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The financial aid dept are very motivated to help you with your paperwork to pay for school.
All my friends that have graduated have gotten several job offers through the school's Career Services Dept.
I think the school gives you exactly what they advertise and really that's all I need.
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