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I like the ciriculum at aviation institute. It can be fun at times but they do need better teachers and wifi for students to access.
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Review Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Atlanta
I currently work in the Commerical Aviation Industry & wanted to be able to open "more doors" in my future by obtaining my A&P Cert. It's a great idea, however not at AIM! Packed classes, overpriced, instructors are fairly decent but are here for the pay check. I highly recommend you research other options on schools to obtain your A&P!

I was in the Indistry before coming to this school....from what I've heard weak job placement assistance
They help with job placement
I really like this school
Yeah there is no academic flexibility at this school.
I am extremely satisfied and excited about the education I am receiving. As a matter of fact, my son now attends the school with me. The only thing that I would change is I would not have taken Avionics there. They stretch a 5 week course out over 5 MONTHS just so they can charge you $10,000, extra on your tuition and the school is already over priced. $40,000 for a 16 month program is much.
I am enjoying my time at AIM. There are teachers that are excellent and then there are teachers that don't care but MOST of the teachers are very knowledgeable and excited about imparting their knowledge.
I am very impressed with the job offers that my school mates are getting immediately after graduation through the school.
This school is mostly full of men. VERY few women. The population is ethnically diverse and includes many different age groups.
The financial aid dept are very motivated to help you with your paperwork to pay for school.
All my friends that have graduated have gotten several job offers through the school's Career Services Dept.
I think the school gives you exactly what they advertise and really that's all I need.
I appreciate that they give you real life standards from their on the job experience.
There aren't any campus activities or athletics. We do have a library and a hanger with jets that we get hands on training with.
Ive had no problems in this area.
Review Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Atlanta
Hands om work space. Really helps
If there is an answer we cant answer. They explain how to get our answers. And why its the answer.
There is someone to help you with amy questions we may have.
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