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Averett is an awesome campus! I've only went to their orientation, however, everyone there is very nice and helpful. Although the campus has a lot buildings, they do have a lot of programs and stuff that is beneficial to anyone that needs it!
Averett University is like my second home and it is very easy to meet new people when you arrive to the campus. I would like to see more student activities available for major events an more students involved.
Small classes allow for more one-on-one with professors, they care more about how their students are doing in the class. A lot of student involvement and activities available to students as well as a lot of help for writing/upcoming exams.
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Averett is great if you love high school. It’s just a big drama scene. Especially because it’s a small school. If you don’t want anyone in your business you should either live off campus or not talk to anyone. Because everyone here will stab you in the back.
I like the one on one connection with the teachers. Everyone is so helpful and wants you to be engaged on campus.
My experience from Averett University was really eye opening , by them being a small private college they have an family oriented atmosphere.They welcome you with open arms and purse you as if you were there own flesh and blood , they will love and care for you and give you great hospitality they have an amazing sport programs also theater etc.I wouldn't change anything about Averett they are very diverse and have an amazing education and high graduation rate.
My experience at Averett University has been the most fun school year I’ve had. I love how it’s small and easy to get help with your work and actually learn. Another thing is the little activities they have to make you more social and make friends. Mostly everybody I have met was friendly. They all say hey and ask how are you doing and I love that. I would recommend this college to anybody because I think it’s a fun college.
Averett it's best place to be. as a intenational student i feel myself very comfortable and everything is very eligible.
When I first came to this school, I just knew it was my school. It is where I belonged. Averett University is a small college with the most welcoming people. The teachers want you to succeed and they encourage students to reach their goals.
Averett university is a school where you can come and know you will be safe can relax when the school work is done and make many friends because everyone is so friendly.
I think Averett is a very good school. I think they are always trying to find ways to get their students involved and they're always trying to come up with new programs and activities for students to engage in.
I couldn't have better things to say about Averett University. Let me be clear - if you want a huge state school where you can walk into the cafeteria and no one will recognize you, Averett is not for you. But if you want to speak to almost everyone you pass on your way to class, have professors who take time to get to know you and will ask if y'all can catch up after you graduate, have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in your extra curricular activities, and become a part of a FAMILY, Averett should be your number one choice.

The professors and advisors are phenomenal. If you're wondering just how close of a relationship you make with the staff at Averett - my advisor has a picture of us hanging in her office from my senior pinning, and when going through a hard time in a leadership role, the president wrote me an encouraging handwritten letter. The relationships you make with the staff are exceptional.
Averett University is a very small school but you get to learn more about the people you are with. Also you become very close with your teachers and athletics is a huge part of the University.
What I like about Averett University, is the teachers and the classroom sizes. I also like that Averett want to stay connected with their students. The faculty and staff are very helpful and want to see that all students go after their dreams and turn them into careers. If I could see Averett change I think I would want the dorms to change.
Averett University is a university that is all about big dreams and bold futures. For international students atleast, they create a loving atmosphere for their international students coming from all walks of life with open arms ready to teach and students ready to learn. I am now a sophomore at Averett University and i would recommend this to anybody.
Averett University is a great school in a small area. They care about you as a person no matter where youre from. They make sure you are taking care of according to your needs and they will give your parents a peace of mind.
The best thing about Averett University is that there is a close relationship between the student, the program of study, the advisors, and the instructors. They are exceptional at making student specific adjustments so that a person can graduate on time. There is a lot of support for students who are taking difficult classes like Calculus. There are also a lot of very good transfer options for students who come from the community college system which saves a lot of money.

The only problems I see with Averett University are related to the size of the school. At around 300 students graduating per year, the undergraduate head count is probably around 1000 students. Add in grad students and the entire school probably has no more than 1600 students at any given time. This makes class availability something you must plan for. Larger schools offer classes every semester rather than just once per year.
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What I liked: Reasonable class sizes, lots of personal assistance when needed from staff and professors (try taking calculus III in a 200 seat stadium class compare to a class at AU -- it is much better). If you do your work and make an effort you should get a valuable degree in 3-5 years. AU works really closely with community colleges which is a great way to save a lot of money and end up with an Associates degree and a Bachelors which can be nice.

What I disliked: Danville is a little 60 years ago.

Overall: If you major in Education, Computers, or Business you will have no trouble finding a job. If you complete a liberal arts major then you need to be very good at marketing yourself. There are a lot of opportunities for grads from AU especially in Greensboro, Roanoke, and other nearby areas. The school has a good local reputation.
Averett is a great place with a lot of great people. The teachers really care about the student's success. The class sizes are small and provide a more intimate setting. Campus life is fun and there are always events going on. The fellow students are very personable.
Averett University is a great place to attend college. I love the small class size. Professors are incredible always willing to provide one on one help. Averett University has a lot of athletic programs to choose from. The campus food is wonderful. Campus security is every present and vigil there are more than adequate number of call boxes through out the campus. Averett University is an multi nationality campus. Many local events in Danville that happens near Averett University through out the year.
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