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I have not taken any online courses at this college. I have not taken any online courses at this college.
I hated this school and the entire city of Danville. The focus is on the sports programs and they can't be bothered with you otherwise. Most teachers were not interested in helping you out. One even told me that it was like that on purpose to weed out the ones who couldn't make it. I did have one good one that gave me a great recommendation when I finally had to transfer out of here to a college that was a better fit for me. Besides that, someone got into my dorm room and stole some things and when I called security about it, they blamed me for it! As for the city of Danville, I couldn't stand going anywhere there. It was too slow and I didn't find the people all that friendly. If you asked anyone for anything, they always looked mad that they had to do something. I never felt safe either. I couldn't wait to leave. I didn't even make it here one year before I got out! It always hurt because this was my first college experience. Luckily, the next college I went to made up for it.
This is my first year here, but some of the online learning experience is a little stressful, but i think i can get the hang of it.I feel like the professors knows what they are doing and teaching us the right materials. The teachers are very helpful when it comes to online classes
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What i like about averett is that, their campus is wonderful, they have really amazing food here, great staff, and wonderful RA's!
Yes I did take some classes online due to the pandemic this year . The teachers were awesome with switching from a in the class type of teaching and online teaching. They worked really hard to get the materials you needed to succeed.
My experience at Averett University was great ! I enjoyed the campus and its staff along with students. The teachers were awesome and made you really feel apart of the school academically . The Campus as a whole was beautiful and diverse with a family running it to become the best successors they can be!
Averett University is a really nice school, I went there for tour a few months bachk and I was really amazed on the school environment and the students there were really nice and the football teamm is really great and i ust cant waint to attend this fall
I love Averett, I am currently a senior at Averett majoring in Sports Medicine and Coaching. Averett is a great place to call home, its full of leadership opportunities, ways to advance in career development, and build outstanding relationships that will last a lifetime. Averett has helped develop me into a better leader, and person. It has helped me in many ways that no other bigger university could. If there was anything that I could change about my time at Averett, would be to go back and relive the best moments I have experienced there. Averett will always be a place I can call home, and I would never go back and change the decision of going there for my higher education.
I’ve only been at Averett for a couple of months and it has already become a second home for me. I love the small classroom sizes and the connections I have with my teachers. I currently play football for Averett and my team has brought me as one of them. I wouldn’t trade my school for the world.
Its great! Classes aren't big so professors know you and can help you a lot easier and all the administrators and people in office are nice and helpful.
Averett is a great college. The campus is small so you get the experience of interacting with not only the staff, but the president and dean of the school. There is help all around campus for traditional and international students. I would like the campus to expand the food variety for the students.
The staff takes time to get to know you on a personal level. I like how all students get to have dinner at the president's house, it makes you feel more like a person than a number. I also really like the small classroom sizes, that way professors are able to form a bond with each of their students and help them where they see fit. The campus is small but has a cozy feel so it's not too overwhelming for students. I also liked the diversity. When I took my tour, my guides were foreign exchange students, which I liked.
Averett University has become my second home over the past year and a half. I like Averett because it is very easy to get involved with club and organizations in campus and it is also very easy to make friends and get to know people on campus. What I would lile to see change is the food and arranging for restaurants to be on campus and being able to use meal swipes in the restaurants. It would be easier to use meal swipes instead of our own money due to the fact that if we did not want to eat cafe food, we have more than the school store in the student center.
I received a much better education at Virgina Western Community College. I selected Averett because tuition rates and financial assistance they offered. Additionally I was sold that the GPS program for Business Administration was flexible and I'd receive the same education while balancing work. The education I've received isn't worth effort I've put in. The curriculum is sole self taught out of a textbook. The professors are more interested in serving them selves by crunching typically 18 week course to 5 weeks. Thus, leaving a tremendous and torturous burden on the student to teach themselves the content. If you email your professors your lucky to get a response, forget about calling them. There is zero accountability, and coordination for a cohort. So many of my peers are gone and few remain. It's depressing and this education is worse. I'm invested now and can't turn back. Run and do not apply!!!
Averett is an awesome campus! I've only went to their orientation, however, everyone there is very nice and helpful. Although the campus has a lot buildings, they do have a lot of programs and stuff that is beneficial to anyone that needs it!
Averett University is like my second home and it is very easy to meet new people when you arrive to the campus. I would like to see more student activities available for major events an more students involved.
Small classes allow for more one-on-one with professors, they care more about how their students are doing in the class. A lot of student involvement and activities available to students as well as a lot of help for writing/upcoming exams.
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Averett is great if you love high school. It’s just a big drama scene. Especially because it’s a small school. If you don’t want anyone in your business you should either live off campus or not talk to anyone. Because everyone here will stab you in the back.
I like the one on one connection with the teachers. Everyone is so helpful and wants you to be engaged on campus.
My experience from Averett University was really eye opening , by them being a small private college they have an family oriented atmosphere.They welcome you with open arms and purse you as if you were there own flesh and blood , they will love and care for you and give you great hospitality they have an amazing sport programs also theater etc.I wouldn't change anything about Averett they are very diverse and have an amazing education and high graduation rate.
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