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Averett University - Non-Traditional Programs Reviews

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It's an older school doing its best to update the campus, but still in very poor condition. A very small amount of students attend Averett and the town is also very small. No local entertainment or activities. Their athletics program is average D3. I personally do not find this school fun, entertaining, or inspiring. Averett is a private university which means tuition is very high.
The biggest thing I love about Averett is the family atmosphere. Pretty much everybody on campus knows each other. The class sizes are smaller and you can learn a lot better because the professors actually know you.
Recently we had alot of off campus shootings in the city , and also had alot of vandalism of cars around campus, but other than that , its been alright
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They have some intership opportunities here at averett , but i wouldnt say they have the best.
Classes they offer here are amazing , the teachers here are very supportive of our goals and our aspirations. They help us any way possible.
Living on campus is alright , nothing really to do on campus other then classes. Other than that, its boring.
There really isnt any greek life on campus , there might be a couple of fraternities and thats all.
Everyone at averett is either part of a varsity sport or part of a club team which is great because it brings the people of the university together.
Its okay at averrett university , academically the school is great due to the great resources they provide.
I have not yet used the career center, but have heard from other students that they do a great job.
My professors have been knowledgeable and helpful. It is obvious they want their students to succeed. My classes are all on-line, but class sizes are small, allowing for better interaction amongst the students.
Since I am not on campus, I cannot adequately rate this category.
I do not live on campus, so I am unfamiliar with campus housing.
I am a non-traditional student and unable to adequately review Greek Life based on anything other than what I have heard.
So far my experience with Averett has been great. The admissions process was easy, and the staff was very helpful. It is obvious they care about their students.
Because this is my first semester and I'm a non-traditional student, I cannot adequately review the athletics program. I'm assuming it's great, based on the student athletes I know that apply to Averett.
Not a lot of parking areas, the school is very old, however it has been modernized.
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Campus life is geared more towards academics, campus life is average when it comes to clubs and organizations
There is a low tolerance policy that prohibits drug use on campus
The University has many computer labs, however I feel it is important to purchase a personal computer
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