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Aveda Institute - Tallahassee Reviews

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Aveda truly is an amazing school. I go to the Jacksonville location instead of the Tallahassee location but it wasn't listed. Aveda is a wonderful school. Everyone is nice and caring, it feels like one big family and the educators are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Our school is very unique because of our products that actually work, and the way we give back to the earth. Our mission is based on love, health, and beauty.
I would definately chose Douglas J. Aveda Institute over and over. What makes a good business...People! and we are in the business of people...
The Aveda Institute Douglas J., offers an Instructor study after graduation as an Esthetician. I look forward to completeing that class as well. My goal in continuing my education with Douglas J., is to open a business of my own. As far as job prospects, I also thought I might could partner with a dermatologist as a Clinical Esthetician. I could go on to teach. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I know as my studies continue to progress I will have a more defined outlook on what the future holds.
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The Adveda Institute Douglas J., is a great school. Located right in the heart of downtown. The historical building gives so much character to the vision of the school. The original architechture is stunning, the student break room is comfortable, there are many eateries and coffee shops near by. The school setting is hands on, therefore, the rooms are like a "salon or spa". They offer haircuts to nails to waxing for the community to be involved by not only getting a service, the experience a Douglas J. treatment. This in turn, creates the hands on that Excellence and Experience teach.
I have only met and seen the interaction of the student body a couple of times. But, from my perspective; people work together, they encourage each other. A lot of the study is hands on, so the instruction is as well. As far as diversity, the school is just that, Diverse. People of all ages from recent highschool grad to someone like me, I graduated highschool in 1993. Not only is the atmosphere challenging, but it's fun.
The Aveda Institute Douglas J., has very reasonable tuition and finacial aid process. After I was excepted and enrolled for classes to begin March 2014, I had 2 skype sessions with the Financial Aid office in Michigan. We went over every detail, line for line, I was explained my options for student aid, we put into place a payment program, and I am ready to get started.

My experience with the Financial Aid office was pleasant. Most of all, I found it to be reliable. What I mean by that, is that I spoke to the same person every time, and she specifically has my paperwork, and I will continue to deal with her throughout my education at the Aveda Institute. I find that the tuition fee will be worth every penny. I have 4 1/2 years of college prior to this enrollment; and I have to say, having this kind of one on one accountability, when it comes to student loans, I like it; and I like that I never felt shuffled around. I know my Financial Aid Administor, and I know without a doubt, that I can call her with any questions, and she will work together to help me find the answers. I am looking ahead, and excited to be where I am today.
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