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Aveda Institute - St. Petersburg Reviews

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Havent Started – I'm hoping that when i start in june it will be convenient.
Cost for Quality – It is an expensive school, but you pay for what you get. It is worth it to me, but rather hard on my finances. There are great financial aid programs available.
Plant Derived Products – Aveda's products are 95% plant derived. That is very important to me and healthy for the environment.
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Help for Non-Traditional Students – I had a good experience and the financial aid advisor was super helpful - the only downfall is that there was a "gap" with my financial aid and there were no other grants or scholarships available to cover that gap. we are in a financial crunch and can not even afford payments on this small amount owed - so i believe there should be more help for individuals who are not "traditional" students - yet are not poverty stricten or single parents.
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