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I'm currently enrolled at Aveda Institute and so far I'm liking it. The people there are very welcoming and friendly. They've did everything they could to ensure my application process was simple for me. As far as them helping me wit my FAFSA it was a bit more complicated but they still managed to help me the best they could. This institute is by far one of the best that I've researched. Everything they do is environmental friendly. That's something I hope never changes about them.
I personally loved taking the tour of Aveda Institute - San Antonio (Corpus Christi.) I went alone and they made sure I was comfortable and understood everything going on. They also involved my parents when they were not available to attend with me.
Everything at Aveda Institute of San Antonio has been amazing because the teachers are very hands on and attentive.
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My overall experience at school has been amazing so far. My favorite experience was everything. I feel like what you put into your school you get out!
The quality of post-grad services at Aveda are great. They do not place you in a job after the curriculum is over, but they do have available resources for finding the right job for the right person.
There are some very unique things about Aveda Institute of San Antonio that other beauty schools don't offer. One of which being that they are very professional and organic oriented.
Aveda Institute of San Antonio has given me a convenient experience including flexibility of my classes and curriculum. There haven't been any hassles or frustrations so far.
My thoughts about my schools tuition and financial aid process is as follows. I believe that it was one of the easiest process that I have been through for financial aid. Usually it is a long drawn out process but not with Aveda Institute.
The academics provided at Aveda Institute amazing because of the professors that are very attentive, the curriculum that is thriving and all of the other amazing perks of attending the institute.
What it is like in my specific major at Aveda Institute of San Antonio is very unique in the program is very hands on. The workload is hard at times but very rewarding and in the end I will be shown all of the job opportunities that I will need to succeed
The student body at my school is full of diversity. They are always accepting challenges regarding diversity at Aveda institute.
The resources on campus are pretty limited. There is no athletic center, library or student center, but there are campus activities available.
They never give to time to study it's there way or the high way
The teachers suck and don't know what they are doing
Aveda is a school full of lies and they treat the student like animals!!!!!
We don't have online corses
We don't have a computer lab the WiFi never works to down load books they don't have books to give you and they never let you study
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They suck and they never listen to what you have to say
Aveda doesn't even give you books you have to download them and the wifi sucks you can't down load them even if you tried so you have no book to learn ??
Aveda is the worst school ever!!!!! The teachers are un professional.they favor students when they aren't supposed to its in their contract!!! They treat you like your 5 , they belittle you and treat you unfairly. They don't have a break room for students so your forced to eat out side like an animal in the cold and rain.if your ride isn't there they lock you out of the school by 7:00pm in the dark,cold,rain,or hail and I know for fact that is a huge safety issue for some parents!! They don't treat you fairly at all and judge you off what other teachers tell them instead of getting to know you.they yell at you in front of guest and belittle you in front of them not even considering you feelings making the guest feel uncomfortable for you the way they treat you at aveda is sick and wrong and they have to be stopped!!!!!! Please don't waste your 20,000$ on this school they don't even provide you with all the right tools you have to buy your own tools
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