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Aveda Institute - Provo Reviews

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Aveda is a top not school that helps you find a job and become what you want to.
Everyone is so friendly and approachable. There aren't a lot of variety in classes but that's because it's a hair school.
Everyone cared so much about me and wanted to help me apply. They call to see if they can help me at all with the process and even sent me links to scholarships. They are awesome.
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The teachers are always there to help the students and never make them feel dumb for anything.
I haven't actually started school there yet, but I have had my hair done at the hair school often. I have made friends with some of the hair stylists and they love it so much.
They give you an ipad as part of your kit.. AMAZING
The aveda institute provo has exceeded my expectations and the academics are stellar. One of the best decisions i made in my life.
As long as you work hard and are a great student it is so easy! If you are skipping school or doing poorly in academics then there are consequences. People think that hair school is a cake walk but you still have to put effort into it.
I love the aesthetics of our school. Feels like a salon
If you end up slacking or being a bad student and miss a lot of school then there are definite repercussions, with unexpected fees.
I love everyone at school, we are all good friends, work together and help each other out, and even hang out outside of school. The energy and excitement is the best!
The aveda curriculum is so structured and really goes over everything in depth. Out of every hair school i looked into, i was very impressed with their commitment to structure and education.
They literally give each student an ipad as part of your kit.
One of the best decisions i made in my life! The educators are phenomenal and really know there stuff. They are always happy to help and passionate about what they do and the company they work for. I learned not only how to cut/color great hair, but how i want to live my life and the kind of professional I want to be!
They have tons of extra classes you can take! I love the opportunities offered, they really want you to succeed. They also hold semi annual career and networking events and invite all salon/spa owners all over utah to come so you can actually connect and get your foot in the door.
the teacher are great, they teach everything you would need to know
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