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I like how the people that have a career there has a respectful and positive attitude towards the clients.
I loved my time at Aveda Institute of Portland. I miss my busy days. Aveda should probably hire reliable instructors so there is less turnover because its hard on students as well when we go through 10 instructors in a 12 month span because they are constantly quitting.
The massage therapy program is amazing! You learn a tremendous amount in a short time and much of the knowledge stays with you. The way they teach makes it stick. What you learn is truly enjoyable and memorable, plus it's fun to socialize with classmates. It's a transforming, enlightening experience for sure. Every instructor strongly cares about your experience and success at the school. They want to do everything they can. You work extremely hard but it's all worth it in the end. There's a Lunds next door with a coffee shop inside, very convenient for students!
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It's pretty nice school & I love seeing different girls doing the customer hair and make up.
This school is great. I love to meet new student and talk about how this school going. Also I really like to learn to do make up and hair coloring. It looks so fun and make our customers happy if there new style.
The building has a lot of history surrounding it and you get to experience the hustle and bustle of the salon life with an instructor guiding you.
A bunch of cool artsy creative mostly feminine people, the Aveda Institute consists of prospective artists that all happen to be effeminate in one way or another. Everyone is usually cool and happy but there always is that beauty school drama
Aveda Institute of Minneapolis does not offer online courses.
Financial aid advisors are easy to get a hold of, and the value of education is definitely worth the tuition price. Still a lot cheaper than a bachelor's degree.
Classes are pre-registered, so there's no headache over that. There are plenty of outside education/volunteer opportunities to participate in.
One year packed with knowledge that will actually help me in the career I'm passionate about makes me love going to class every day.
Throughout the whole beauty school process, AIM offers an incredible amount of resources and career opportunities.
One of the best cosmetology schools in the Midwest, the Aveda Institute is just a fast-paced, crazy, amazing environment to be in.
This is a hands on campus where students are working with hair and skin. Computer use is not needed to finish their curriculum satisfactorily.
Most of the curriculum is hands on and some of the knowledge needed to obtain a cosmetology license is testable for students online. I'm not nervous about any of the online tests because we cover a lot of the licensing information in class, and our information handouts are always available so online tests can be "open book".
The tuition at aveda is a little higher then other schools but the education is well worth it
The instructors are the best resource available on campus.
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the students come from all different walks of life. people are really friendly and it is a good way to learn about other peoples lives.
Strictly Aveda – I really enjoy the atmosphere and the attitude in the school. The one downside is that you only learn about Aveda products which could have a negative impact if you are not going to work in a saloon that uses aveda products.
Aveda Instituite- Minneapolis – The work with you the whole time to get you a job and teach you everything you need to know and more. the school is so hands on its amazing
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