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Aveda Institute - Covington Reviews

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The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is run very well. Even with coronavirus they have made a hybrid class so we can still go part time to get our hands on experience and do the rest online. They set you up for success here. So far I think it is a great school.
I haven’t yet taken any classes online but they are setting it up for me to start. It’s a great option to have during this pandemic. It is going to be through zoom so it will still be face time face. They are sending us home with mannequins so we can practice on those as well. I think they’re doing a great job of setting online courses up.
In the Aveda pamphlet, this school was founded to create some of the most successful entrepreneurs in hair skin and nail esthetics. Aveda emphasizes personal well-being, as well as environmental responsibility.
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Come with a dream and leave with a successful career!
The job assistance is good here. My chances of securing a job before graduation is high.
The only thing provided is a break room and the occasional field trip. But we are focused on building a career and not extra activities.
There are several ways of teaching here that is confusing. But they're are a few educators that are reliable and encouraging. They provide a great education.
There is a lot to learn and retain as well as maintaining a calm composure.
It has been stressful but exciting. Getting to know guests and being able to provide a need for them is satisfying.
The cost of this education is high. And they use my service to make even more money. However, they are also providing me with a valuable education that will allow me to build a career.
There are several students that thought cosmetology would be an easy career choice. Some have not made it and some have risen to the challenge. The rest of us are career oriented and are driven to perfect our skill and to provide a great experience for our guests.
I did not have credits to transfer so that was not an issue for me. The curriculum was well taught in the beginning. However, as I progressed the topics became confusing and only specific educators helped students learn properly.
Supplies Are Average – Sometimes we would run out of towels or product. We couldnt offer some services because we didnt have enough product in the school.
Never Let Me Know My License Arrived – I took my state board test and recieved a call letting me know i recieved a passing grade. I waited to get a call letting me know my license arrived, but noone called. I got in touch with a classmate that took her test the same day as me and she never heard back either. She called the school often, but could never get in touch with anyone. Finally she got in touch with the school and learned that our licenses had been sitting at the school and they said they called and told both of us it was there. We both didnt receive a call and had been trying to get in touch with them.
Job Prospects – I haven't gotten to the graduation yet. I am understanding that there will be no problems finding a job in Cosmetology graduating from a nationally renouned school like the AVEDA institute. This is why I chose this school.
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